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Topic: New Fanning pitch- Video
Message: Posted by: Platt (Nov 17, 2006 01:15PM)
I keep receiving emails and PMs on the fanning pitch. Particularly how I intergrate it with Coins Across. So for those who don't own the DVD (or do own it) here's how it looks integrated into a standard CA routine.


Message: Posted by: kardillusions (Nov 17, 2006 02:23PM)
That is a very interesting shirt.

Since I bought Catapult, I've been doing something similar with four coins.

The first coin flys the same as yours.
The second coin flys with the fanning pitch.
Hang Pien Chien (sp?) for the third coin.
and then the coins reset back using Akira Fujii's Three ahead MP click pass.

Thanks for putting up the video! And thanks for the fanning pitch!

Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Nov 17, 2006 04:01PM)
LOL! Did you call that an anti-shirt? That's classic! I love the idea of doing coin magic in a shirt that has ONLY sleeves. God that's funny Platt!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Nov 17, 2006 04:35PM)
Has anyone seen the anti-pants yet?
Message: Posted by: Platt (Nov 17, 2006 07:29PM)
The anti-shirt inventor: Kyle Bone
Check it out:

Message: Posted by: kimmo (Nov 17, 2006 07:51PM)
I'm ordering the anti-shirt tody! Pure class!!
Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Nov 17, 2006 08:35PM)
Thanks for the video, Platt! I loved it.. And that anti-shirt has me rolling ont he floor laughing!! HAHAHAHAH!!

Great work!
Message: Posted by: Platt (Nov 18, 2006 12:42AM)
It's the ultimate cure for the farmers tan!