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Topic: Blind Clown
Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Dec 11, 2006 08:59AM)
I saw one of the most amazing thing at one of my gigs yesterday.
A blind and siligtly mentally challange person making balloon animals for the children.
He was good,and I mean really good.
I didn't know he was a bling person until he had to move from in front of the stage.
His assistant brough over his dog so he could go to the back of the auditorium.
The booker told me he was legally blind, and that's how he makes his living.
That brought a smile to my face. I thought about him all day during my other performances,(he's just amazing).
Richard (Tricky Ricky)
Message: Posted by: SeaDawg (Dec 11, 2006 12:01PM)
Very cool. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit...

Guys like him are an inspiration
Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 27, 2006 10:41AM)
Cool thanks for sharing.

Was his dog in costume.

Working dogs can't be petted, but I am wondering if they could be in costume.

Just sewious....thanks for the picture and memory you created.

It brought a smile to my heart as well. This nearly normal guy used to collect comic books. Now I collect smiles and memories.
Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Jan 29, 2007 06:05AM)
Hi Harris.
No, the dog was not in a costume.
I noticed that everytime the kids put their hands on the dog while they were walking to the other end of the room his helper would push their hand off.
I still think of this person every day.
As Seadawg said "what an inspiration"