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Topic: Dean Gunnerson
Message: Posted by: Viano (Nov 7, 2006 09:15PM)
Have you seen Dean Gunnarsonís Halloween escape. If not, you can check it out at:

Dean created a unique escape that played very well. I was delighted to see the Viano Locks on the cell. The is a great utility item.

Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Nov 8, 2006 04:06PM)
Very Nice. Scary, but Nice.
Is Dean Joining Wear again this next Year?
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Nov 9, 2006 03:58AM)
Forget the water torture cell, this is a cement torture cell.

Awsome stuff!

Wish I could've seen it.

Do you know if there's any video?

Thanks for posting Viano.


Message: Posted by: Stuart Burrell (Nov 9, 2006 07:43AM)
Thanks for posting it Viano.

Awsome stuff.