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Topic: Antinomy # 8
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Dec 15, 2006 04:18AM)
A new exellent issue arriwed here this week, filled with great material.
I have talked about Antinomy earlier so you all know Im a devoted fan.
This issue sets the stop for the second year of its existence, so its high time to renewal your subscriptions (I have), if you don't want to miss next years quarterly issues.
Antinomy # 8 contains only card magic, but its high quility material.
Lets look whats inside:
18 pages of material from John Racherbaumer, David Solomon, Allan Ackerman, and Jack Parker who reexamines five well-known card tricks: "Calling the Cards" "The Four Robbers" "The 21-Card Trick" "The Hotel Trick and Hotel Mystery" "Debit and Credit".
Twice, by Jacques Terrien - A trick is repeated to different effect.
Phonomenon, by Max Maven - An accomplice, and area code, and some artihmetic.
Kudos to Sudoku, by Kostya Kimlat - Not magic as a puzzle, but a puzzle solved through magic.
$20 Hunch, by Chris Bruce - A bit of an con leads to a colorful conclusion.
$100 Hunch, by Chris Bruce and Thomas Baxter - The stakes are raised and the magic is taken higher.
Pudar's Binary Marks, by Nick Pudar - Memorization and a level of abstraction.
BINdication, by Gene Taylor (editor) - To encode or decode, it's all the same question.
The Honest Liar, by Jamy Ian Swiss.

There you have it. And if you havent made an subscription yet: Shame on you!
Go at once to http://www.antinomymagic.com and pay your fee.