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Topic: Smoking thumb gimmick
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Jan 2, 2003 01:53PM)
I have seen on Hocus-pocus web site that they have original Fred Kaps gimmick for smoking thumb routine. It cost $55.00. I have only seen Finn Jon gimmick but I don`t like it. On the web I have found gimmicks from $3.50 to $55.00. What is the difference? Which one do you find best? Also, does any of you know if Kaps gimmick use cigarette or something else? Does it get hot and how many minutes it can hold the smoke?
Bojan Barisic
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Feb 3, 2003 05:22PM)
I've seen a guy do an effect lighting a piece of Flash paper in a ThumbTip (IMEDIATELY put your thumb over the TT and TRAP the smoke from the FP)

When you release the thumb, you'll get a puff of smoke.

He used this to produce a small packet of hot sauce....... the kind you get in a Mexican fast food place.

Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 4, 2003 07:26AM)
that trick can be found in Nate Kranzo's Out of the box DVD if any of you are curious
Message: Posted by: mamba (Feb 9, 2003 03:54AM)
I know a cheap easy way of getting smoke from fingertips, if anyone is interested send me a pm, the only problem is, you have a brown residue on your fingers afterwards :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: Doug McKenzie (Feb 13, 2003 02:58AM)
The Nate Kranzo routine is excellent, and does not use Flash Paper inside the tip. The DVD is well worth the price for this and other brilliant routines.