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Topic: swami gimmick dilemma
Message: Posted by: elushinz (Dec 31, 2002 12:56AM)
I have discovered in my travels that I enjoy the effects of a swami gimmick. I picked one up and started doing some 'fun' type of mind reading i.e. fav. pets names, fav. states, stuff like that. My problem is that after seeing this apparent power I possess, they think nothing if little of the card magic. I would like some suggestions on maybe how I can work this gimmick into my closeup without it being a show stealer.
thanks in advance,
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 31, 2002 02:11PM)
Maybe, the stuff with the swami gimmick should be your closer. Every act needs to build to a finish.
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Dec 31, 2002 04:30PM)
Sorry to tell you, but good mentalism trumps magic tricks. I do a little of both, but find that after doing some powerful psychic effects the audience now believes that my magic tricks work with my mindreading powers. You might want to back off a bit on using your swami... one strong effect with it is enough.
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Dec 31, 2002 06:29PM)
I have a three phase coin routine that uses a nail writer in one part. It is a very powerful close-up routine you might consider using. It is in my book but Write me privately about it if you want.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: Joshua Lozoff (Jan 1, 2003 11:19AM)
It would be a shame to look for a swami gimmick routine that brings down the level of amazement, just so it fits in with the rest of your magic.

Perhaps this is a call to look for stronger card magic. I do some powerful mentalism, but I can assure you that my card magic gets reactions just as strong. Yes, an "ambitious card" routine may never get screams and huge reactions, but there's so much card magic that will. Plus there is a lot of mental card magic that can be a great segway, such as Derren Brown's "Extreme Mental Effort," his "Invisible Deal" (which is really body-reading, and not a trick), or the always-powerful Invisible Deck. If Invisible Deck is presented right (not the lame patter that comes with the effect), it couldn't possibly be weaker than your swami gimmick presentation.

Strengthen your other stuff rather than toning down your swami gimmick effect.
Message: Posted by: elushinz (Jan 1, 2003 03:38PM)
Thanks for all of the great insight. I will take it all into consideration in my future work with this powerful tool. Thanks again to all who replied.