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Topic: Stuff To Give You Pause To Think... Strange crap going on
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 25, 2007 11:27AM)
Here is the bulk of an email I received. This stuff will really give you pause to think:

http://www.freezone .de/english/ mc/e_conv04. htm



Thisreport was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personalinterviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an openquestion- answer format, without regard to who is asking the questionand who is answering; this format also allows insertion of other datain the later part of the report in the same open Q&A format. Thedata is not proven or verified, but is reported as received. Thisreport contains information on the following: The Philadelphia Project,or Project Rainbow, Phoenix Projects 1-3, origins of the Radiosonde andconnections with the work of Wilhelm Reich, government weather controlprograms and hidden agenda, the Montauk Hind Control projects, thedeliberate murder of thousands of American children in mind controlresearch and time tunnel experiments, government time-tunnel projectsand operational procedures, how Nickola Tesla and Von Neumanncontributed to these projects, the "martyrdom clause", mind control byindividual signature, technical ways to produce planetary holograms andMatreiya effects, the explanation behind closed time loops, governmentrationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave labor, ProjectDreamscan, Project Moonscan, the Airborne Instrument Labs, ProjectMindwrecker, the alien groups known as the Kondrashkin and theirinteraction with US Government mind control programs, the Kamogol IIand Giza Groups, the negative Sirians, Soviet scalar weaponry, OrionGroup manipulations, 6th root race incarnations, telepathy producingdrugs and their use and suppression, the FAA and zero-time generators,technica l spin-offs from the Philadelphia project, the InternationalAerosp ace Alliance, cross-section of implant device, Wilhelm Reich andmind control, Reichian Orgastic-type programming and its use by the USGovernment and Sirians, the Psi-Corps, Alien soul-trading, Montauk andthe aliens from the Antares system, the Leverons, the Elohim Group, theUS Navy and time-tunnel projects, the US Government and the Greys,electronic life support,systems of the Reptilian Humanoids, new lifeform masses over the poles and their relation to yearly outbreaks offlu-like disease, AIDS and Fort Dietrick (NSA), Maglev trains and theUS underground tunnel network, the missing human genes, buriedspacecraft and alien technical archives under the Giza pyramid, thecoming new money, the "Black Nobility", Nordic and human copper basedblood systems and physiology, the technology of cloning and thedevelopment of synthetic humans and political replacement programs, theMiddle East situation, Congressional awareness of drug and alienagenda, the MIB, the US Army and the black helicopter forces,government mobile mind disruption technology, nature and purposes andthe Orion Group, fourth density transmutation of the human race,geological changes, Sirian Mind Control technology, and more, alongwith illustrations gleaned from witnesses with photographic memory anda lot of courage. This information is supplementary to that in Chapter7 (Matrix III).

The Interviews

Where do you want to start?
Let's start with the Phoenix Project.
Itwas a project that evolved out of the Philadelphia Project. it was aproject that the Navy did in the 1930's and 1940's in an attempt tomake ships invisible. They threw the switch one eventful day and theship went into hyperspace. They had all sorts of problems with thepeople on the boat. It was a huge success as well as a huge failure -then they shelved it. Around 1947 it was decided to re-activate theproject and it was moved to Brookhaven National Laboratories with Dr.John Von Neumann and his associates. Out of Phoenix I came Stealthtechnology, which I cannot talk about because of my job. It alsoproduced all sorts of energetic little toys like the radiosonde.
What is a radiosonde?
Well,in all appearances it was a little white box that they attached to aballoon and sent up into the atmosphere. The government told peoplethat it involved gathering weather data. It used a very unusual type ofpulse modulation. In most cases they used a CW (continuous wave)oscillator and pulsed the signal. This turned out to be a veryefficient conversion of electrical energy to etheric energy. I veryrecently started collecting radiosondes. I never saw a receiver. Ifound out that they were designed up at Brookhaven National Labs. Istarted to talk to people at Brookhaven and ran into a retiredgentleman who used to work there. He told me that the design wasoriginally done by Wilhelm Reich. That peaked my interest. The storygoes that in about 1947 Wilhelm Reich handed the US Government aweather control device, a device that would do DOR-busting. Reichthought that if he could decrease the amount of DOR that storms wouldnot be so violent. (DOR is the result of orgone energy coming intocontact with an enclosed radioactive source. This produces a DeadlyOrgone Energy - DOR - which threatens life. It is also produced in theatmosphere through other processes. The government sent the device upthere into a storm and it did reduce the intensity of the storm. Thegovernment liked it, and they started another phase of the Phoenixproject where they designed these "radiosondes" and started launchingthem in large numbers, maybe 200 to 500 per day. The radio in thesethings had a range of about 1oo miles. If they used so many of them,one would think that receivers for them would be common-place. I usedto be a collector of radio receivers. I have over 100 in my personalcollection. I have never seen a radiosonde receiver. I have heard ofthem but I have never seen them.
What are the frequencies used?
The frequencies used are 403 MHz and 1680 MHz. They used two different frequencies.
They are both on at the same time?
