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Topic: Personal version of Reset
Message: Posted by: Irtaza (Nov 26, 2006 07:01PM)
Hey all. This is another effect of mine. Its a personal handling of Reset I use, tell me if you guys like this :D.



Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Nov 26, 2006 10:22PM)
Prestty good but you really should work on your DLs.
And the part shere you flipped the packets over and over again seemed a little confusing to me. looked exactly like you put a card in the packet and puttled out another one from the back.

Anyways, good job and keep working on it!
Message: Posted by: Daegs (Nov 26, 2006 10:33PM)
Firstly, rework it so one of the red aces shows twice... with the spade its pretty obvious due to the difference from other aces.

I think posting this with a presentation would be helpful, because currently it seems as if there is a lot of "figiting" with the cards, whether its trying to obtain a break, slide cards or grab a DL, it seems like you are merely being clever with your hands rather than performing magic with the cards.

I would say work more on timing and the overall focus of the routine so that all the handling is not so apparent...
Message: Posted by: Irtaza (Nov 26, 2006 10:50PM)
Thanks for the advice guys. You were right, this does need some patter. I will remake the video and make it better.

Thanks again guys :D.