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Topic: Not to be confused with Christopher Starr of KS
Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Toronto) (Jan 17, 2007 06:51AM)
Hey guys,
Glad to be on board and look forward to some great info and chats.
Just to get it cleared up right from the start, I am Christopher Starr, Children's Entertainment Specialst, of Toronto ON Canada, not to be confused with Christopher Starr the Illusionist from Witchita KS. I've heard some great things about that man and do get mistaken by first glance of my name badge at conventions. I've been performing for over 25 years now and come from a long line of "Starr"s. I added the (Toronto) to my username to help distinguise the two of us. I hope this won't lead to too much confusion.
I look forward to meeting some great guys and gals to learn from and hopefully share a few things I've picked up as well. I've just mostly done my own thing, made a living in the entertainment world, and left it at that, but now feel that my continued growth could be greatly helped by some of the amazing talent I've seen post, willing to advise and share so many ideas.
Here's to an incredible 2007, maically and otherwise!
Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (Jan 17, 2007 09:28AM)
Welcome to the Magic Café Christopher Starr. :welcome:
Message: Posted by: Grandice (Jan 17, 2007 10:53AM)
Is this the Christopher Starr who ordered a subtrunk bag from us? Either way welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: MagiCanada (Jan 17, 2007 11:47AM)
Welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Jan 17, 2007 01:32PM)
Welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Toronto) (Jan 20, 2007 09:04AM)
Thanks guys for your warm welcome!
Grandice, you're getting me confused with the Illusionist from KS. I'm the Children's Entertaibment Specialist from Toronto Canada. I see the confusion has already begun! I was hoping this wouldn't happen. Once I get an avatar made and posted it should be more clear which one of us it is. Untill then I was hoping that the (Toronto) in my username would seperate me from the other Christopher Starr. At least I have the same name as an active well respected member, it could be worse.
In the meantime, I'm enjoying all the posts I've read to the point that I'm spending countless hours on the Café instead of geting my much needed office work and rehearsal done! I might decide to only stop by the Magic Café in the evening, and leave the daytime hours to the tasks on the top of my priority list. The Café is great, I can just see it distracting me from the hard work neccesary to make a full time living in the arts.
I hope to talk with you all in individual threads of common interest.
Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (Jan 21, 2007 12:01AM)
Welcome Chris,

have fun . . .
Message: Posted by: Mike McErlain (Jan 21, 2007 12:14AM)
Welcome Chris! I sent you a pm regarding your Ring info offer.
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (Feb 6, 2007 12:22PM)
Hi there,

Welcome to the Magic Café!

Hope to see you around!

Many thanks

Magical Mark Watson