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Topic: Hello friends..a little help please..
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Jan 11, 2007 05:20AM)
Long story short I am a working mentalist, and I have a musician friend who has produced a video of his live acts...anyhow in one of his videos he performs a magic trick to the camera with a cigarette, and since I am a mentalist and cards man I will need your help to point me where to learn this or similiar effect...

thanks fellows..my pm is open as well if needed..
Message: Posted by: Oge (Jan 11, 2007 06:45AM)
You can try to look at the tom Mullica peformance...
Message: Posted by: frenchmagi (Jan 11, 2007 12:14PM)
Mullica. Although, the tapes are hard to get and are VHS...lame. Don't know why the manufacturer refuses to releases them on dvd. Well, I'm sure it has to do with liability and the fact that cigarettes aren't very popular any more.
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Jan 11, 2007 03:25PM)
Thank you very much my friends..:)
Message: Posted by: Magicray80 (Jan 11, 2007 07:07PM)
I thought that the Mullicas where being remade into DVD. I might be wrong but I couldve swore that I read that somewhere.
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Jan 13, 2007 06:13AM)
One question, before I purchase the videos...is this effect and similiar can be done impromtu
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Jan 13, 2007 11:55AM)
Yes it can be done impromptu.
if you have a hard time finding the tapes, I suggest you send an email to tom Mullica and I think that he will share it with you. he usually replies fast.
good luck!@