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Topic: Poor Man's IPOD Controllers & Stuff
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jan 19, 2007 05:35PM)


I decided to split the “Poor Man’s Remote Control Sound Cue” thread at http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=74089&forum=11&139
, to a dedicated thread on IPOD- remote controls, accessories, software, IPOD hacks, discoveries and the rest. I figured since the other thread has so many hits people are finding the information valuable.

If your IPOD remote controller is under $100.00 we would like to hear your experience, and product info. Or maybe you installed an alternate IPOD OS such as Rockbox or Linux and they finally support remotes.

Also please keep on topic and don’t post about your experience with the ICue2, MP3Tech or Stage. If you can respect that, people would appreciate it. If for some strange reason you still feel compelled to write about the expensive systems, please do a simple “SEARCH” and find a thread.

Here is a quick rundown of the expensive (Not Poorman’s) mentioned units and their prices as of January 2007:

MP3Tech: $995 (optional track display: $350)
Total w/ Track Display: $1345

iCue2: $799 ($150 more for iPod) (includes LED track indicator)
Total cost w/ iPod: $949

StageCue: $639 (iPod not included) (optional LED track indicator: $189)
Total cost w/ LED (and cost of your iPod nano @$150): $978 ($828 plus cost of iPod)


Some magicians are on limited budgets and an IPOD with a basic RF remote will be a valuable tool and enough for weekend warriors, semi pros, amateurs, and anyone in between.

Poorman’s System: Ipod Nano $150.00, Remote Control $40.00
Total cost: Less than $200.00

I will post more information soon.


Message: Posted by: Creative Coach (Jan 19, 2007 07:05PM)
I found the iJet to be seriously lacking as a controler for my iPod Nano. I even tried the iJet Remote hoping it was better. No such luck...totally undependable as a poor mans show remote. The unit would sleep, skip tracks, change playlists mid-show. It was a waste of $40.00 & $100.00

The AirClick was a little better. I used it one summer for library shows for preshow and exit music. It was OK.

Not every part-timer or weekend warrior needs music. Most need a competent show first and foremost. Music is but one element.

All The Best!
Message: Posted by: mkiger (Jan 20, 2007 01:09PM)
I don't know if it would help anyone but the Hackaday site has several articles on remote control and modifying the iPod.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jan 20, 2007 11:38PM)
Creative Coach,

The $40 ABT IJet remote has a range longer than other remotes and is more reliable. Other people in this forum have posted similar experience.

But the $100 ABT 2 Way IJet with LCD screen goes to sleep to preserve battery life, I spoke with ABT about changing that feature and they told me it wasn't possible. Also if the remote looses its place, send the remote to ABT and they will send you a replacement with their firmware upgrade. I actually called ABT about that problem and ended up speaking to their head tech describing the problem and the guy fixed it. But since the remote goes to sleep I don't recommend it.

Without knowing more info I have a few questions and suggestions.

First off in your IPOD under the Settings Menu, their a submenu called Backlight Timer you need to select "Always On". That will keep the backlight on.

Also I wanted to know if you use the "Silent Track" between songs?


Thanks for the IPOD Hack link.

Message: Posted by: mkiger (Jan 22, 2007 10:56AM)
Glad to help. By the way, the newer Video iPods (30 and 60 gig) do not work with the plug in the top button control units. I wasted $30 finding this out. You can tell if you can use it if there is a square hole on top of the iPod as well as the headphone jack.

The reason I mentioned it is that I was going to make a wired remote for the unit for my car. Most other hacks go in through the docking port.
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jan 23, 2007 01:00AM)
Creative Coach,

I spent about 5 minutes and found some answers, it seems that 3rd generation IPOD had some issues with the IJet, but eventually ABT fixed the problems and all you have to do is ship the remote to ABT and they will replace it. They might just send you one, give them a call. Check out where I found this out:



Message: Posted by: Creative Coach (Jan 23, 2007 06:38AM)

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jan 23, 2007 04:09PM)

Tell us has it goes.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jan 24, 2007 02:19AM)

The following are links to IPOD remotes that are RF, under $100.00, averaging $50.00 or less in price, and reviews from IpodLounge. Please note that the list price and actual price are different sometimes and vary per vendor. The top mount, or 9 pin remotes have dropped in price.

For a long time, iPod remote controls were popular and easy to develop, but that changed when Apple removed the extended headphone port (also known as the remote port) found on top of all iPods released from 2003 to mid-2005. Now wireless remote controls must connect to the iPod’s bottom Dock Connector port, limiting their convenience and utility.

Currently ABT seems to lead the pack in range, design, technology, the company provides remotes for Targus, Scosche and others.

The Remotes:

ABT iJet for iPod nano
ABT iJet Two-Way LCD Remote for iPod
ABT iJet Wireless Remote with Bottom Dock
ABT iJet Wireless RF Remote

Engineered Audio RemoteRemote
Engineered Audio RemoteRemote 2 RF Wireless Remote

Griffin AirClick Wireless RF Remote Control
Griffin Technology AirClick Remote Control for iPod with Dock Connector

iPlus RF Remote Control for use with iPod nano

Kensington Entertainment Dock 500 for iPod

Maxell Remote Control

Monster iEZClick Wireless On-the-Go iPod RF Remote Control

Pacific Rim Technologies Wireless Remote and Cradle Bundle

Popalive Bi-directional Remote & Dock

Scosche 150’ Wireless RF Sport Remote
Scosche Wireless RF Remote for iPod nano

Targus RemoteTunes Wireless Remote for iPod
Message: Posted by: Ashkenazi the Pretty Good (Apr 8, 2007 10:56PM)
Thank you for an extremely well organized, informative, and well-executed thread.

I think it's a stellar model for what the Café can be at its best! Much appreciated.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Apr 8, 2007 11:28PM)

Thanks, sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. I would Post more info, but I have been swamped with shows and school. But if you need any info let me know.

But here is some quick goodies:

By the makers of the RemoteRemote and the RemoteRemote2... The Aerolink has an advertised 200 feet and more range. That statement is not tested yet.


See Ya,