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Topic: Differences between Linking PIns
Message: Posted by: aagrawal_2000 (Jan 4, 2003 08:08PM)
This question wasn't addressed in any of the other Linking Pins topics, so I thought I would bring up some of my questions here.
1: Are the Andrus Pins still being sold?
2: If so, where?
3: Are the stealth Linking Pins, or any other variation, the same as the Andrus pins or Pindemonium, or are they completely different?
4: How much did you pay for your linking pins?
5: Which is better, pindemonium's ungimmicked pins or andrus's gimmicked ones?
6: What are the differences in the effect of both. Can the spectator hold the pins in his hand for either of them?

Thanks for your responses, Sorry for having so many questions.
Message: Posted by: Gene B (Jan 7, 2003 01:03PM)
From what I've heard--the Andrus pins are no longer available--they were gimmicked and could not be handed out unless you did a switch.
Pindemonium uses ungaffed pins that have a slight "preparation"--they can be handed out--
I had purchased the "Stealth" kit and it has several types of pins--gaffed & ungaffed--and describes a number of routines--it does not go into the Andrus pins though.

My recommendation is get the "Pindemonium" routine from the originator--Dan Garrett--his video "Close-Up Connivery" not only explains the pin routine but has several other excellent effects.

Hope this helps :yawn:

Gene B