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Topic: Vanishing a small box
Message: Posted by: Utkarsh Sinha (Jan 9, 2007 04:45AM)
Where can I learn vanishing a box, about the size of a CD case. Is it possible to vanish a box handed to you by the spectator?

I don't have Mark Wilson's encyclopedia, so that's off the list.
Message: Posted by: jolyonjenkins (Jan 9, 2007 08:17AM)
There are lots of ways using various boxes but the cleanest method is probably with a topit
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Jan 9, 2007 09:23AM)
And make sure you wear loose clothing with a small box such as a CD. Other objects like a lemon, you can wear a more fitting, normal clothing, that's my experience.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Jan 9, 2007 11:44AM)
If it's for kids, I'd use a devil's hank.
Message: Posted by: ToasterofDoom (Jan 9, 2007 06:36PM)
Or lapping if you are sitting.
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Jan 9, 2007 08:40PM)
Best vanish of a CD case I have seen was done with a Topit. Best,
Message: Posted by: MagiCanada (Jan 12, 2007 02:08PM)
On 2007-01-09 19:36, ToasterofDoom wrote:
Or lapping if you are sitting.

I have to agree that lapping is great. It is what I've usually done when somebody asks me to "do something" or "make this disappear." When a spectator asks you to perform this miracle you'll find you're usually sitting - most people will eat/talk around a table rather than stand.

One caution with lapping though - make sure your lap is in a position so the object doesn't fall. Stumbles may happen with different objects, so be ready with a good "line" to give them just in case. ;)

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: airship (Jan 12, 2007 02:31PM)
What if, like me, your lap is already occupied? :)
Message: Posted by: DStachowiak (Jan 12, 2007 06:12PM)
On 2007-01-12 15:31, airship wrote:
What if, like me, your lap is already occupied? :)
Airship, ever heard of "Matt Schulein's Holdout"?