No.One or the other was used at any one time. The earlier ones used 403MHz plus or minus 2 MHz. The later ones used 1680 MHZ, plus or minus 6MHz. The "thermistor" in them had gold, silver, platinum and iridium init. Reich used sensors that had gold and silver in them. The humidityelement is a plastic plate with silver around the rim and conductivelines going across the plate. They put a very unusual mixture ofchemicals on this plate. Unlike most humistors, the resistance went upas it got damp.
Whatwe're theorizing at this point is that the "thermistor" (temperaturesensing ) rod acts like a DOR antenna out-of-phase. The "humiditysensor" acts as an antenna for the orgone; The pressure sensor isessentially what they call a barrel switch, which is a pressuresensitive cycling switch. The device would destroy DOR and build up theorgone. The transmitter consisted of two oscillators, one of whichwould run at the carrier frequency (403 or 1680) and a second one whichwas a 7 MHz oscillator hooked into the grid of the carrier oscillator.The result was that the 7 MHZ oscillator would pulse on and off.
How does all this relate to what was going on with these other projects?
Thegovernment could not tell the public these were weather controldevices. What we are seeing here is actually the genesis of what becamethe Montauk project, which was a combination of Wilhelm Reich's workand the Philadelphia Experiment. There were two separate projects goingon in Phoenix One. You had the invisibility aspect and you had thedevelopment of Wilhelm Reich's weather control. Toward the end of thePhoenix project, by using some of Wilhelm Reich's concepts and some ofthe transmission schemes used from the "radiosonde" project, they foundthat you could combine the two -factors and use them for MIND CONTROL.Government circles would have me say "mood alteration", but mindcontrol is what these idiots were doing.
That's what the Montauk project was?
No.Phoenix One. After political circles found out about it they wanted itshut down. The people that were running it went to the military andproposed that they could use it to "influence the minds of the enemy".The military loved the idea, and let them use the old Montauk Air ForceBase. Among the equipment requested was an old SAGE radar unit, whichwas on the base. The base was shut down and everything was auctionedoff. The group then moved in from the Brookhaven Labs. That began whatwe call Phoenix Two. They spent the first ten years, from about 1969 toabout 1979, researching pure mind control. They started out by takingthe output of the SAGE radar, modulating the special wave that Reichhad showed them from the weather control process, and combined thatwith something noticed from the Philadelphia Experiment work. Theytransmitted about 406 MHz. It would hop around frequencies and changein phase. They used the amplidine concept where you have many stagespulse- modulated. BRF was from 10 cycles to 750 cycles. The pulse widthcould be varied anywhere from 10 to 75ms. The center frequency was406MHz generated from a stay-low type function which was referencedfrom a zero-time function.
Was there any other modulation on this?
There was frequency hopping on it.
So Phoenix Two started in 1969?
Yes,in the period from 1969 to 1971. Phoenix One went from 1948 to 1968.The first part of the mind control project was to take an individualand stand them about 250 feet away from the antenna. The SAGE radar hada peak pulse power of .5 MW. The antenna had a gain of 30db. That meansan effective radiated power of at least a gigawatt. It was nominally agigawatt. Can you imagine what that would do to people? I think itsamazing these people are still here. It does things like burn out brainfunctions, create neurological damage, scar lungs from heat, etc. Theytried this with a number of people and there were few survivors.
Where did they get the volunteers for this?
Theywere just grabbing indigent people off the street and throwing them infront of the radar beam. That's the sort of nonsense that thegovernment loves to do.
Who was in charge of the project at this time?
Dr. John Von Neumann and Jack Pruett.
Any particular agency?
I'mnot sure what the agency was. Now, somebody got the brilliant idea toput the subjects directly in line with the gain horn of the antenna. Loand behold they got their result without burning the people up. Theyfound out that by varying the phase modulation and the frequencyhopping and the pulsing of the multiple phases that they could haveprofound effects on a persons mind.
How many people worked at this installation?
About 30.
Who authorized them use of the base?
TheAir Force and the Navy. It was a joint project. There were both Navyand Air Force personnel involved. We have copies of the orders for theAir Force personnel.
What was the cover story for the base?
They had none. It was a derelict base.
It was abandoned. It was turned over to GSA as surplus around 1969 or 1970 when they shut down all the SAGE radar systems.
It was a "non-existent" operation. it was a perfect cover.
Where did they get the funding?
It was totally private.
It didn't originally come from corporations, although it did in later phases. The original money came from the Nazi government.
This is Phoenix One?
