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Topic: FCM - and other GOSPEL internet radio interviews
Message: Posted by: MagiKen (Dec 8, 2006 03:57AM)
Hi, I have been an FCM member since 1981, a pastor (20 years), a magician (49 years), and recently (since August 2006) a show host on http://www.magic-broadcast.com

At the 2006 International FCM convention I interviewed a number of our wonderful members and taped these for broadcast every other Sunday at 6-7PM PST, OR 9-10PM EST (etc). Since then, I have also arranged for and done some other interviews by phone.

So far, interviews with Steve Varro, Justin Flom, Oz & Wilde (Gene Oswald & Kif Anderson), Ron London, Robert Hill, David Ginn, Steve Taylor, Ed Jarvis, and Andre Kole have aired. Steve Varro's interview is already in regular rotation as a recurring rerun.

Sunday, December 17, 2006 will feature the interview with Kevin Spencer. If you want to tune in, plan ahead. It may take you a little effort to get set-up the first time. You may need to download a free listening program if you do not already have one. Windows Media Player works - but WinAmp is recommended for PCs and Audion for Macs. The links to get them are found at http://www.magic-broadcast.com/help/listening . If getting the WinAmp, download the Basic, not the Lite version.

Don't forget to stop by the chat room and say hi. There are many "doors" to enter there, but going to http://www.magic.org - which is the Magic Depot on-line store - and joining the forum through his link gives the best features. (That store's owner, Aaron, hosts and manages the technical side of all the entry points, but his is the most user friendly.)

The bi-weekly show called, "Magic with a Message," focuses on Gospel Magic, the personal lives and testimonies of guests, and on what it means to be both a Christian and a magician, or a Christian magician. School, library, and other shows with a message, as well as how-tos on a host of related topics, often come up as well. However, every program has a definite FCM or Christian point of view.

Also, coming soon, is a massive writing contest with huge magic prize package awards for those who come up with the best gospel "magic with a message" routine. More details on that by the end of the year.

That is about it for now. God bless - and tune in soon for fun and blessings.

Sincerely yours in Christ and His service,
Pastor Ken Morrison - AKA MagiKen
Message: Posted by: KV Magic (Dec 8, 2006 09:52AM)
Having listened to these interviews and broadcasts since the premier, I can tell you that Ken is an excellent interviewer. I have learned something from every broadcast. (As well as winning a couple contests!) Keep up the good work, Ken!

Be sure to listen to the broadcast and join in the chat!

Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Dec 9, 2006 12:03PM)
I'll be turning my dial to Magic-Broadcast tomorrow to listen. Sounds like a great program!

Let me recommend that everyone DON'T use WinAmp. I've read that WinAmp has a buffer overflow problem which could be used by hackers to take over a user's system and run malicious code (virus) unaware. This vulnerability is found on WinAMP versions 3.x to 5.x. I read somewhere that patches are still not available to fix this problem.

Maybe plan it safe, remove WinAmp from your machine and just use Windown Media or another player of your choice.
Message: Posted by: KV Magic (Dec 9, 2006 04:09PM)

You will love the show. But please note it is every OTHER week. The next show is on Dec. 17th. There will be no live show tomorrow.

Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Dec 9, 2006 09:52PM)

Are the Magic with a message shows available for download? It would be nice to hear the previous broadcasts.

Message: Posted by: MagiKen (Dec 10, 2006 04:13PM)

If you don't mind, I will answer for Keith as far as downloads are concerned.

Only one or two of the hosts have their past shows set-up where you can either down-load or listen to them at their own web sites by date or topic. Most do not. Some because we have no web site, others because we are "lazy," and still others because we eventually want you to listen to them as re-run rebroadcasts on the 24/7 loops that exist between live shows, and hear our current sponsors so we can pay the bills. Or even all of the above. :)

As a relatively new host with no web site of my own, I have enough to do to set them up in rebroadcast format and produce new taped and live shows. So, sorry Joe, for the present, the only way is to look for rebroadcasts - Steve Varro is the only FCM intervfiew in that loop so far - but more coming.

I do have another show - Magic in the Air - which is a basic teaching show that was alternating with the Magic with a Message Show - the two together put me on every Sunday. But right now, with the holidays and some other things going on, I had to put those on hold until at least early next year. After that you really should be able to tune in every week. But the format is different every other week. One of the Magic in the Air Shows is also currently in re-runs - the French Drop Variations episode - check it out in the upcoming shows drop-down menu window. See what you think of that show too. You only get a few hours advance notice from the menu, but the computer selects the rotation randomly, so that is all the notice any of us get anyway.

The hosts with links are Steve Johnson at Grand Illusions - and am not sure how to find it once on his store site, but at least some of the past shows were there someplace, at one time, last I looked: http://www.grandillusions.com You might possibly need an extention, like /insidethethumbtip (the name of his show) or something.

The other host has a show about card juggling or Extreem Card Manipulation (XCM) - Jerry Cestcowski - I do not recall the link, but "Google" his name and you will eventually find it (not a real common name). He has a very well organized and easy to use site once you find it.

Sorry not to give you the full scoop. I just don't remember it. Hope this helps.

Magically yours in His service,

Message: Posted by: MagiKen (Dec 10, 2006 04:50PM)
Dear Joe,

You said: I've read that WinAmp has a buffer overflow problem which could be used by hackers to take over a user's system and run malicious code (virus) unaware. This vulnerability is found on WinAMP versions 3.x to 5.x. I read somewhere that patches are still not available to fix this problem.

I use the BASIC free version and keep it updated. I am now on 5.32 (x86). I find it times out less than Windows Media Player. It is not as intuitive and Media Player and, like many players, RealPlayer, QuickTime, etc. It wants to be your default for every media type, if you let it. I have used WinAmp with the best virus protection software always active too, so maybe that is why I have not had any known attacks in the year and a half I have uesd it. You can also set it to register false signals or a second simultaneous address. I have not done so, but this would also confuse and reroute many hackers if a door were open. As hosts, we must use WinAmp to broadcast because that is how all our systems work together.

I am not saying there are no problems, potential problems, or future problems as you note; all I can say is that so far, my only difficulty has been with the program's attempts to default everything with each upgrade. No virus attacks - yet - and with anti-virus installed - hopefully, Lord willing, none expected in the future either. :D

Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Dec 11, 2006 07:29AM)
Hi Ken,

Thank you for your helpful explanations and assistance with finding the shows. I'll give them all a search on the internet to find their websites. The 24/7 loop has not seemed to work for me when I click on it. Could be just my machine. I'll give it a shot again from work.

Thanks again Ken. Merry Christmas!

Message: Posted by: KV Magic (Dec 16, 2006 08:58AM)
Just a reminder to everyone that MagiKen's show "Magic with a Message" is scheduled to air tomorrow night, December 17th at 6 pm Pacific time.

He will be airing an interview with Kevin Spencer.

And be sure to join us in the chat!