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Topic: Straight Jacket Variations
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Jan 5, 2003 05:20PM)
I was wondering, what are some of the variations to a straight jacket that you have seen?

I know of Houdini's, DC with burning ropes and spikes, and some guy hung upside down from a helicopter in air.

Where might I find a resource of inspectable gimmicked straight jackets? Oh, they must allow for a VERY FAST escape!

Ok, I am going to cave in here. I have been working for the past 3-12 months on my SJ escape. Many of you will probably think I am crazy. But, publicity is publicity. I can already read the headlines and reviews now.

What I am going to do is, SKYDIVE while wearing a straight jacket.

I have been jumping and training with some experts in the field.

The freefall is less than 60 sec. Then you have to pull your rip cord to open your Canopy in order to land safely.

So I have less than 60 sec. to free myself from the jacket. Thatís why I am going to go with a gimmicked one.

Let me know what you think,
Message: Posted by: SANTINI (Jan 5, 2003 05:32PM)
Hi Mike,
Sounds like a cool idea but it's already been done by a number of people. One who comes to mind was Dean Gunnarson. Others have also leapt from planes secured with restraints, myself included. I've got a much more original idea for you involving a straight jacket publicity stunt I once did and you may want to do. It really rocks! It is an original creation and concept but if you e-mail me privately, I will explain it for you. Regards, Steve Santini odditorium1@shaw.ca
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Jan 5, 2003 07:02PM)
Oh Man, IT'S BEEN DONE! I sent you an email.

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Jan 5, 2003 09:25PM)
OK, sure it has been done.... SO WHAT???

People still do cup and balls. Robert Gallup did this and in fact even got into a pushing match that almost ended in a full blown fist fight with another famous magician over him doing the same thing. I say if that is what you want to do... go for it. The Lay people in your area will have never seen it. Be safe, practice on the ground, practice your jumps taking off just a leather jacket, to get the feel.

But, if Santini has a great idea for you, then jump on that, (no pun intended).

Good Luck!!!


P.S. Steve you should come to Indianapolis the last weekend of April. A big lock show is here and has a whole Escape Artist underground to it. Mark & Sheila Cannon will be here, as well as Joe Fox, Margarette, possibly Ian McColl, and Kristen Johnson from Inside The Houdini Museum that aired on The Travel Channel. Should be a great time. Everyone will head to Illusions Restaurant after the show and then to our house for some jam sessions. You can email me for more info...
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Jan 6, 2003 12:35AM)
Let's face it, the reason escapology isn't big, is because they're just tricks. EVERYone knows that the escape artist is going to put himself in harms way. It's like the cups and balls, we know balls aren't magically transporting to the other cups.

I think incorporating one in another scenario can create drama, and a better story. Try having some Bond-like villains jump out of another plain, and try to attack you, now that's a scenario.
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Jan 20, 2003 02:32PM)
I would just like to extend a big thanks to SANTINI for his help on this matter. Truly original and wonderful idea. I hope he will continue to help other as well.

Like I said keep in touch my friend.

Message: Posted by: SpiffnikHopkins (Feb 9, 2003 10:08PM)
It seems like you'd have a fair amount of time once you pull your rip cord. Getting the straps to the front isn't that hard. I'm sure you could pull your rip cord through the fabric of the jacket. You've always got that back-up shoot if things get really bad. You've then got something like 15 min before you reach the ground right? I know some SJ's allow for you to undo the straps without pulling it over your head.


P.S. Let us know how it goes
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Feb 12, 2003 04:45PM)
That would be the thing to use. That way if you get into trouble you can still open.

I was thinking of a different way to do this and came up with a couple of different ways. THEY ALL MUST BE WORKED OUT AND PLANNED BY THE PROS. FIRST!

On the ground you are placed into restraints and then placed into a metal cage. Then your skydive rig is secured on top of the cage. So you need to escape from the restraints and the cage to get your rig and put it on then open.

In order to do this you will need to jump out higher and use oxygen tanks to breathe.


Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Feb 12, 2003 06:34PM)
Hi Mike


That one has been done as well. By Robert Gallup I think.

Keep trying, there HAS to be something new out there somewhere :)

Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Feb 13, 2003 04:01AM)
In our version of the Jacket escape, I must escape from the jacket in less than 3 minutes before timed explosives that are fastened to the jacket detonate. I of course manage to escape with a few seconds to spare. The explosives are quickly removed from the jacket and tossed into a demolition box onstage and they explode right on schedule to prove they were indeed real live explosives. Goes over great!

Message: Posted by: jlareau (Feb 27, 2003 02:44PM)
Peter...I have to say that is an Excellent idea! Hopefully someday I'll be able to catch your act, I'd love to see it.