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Topic: Table/stand
Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Dec 27, 2006 12:21PM)
Hello all,
I cant get a hold of a local gentlemen who would build this, so I need some help. Could anyone please direct me to a builder of table/stands; manipulation (including doves). I'd like to have a drop box as well as an area where my birds can be placed; something like Greg Frewins deal for his act (dont misunderstand me here, I do not want his exact stand; just a place for the birds with a drop box. Thanks, ROY
Message: Posted by: mattmccoy (Dec 27, 2006 03:40PM)
Where do you live? How much do you want to pay for a table like this?
Message: Posted by: GrahamFishman (Dec 27, 2006 03:47PM)
Make it yourself

graham fishman
Message: Posted by: xxxRoyxxx (Dec 27, 2006 06:49PM)
not all of us have the abilities and tools to do this. I want a pro look, not a "made at home" look Thank you. ROY