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Topic: Mindbender by Anthony Co
Message: Posted by: LegendaryEgos (Nov 10, 2006 06:12PM)
Oh my...this is as close to real magic as you get! I just got the instant download from http://www.ellusionist.com 45 mins ago and I can already perform this miracle exactly like the demo. If you are looking for a trick that is easy to perform, completely impromtu and mind blowing....look no further than this one! There are no gimmicks, no switches and you end clean...infact you are clean throughout! I think this will be a closer for me when I do an abreviated act...I will probably do an ambitious card routine and then use that card and end with Mindbender. I can't say enough about this one! If you think the demo is impressive and want to be able to do that, Get this right now and you will be doing it about 20 minutes after its downloaded. You won't be disappointed!

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 10, 2006 06:29PM)
How extreme are your bends?

Mine are slight and I am not sure why...

any one care to pm?
Message: Posted by: LegendaryEgos (Nov 10, 2006 07:47PM)
Send me an PM explaining how you do the effect...and I will comment. Not to be rude or untrusting, but if I answer and you are just fishing for info on how the trick is done, then I'd give it way. Sorry...I had someone do this to me before on another forum

Anyone else have this trick? If so what do you think about it?
Message: Posted by: nikyas (Nov 11, 2006 04:27AM)
Nice little trick. Very simple . Very visual. Every trick should be like this
Message: Posted by: theoriginalman (Dec 5, 2006 01:43PM)
This is a simple trick I just wish that I could get the bend to appear a little faster. Presentation is really important with this one.
Message: Posted by: Robert Apodaca (Dec 5, 2006 01:51PM)
My bends are sleight too but still visable.

I find that the final bend in the demo video to be impossible to achieve.
Message: Posted by: d4thmagi (Dec 6, 2006 05:09AM)
On 2006-12-05 14:51, Drizz wrote:
My bends are sleight too but still visable.

I find that the final bend in the demo video to be impossible to achieve.

It is possible if you do the 3 bends taught on the video.
Message: Posted by: Darkfrog (Dec 7, 2006 03:03PM)
I don't remember where, I thought it was here on the Café, but I read where this trick got bad reviews, particularly because of HOW the effect is achieved. IMHO, I think that's the genius of the effect. I have come up with a trick to help the bend a bit more. PM me if you are interested, but I will have to confirm somehow you have the video.
Message: Posted by: phillys (Dec 11, 2006 11:26PM)
The effect is GENIUS but too bad it's pretty tough to get a nice bend. Unless you can keep your audience entertained for 5 minutes while everyone stare at that single card on your hand, it's not quite worth the money :-/
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Dec 15, 2006 04:05PM)
This is perfect for those foggy moments of sleepy astonishment...

imagine this being performed in the back corner of a darkened pub...

we should be able to keep someone entertained for 5 minutes in that scenario...

this like Nate Kranzo's Moving tanline will not make it's way into my walk around set -- it will however be kept close to the vest, ready to be unleashed at the most opportune of moments. I'll wait patiently untill the right time to fry people with both of these impromptu miracles...
Message: Posted by: milez (Dec 24, 2006 06:04PM)
Hmm, I have mindbender and have to say my speculated method was correct. The secret behind it is a bit obvious to me. Anyone who has ever played around with a certain mouth- freshening, bacteria-killing "utility device" hugely advertised on TV would figure out the secret. Just my 2 cents.
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Feb 6, 2007 06:40AM)
Can a business card or other card be used?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Feb 6, 2007 08:45AM)
More than likely, no.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Feb 6, 2007 03:19PM)
Congratulations to my friend Anthony and to all who purchased Mindbender. You have with you a gem. I was lucky to be the first he showed this to.

Message: Posted by: organicmagician (Jan 28, 2008 10:15PM)
I was searching for this to remember who invented it. I found this thread - all complimentary. And there was an older one, all insults. That's so funny.

For no good reason, I'll add that I think its a pretty cool trick. It's not for every occasion or every crowd, but I've stunned people with it (including very skeptical types).

Edited, to add: I will note its pretty expensive for what you get; this is the kind of thing you'd expect to find in a Paul Harris book as one of many effects...
Message: Posted by: jaded (Feb 7, 2008 03:49PM)
I agree with organicmagician. Another note, I think this will fall into the category of something that is more impressive to magicians and mentalists than to lay audiences. You really do need to have a great presentation behind this one, but I haven't come across one yet that I like.

On Ellusionist's forums, they have described many different ways to achieve a better bend in the card. Unfortunately, I don't find those other ways very practical. Using the method taught on the DVD works pretty well, but it will take a good minute to achieve a noticable bend (at least here in the cold and dry climate of Colorado). This is not something I will do for a close-up or restaurant set, but it will be one of those miracles I will do in the middle of a routine for those off-the-cuff performances for friends.
Message: Posted by: jaded (Feb 7, 2008 03:50PM)
I also want to add, that alothough this may not be something that you do all the time I still think that it is worth the price you pay for it. It is definitely not your run of the mill card trick or PK feat!
Message: Posted by: BRodgers (Feb 7, 2008 10:22PM)
On 2007-02-06 07:40, dave wrote:
Can a business card or other card be used?

This can be done with a business card. I'm not sure about all the different styles of cards, but I have performed this with a standard business card.
Message: Posted by: kent1985 (Feb 9, 2008 07:57AM)
Very nice indeed.