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Topic: Spring Puppets
Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 15, 2006 07:52AM)
My latest comedy story has to do with Squirrels eating a hole in the back of my house. No it was not funny the day I discovered it, but has grown so over the last couple of weeks.

Does anyone know if there is a squirrel version of "Rocky"(spring puppet) out there in puppet land?

Message: Posted by: Regan (Dec 16, 2006 08:16AM)

I don't know of a squirrel, but there used to be a mini, Rocky-type puppet available. I am not sure but I think it was available in a few different colors. I seem to remember a gray one and a white one. Now the gray might have had racoon markings, but I'm not sure. If it doesn't, you might could call it a squirrel.

Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 18, 2006 08:03AM)
Thanks Regan,,
anyone know of a source of a Mini Rocky.

Nigel in the avatar....also has a mini Nigel that sometimes joins us. He is about 10 inches tall.

Message: Posted by: Regan (Dec 18, 2006 11:48AM)
You're welcome, Harris. I wish I could remember where I saw them. If I can think of it, I will let you know.

Message: Posted by: jlevey (Dec 21, 2006 12:31PM)
Regan... in the trees??? Did you see these critters way up there? lol
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jan 26, 2007 07:21PM)
Hi Harris...a good gag might be that you are clueless that you are holding a Skunk and just think it's a squirrel.
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Jan 27, 2007 08:18AM)

Doug's suggestion is a good one.

We are brainstorming here, aren't we?

Here's another idea...why not consider simply holding a large and rough looking stone, nestled quietly in your arms, petting it , and calling it "Rocky"?

Perhaps you could glue some patches of fur onto it to enhance the illusion.

...just a thought.

Best wishes,


PS: I almost forgot, adding a mini-WWI leather flying cap to the top side of the rock (if there is one) might help. You could add a furry (albeit fake) tail too... heck, why not go all out and purchase a real live squirrel from your local pet shop, or trap one in the wilds for furhter adventure?
Ok, if racked my brains enough for one day trying to help a fellow-vent.

Good luck! and let us know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: harris (Jan 29, 2007 12:05PM)
Love the rock bit..back in the daze they sold pet rocks.......

what's old is new.......

love to read about people brainstorming and sharing their creativity.

Still on the back of my house a round yellow ball..I used expandable foam instead of a wood/tin patch. The can said most will use too much.....I did...
This spring will have new siding on the back..until then I may use a sharpie to draw a smiley face...or characture of my bald smiling face.....

Message: Posted by: Regan (Jan 29, 2007 01:38PM)
On 2006-12-21 13:31, jlevey wrote:
Regan... in the trees??? Did you see these critters way up there? lol

Ha! I just saw your questions Max. I still can't remember where it was I saw the them, but I am pretty sure it was not way up in any tree!


Message: Posted by: jlevey (Feb 1, 2007 11:54AM)
When humans have bread crumbs in your pockes, they sometimes get brave and walk up right behind you on the pathway... did you see them scurrying on the ground behind you Regan? Did you?

Message: Posted by: Regan (Feb 1, 2007 01:40PM)
Sorry, I did not see them. I'll remember to put some bread crumbs in my pockets the next time I go to Squirrelville.
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Feb 4, 2007 08:05PM)

...Did you say "Squirrelville"???

Please excuse my boldness, but (IMHO)you gotta be NUTS to go to Squirrelville!!!

... I know it's acorny joke, but someone had to say it...

or did they?! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Regan (Feb 5, 2007 01:22PM)
Good one Jonathan!


Message: Posted by: jlevey (Feb 5, 2007 07:30PM)
This post is no longer all that it was cracked up to be, so I'm going to scurry over to another thread.

Best regards Regan, Harris and Doug.

See you in another (more serious) thread.

By the way Harris... did you ever find a source for purchasing your mini-rocky?

Message: Posted by: harris (Feb 12, 2007 09:34AM)
No but now I am looking for a spring rabbit puppet which can be manipulated like rocky. The ones I have seen on line look like more of a production than puppet.

Any idea if they can be used and manipulated like spring foxes or raccoons?

Message: Posted by: Regan (Feb 12, 2007 10:32AM)

Yes, there is a spring rabbit puppet. I own a skunk and a raccoon. I have also seen a spring rabbit and the mini raccoon that I mentioned earlier. I still can't remember what the little raccoon was called. It may have even been a mouse or something. However, it would have been rather large for a mouse if I remember correctly. Calling it a rat may be more appropriate.
Message: Posted by: MagicGeez (Sep 8, 2008 08:39PM)
Magic Makers now markets a Robbie Jr. He's about 15 1/2 inches including tail and he's a lot 'skinnier' than the full-sized version. He's actually cuter than his big brother and seems to be quite maneuverable. I just got some in and they're selling quite well.
Message: Posted by: R Don (Sep 9, 2008 06:25PM)
Tenyo sold a rocky type character in Japan. Smaller; but not natural fur
Message: Posted by: harris (Sep 10, 2008 07:35AM)
Thanks for sharing. It looks like a ferret(real pet) I had years ago.