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Topic: Me Again! (Another Question)
Message: Posted by: JSMagic (Jan 6, 2003 07:50PM)
Can anyone suggest a good sound system for a 14 year old on a budget? Most I can spend is about 50-Im just looking one that can project my voice so I don't have to yell over the kids-Josh
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jan 6, 2003 07:56PM)
Try Radio Shack.
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Jan 6, 2003 09:15PM)
For what size group of children?

When it comes to sound systems nothing good is cheap. :)
Message: Posted by: JSMagic (Jan 6, 2003 09:39PM)
It would be for about 20 or 30 minutes i;d guess

I mean 20 orr 30 kids...lol
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Jan 7, 2003 01:18AM)
The Fender Passport P10W would be ideal for your requirements.
I think that most of the entertainers in this forum don't use any amplification for groups this size except Ken Scott who uses the Passport amp.
I've just purchased the Fender Passport P250. That is for my school shows where I can have up to 500 kids in one group.
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 7, 2003 03:10PM)
Josh, - we use amps. for everything. 15w. is ideal for birthdays, why not get one with two inputs and two separate volume controls so you can plug a mike and a tapedeck or CD (shock resistant CD) through. For big shows we have various amps. going up to 60 watt. Some of these Tandy, Radio Shack systems are cheap crap (can I say crap?) and won't last. Get into a real music shop and look at the names Marshall, Peavey, Fender, Laney etc. :birthday:
Message: Posted by: JSMagic (Jan 7, 2003 04:30PM)
Ok-When you say amps, do you guys mean like guitar amps or what? Im already getting a hands free mic but im still confused on the amp!? Thanks, Josh!
Message: Posted by: magibrad (Jan 7, 2003 04:43PM)
Yup...guitar amps look like they work fine the guy at a local shop told me. I'll be looking for a Fender Amp-In-A-Can but until then i'm getting a medium size guitar amp and a head set mic with 100 feet of extended cord. Costing a total of $150 plus tax, which isn't all that bad i think.

Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Jan 7, 2003 05:19PM)
Hey Josh, why do most of your messages come in two at a time?
Message: Posted by: JSMagic (Jan 7, 2003 05:38PM)
Hey Billy-Only because when i click submit, i don't realize that theres a lot of traffic coming into the magic Café so it goes a little slower and i click twice. Josh
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 8, 2003 12:54PM)
Guitar (not bass), or keyboard amps Josh are fine. Lots of entertainers use radio mikes as it gives them freedom. We personally have a preference for fixed wire, - but this is a personal choice. A mike with an on/off and hi/low impedance switch would be handy. Don't buy a mike with a permanently fixed lead, buy one that the lead plugs into the mike, as leads wear out quicker than mikes. :birthday:
Message: Posted by: brownsentertainment (Aug 1, 2008 05:43PM)
Does any one use IPods or MP3 players in their shows?