No,this is Phoenix Two and Three. In 1944 there was an American trooptrain that went through a French railroad tunnel carrying $10 billionin Nazi gold which they had found. it was $10 billion at the 1944 priceof $20 per ounce. The train was blown up in the tunnel. It killed 51American soldiers. The gold turned up ten years later at Montauk. Thishas been verified. That money was used to finance the project for manyyears as the value of gold went uo. They spent all of it and ran out ofmoney. That's when they tapped on ITT, who funded it. ITT was owned byKrupp in Germany. In terms of personnel, many of the civilians andscientists there were all ex-Nazi's who came from Germany both beforeand after the war ended. The project was under US Governmentsurveilla nce. The intelligence community knew what was going on and theCIA monitored everything, as did other government intelligenceagencie s. The field of players who actually operated on the base wassmall, between 30 and 50. The funding was entirely private. After 1983,Senator Goldwater found out about it and started an investigation. Hecouldn't find any trace of government funding. Pruett was themetaphysical director of the project. He was Air Force. After he leftDr. Herman C. Untermann took over. They had an electronics expert, Dr.Mathew E. Zerrett, who came over from Germany in 1946 with Werhner vonBraun. Probably the reason that they ran out of money is that they hada total of 25 bases around the United States to support. The last ofthe bases shut down August 12, 1983. The base at Montauk, where all thestations got their zero-time reference from, shut down and the othertwo remaining bases went down with it.
What about some of the mind effects?
Fromwhat I recall of the program, as I was part of it, I was subjected tothe mind control field not as I initially went into the program(because they wanted me initially for my sensitive abilities) butlater. I was assigned to the indoctrination of the younger recruits.The first indoctrination turned out to be a disaster. I told them Ididn't want anything to do with the program, and they put me in frontof this mind beam, and it did do damage to me. Finally, someone said,"shut it off, he isn't going to give in to it" and they shut it off.Others were affected much more seriously than I was. The effects weregenerally really bad. It could burn your brains out. They would go outand pick kids between the ages of 12 and 16 off the street...
That's where a lot of disappearing American kids went?
Weestimate they took 10,000 American children off the street and broughtthem to Montauk, New Jersey. The total number of people that theypulled off the streets for the 25 stations was about 250,000. What theactual thrust of the program was in terms of all these kids is still amystery. We still don't know the answers. We know they were fullyprogrammed for something. They were subjected to programming whicheventually became more "humane" using advanced electronic techniques.The original programming was Reichian in nature and was more physical.Later they worked out techniques that used computers and electronicprogrammi ng with the Reichian techniques that took very fast and hadlittle side effects.
Are you aware of any people presently who have been through this?
I'verun into people over the years. There is a very specific field identitypattern you can detect if you are sensitive enough. You can spot aperson who has been through the Montauk program "five miles away". it'svary distinctive in the way that it's been altered. I've spotted morethan a dozen people in the Long Island, New York area.
What about Von Neumann?
Hewas still alive up until 1989. He has run into a problem with thegovernment as well as other problems, such as a personality split in1977, when he resigned as director and became a consultant. Thegovernment told everyone he died in 1956. The government is stillinteracting with him.
Were any of the Montauk subjects given psycho tropic drugs?
I don'tthink so...
Theyused one drug which was used in connection with the Reich programmingto make them more receptive. I don't remember the name of it. Theeffect of the drug was that it would make you "horny as hell".
Also euphoric at the same time?
Also euphoric, yes.
Did they get this mind-altering chair from the aliens?
Theprototype came from the aliens. Beyond that we are uncertain. Thischair was essentially a mind amplifier. The government would havespecially trained individuals sit in the chair and generatethoughtform s, which would be amplified and transmitted. They couldtransmit the signal and put people in a pre-orgasmic state where theywould be receptive to programming. It worked very well and they foundother capabilities. They found that it could work in time. They had apsychically trained individual sit in the chair and generate athoughtform of a vortex that connected 1947 and 1981. That's exactlywhat they got - a time tunnel they could walk through. There was aseries on television at one time that portrayed this concept fairlyaccurately. These were some of the earlier capabilities. They startedgoing forward and backward in time. That was the last phase of thePhoenix project.
When did this time machine get going?
Around1979 or 1980 it was fully operational. This transmitter had enoughpower to warp space and time. The individual in the chair would have tosynthesize the vortex function because they didn't have the technicalcapability to do that. It can now be mechanically synthesized. They didother things. They had the subject in the chair think of some creature,and the creature would materialize. They had the individual in thechair think of all the animals at Montauk point charging into town, andthat's exactly what happened. They almost had the power to create abeing. The problem they had was that what they created only stayed aslong as the mind amplifier was on. The power was somewhere betweengigawatts and terrawatts. Tremendous power. The vortex could have adiameter of about five miles.
Can you describe what this looked like?
Itslike looking into a peculiar spiral tunnel which was lit up down itsentire length. You would start to walk into this thing and thensuddenly you'd be pulled down it. You didn't walk through it as such.You were more or less propelled through it. You could go anywhere inspace and time.
Could you bring things back?
Have you ever brought anything back?
Could you continue your description of the tunnel?
Yes. The walls were solid but fluted. The tunnel was not straight but was a sort of corkscrew shape.
If someone turned off the power, would you be stuck in the destination time and space?
Yes. You'd be stuck there.
Did they send a lot of kids down the tunnel'?
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Just stuff some foil in your hat, eat your soilent green and get over it.
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The foil blocks mind control rays. As for the soylent green (misspelled above), you are what you eat.
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And other eat what you are! Daffydoug, just watch the film. It's a fun little tale about human overpopulation and its possible consequences.