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Topic: INTRO (read first)
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Sep 26, 2001 05:08PM)
Hi all,

This section was fed by a post from Steve, and a discussion between Tom and Dorian. It’s purpose is to give us a forum for brainstorming new presentations. We are talking presentation, not method. Method would have to go in the Banquet Room.

I envision that every idea no matter how silly, ridiculous, or mundane is a step on the way to your personal presentation.

Add to the topics without editing your thoughts. The crazier thoughts serve to push the art sometimes if not just make us smile.

Use as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable sharing. Remember, once it appears here it can be seen by anyone on the Web. Keep in mind how much you want to turn loose. ;)

If you have a plot that seems worn out, post it here and let the richness of The Magic Café dine on it for a bit. You might just end up with a show-stopper.

So here I go..... :wavey:

Tom Cutts

Note:This forum is the result of a great idea, please contribute, and make it grow!

Steve Brooks-Admin.