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Topic: Need a Computer experts help Please
Message: Posted by: JTW (Jan 5, 2007 11:27AM)
I just bought a brand new Dell with an AMD athlon 64x2 5000. I am using Sony DVD Architect 3 and 4 (I just got 4) Software for dvd authoring and for some reason I can't burn DVD's. I keep getting an error message saying
-TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653A D300' -(0)
Module sfmmcx.cpp Line 1376
a hardware error occured.
Unknown Additional Sense 08 03

Stauts: 00020202
Command: bf 00 00 00 00 00 00 0f 00 16 00 00
Sense: 04 08 03
Info: 00 00 00 00
Specific: 00 00 00
Extra: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

I'm fairly computer literate but when it comes to this stuff forget it.

I hooked up an old external drive and it worked fine.

I have gone into my bios updated it and set all the sata ports to on (I'm using 3 of 4). I have updated my firmware on my two dvd burners (actually the dell installed one wouldn't let me update it...) The other burner is a brand new samsung burner. I actually go it to work once but then nothing.
Does anyone here at the Café know what the heck I can do?

Dell just emailed me and said that Roxio easy Cd creator is the only software that supports my drives! I am 100% sure that is not true.

Any and all help is welcome!
Thanks in advance,
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Jan 5, 2007 12:06PM)
I have a business partner who knows everything about computers; he's flying home from Florida today. I'll pass this along to him and see what he says.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Jan 5, 2007 12:55PM)
I just kissed my MAC!
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 5, 2007 02:29PM)
Can you use any OTHER software to burn data to a disc on that device?
Message: Posted by: Patrick Differ (Jan 5, 2007 11:12PM)
Josh, your MAC thanks you.
Message: Posted by: MagiClyde (Jan 6, 2007 02:36AM)
My usual advice to someone who "just" bought a piece of hardware that doesn't work is to return it to the manufacturer. It should still be under warranty.

As for your errors, I do know that the Module sfmmcx.cpp Line 1376 error is indicating something in a program that was created with C++, hence the .cpp and module references. Atapi refers to such items as CD-ROM, Tape and DVD drives. It is the interface between the computer itself and the DVD drive and is an advanced version of the EIDE.

The fact that there's a hardware failure makes me suspect three possible problems right off the top. 1) The cable connecting the motherboard to the DVD is not plugged in 2) the EIDE controller interface is not working, which is extremely rare, or 3) the DVD drive itself is defective.

In the end, it does not matter what caused the failure. No matter what you do, or how tempted you are, DO NOT OPEN THE COMPUTER to try and fix this problem. Doing so violates the warranty. If you can, pack the computer itself up and send it back to Dell for repair or find an authorized Dell service center in your area. You should not need to send back the monitor, keyboard, or any other external items.
Message: Posted by: JTW (Jan 6, 2007 12:09PM)
Both burners work. I have copied DVD's that I made on my other workstation, from and to both drives. I have burned a dvd using the software that they supplied. I can also play dvd's from both drives. So I don't believe the drives are defective.

I also hooked up an external dvd burner to the system and using Architect I burned a dvd. I am now leaning toward the idea that because the drives are SATA, Sony's program doesn't support them yet. Which seems really odd but at this point what else can it be?
Thanks for all your help,
Message: Posted by: Magic.J.Manuel (Jan 6, 2007 01:38PM)
You may try to limit the recording speed to 1x.
Also, do not burn while on battery power.