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Topic: Movies or Books or Websites for Sponge balls and Cups and balls
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Jan 7, 2003 09:08PM)
What is the best video for these to magic props? Are there any Free websites (I would love these) ...But I just need some resources to get :)
Message: Posted by: Clayman (Jan 7, 2003 09:17PM)
I bought the "Complete cups and balls" from Michael Ammar. Very good dvd series. Explains history, moves, and some routines also. I think these are great! This is just my opinion.. I have seen other posts on different threads with a variety of dvd suggestions on such topic.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 7, 2003 09:30PM)
There are several other tapes on market, but I agree with Claymon. Michael Ammar's is the best.
Message: Posted by: myname1960 (Jan 8, 2003 05:16AM)
Here is a site that has a long list of books, videos, products dealing with the cups and balls. It has links to venders that carry them also.
Some books and videos cover other items but cups and balls is taught somewhere in there.
There are links to different topics concerning cups and balls.
Many pics of new and old versions. Take a look and see if any of it may be what you are looking for.
Good luck
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Jan 8, 2003 12:58PM)
Thanks for the help... Any sponge balls effects?
Message: Posted by: Croft (Jan 8, 2003 07:51PM)
Daniel, if you are interested in sponge balls get yourself the video 25 Tricks with Sponge Balls. It is both cheap and good, and an excellent introduction to sponge ball magic. You can't go wrong with it.