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Topic: Human Dynamo/Electric chair act
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 20, 2006 04:14PM)
Ok I know nothing about this act at all, and read a couple of the tiny references on the web, but where do you find the real info on this act. Some references say its potentialy deadly. Is there any printed information on this?

(I was not interested in doing this, this but more 'the effect itself' and the dangers of working around it if used for different purposes, proper insulation, etc)
Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Nov 20, 2006 04:39PM)
I don't know if anyone here would be willing to give you info since it is a trade secret.

But, maybe that's just me...so I'll allow one of the "elders" to address this.

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 20, 2006 05:27PM)
I have that "secret" and gear already. I was hoping to get some technical input before I destroy an expensive fluke meter. Also real world input on the bulb/torch thing.

I don't have an issue with explaining further via PM, but don't want to give the idea away here. Its not a traditional use.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 21, 2006 03:30AM)
Used the Taurus Electric Box for fifteen years or so,,,,constant use resulted in headaches now and again.
The unit was put on and off by a foot switch so under my control even when lit up.
Only time I had a kick back was when forgetting to turn it off before getting off the box.
Also when several tubes are lit (Being held by a specky or more in a row)You have to keep the fingers away from the metal connection points.

Doing the lighting an apple with the tongue bit,,,,constant performance can burn the tip of the tongue.

Handing a coin on a tin plate to a specky while powered up not only gave them a shock but sometimes me as well.

I found that by putting the unit on a three foot square rubber mat helped to keep more power in the direct area around the body so giving out a stronger light.

I have used this on the front outside at night,,,,but do not reccomend this,,,the damp night air makes things dodgy!

Their are body packs which power output HF power through a sword or wand, I have not used these so will not comment.

Message: Posted by: Tony James (Nov 27, 2006 08:15PM)

Was this the reason why all your hair disappeared?!!?
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 28, 2006 05:08AM)
No,,,,I was told that "That`s the way to do it!"

In joke!

Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Nov 29, 2006 07:15AM)
Ken, your 220 volts runs on a diff setup than the American 110, this includes amperage, hertz and resistance differences. All my electronics were worthless when I was in Amsterdam last week. But when you're THERE, it doesn't seem to bother.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 29, 2006 11:06AM)
Nipps, the box has a battery alternative but I have always worked it off the mains 240 volts.
Bet you had a great time in Holland,,,,,,do any window shopping, hahaha.

Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Nov 29, 2006 12:02PM)
Heh heh... I can look just not touch. Did more coffee drinking
Message: Posted by: Fitz (Mar 28, 2007 12:08AM)
This will kill your Fluke Meter!!! I had to replace a Co-workers after I fried his...

Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Mar 28, 2007 07:21AM)
You know, now that this thread is back up, I just noticed something out of whack. The original poster said this:

"I was not interested in doing this, this but more 'the effect itself' "

Then why ask at all? Then he says:

"I have that "secret" and gear already."

Well, if you aren't interested in DOING the act, then why invest money time and effort into getting the gear and the "secret" (what the hell is he talking about?). Sounds kinda stupid if you ask me.

Oh, Kondini SHAVES his head.... the dynamo act he did removed his OTHER hairs.
Message: Posted by: jeremysweiss (Mar 28, 2007 01:34PM)
I have the required "item" and I have some excellent stuff written on the act by a guy named Todd something-or-other R....I also have Brills plans and some other info, but I am looking to build a great chair. Any tips and routining tips that anyone is willing to share via PM would be most helpful--unless they are sending me wrong info, in which case I just want to say in advance, that it isn't very nice to kill people. I have two small children.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Mar 29, 2007 11:54PM)
Good thing that you had the children first.