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Topic: Looking to contact Victor Cephas (Victor & Diamond)
Message: Posted by: Amazinjess (Jan 28, 2007 03:59PM)

I am a young dove magician and I'm trying to get in contact with Victor Cephas the famous dove magician of Victor & Diamond. Does anyone have an email address of his, a phone number, or know his website? I have one of his videos called Secrets.. the art of dove stealing. Does anyone know of any videos or lecture notes that he has made?

Thank you,
Amazin' Jess
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jan 28, 2007 04:48PM)
Jess, This is the last contact information I have for them.

4544 Del Pappa Court
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Tel. 702-645-2664

I'm not sure how current this is but it's a start. Good luck
Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Jan 28, 2007 05:35PM)

I have an issue of Magic Magazine that advertises their Secrets Video, and the add has an address:

Victor & Diamond
P.O. Box 34962
Las Vegas, NV 89133-4962

Hope this helps,
Message: Posted by: Amazinjess (Jan 28, 2007 09:13PM)
Dave and Vinnie thanks so much for Victor and Diamond's contact information. I will try to get in touch with them. Thanks again very much! I really appreciate it.

Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Jan 28, 2007 09:16PM)
Anytime! Any other questions, be sure to ask! =]

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jan 28, 2007 09:29PM)
Victor did make a dove video. They are great people.

Message: Posted by: Brian M. (Jan 28, 2007 10:16PM)
Dave has the correct information with Victor's home #. They don't usually answer it but he will get back to you. I spoke with him about 3 weeks ago and he's really busy with a number of projects right now so he may not get back to you as quickly as he normally would. I know his schedule will calm down by mid February.

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 31, 2007 03:39AM)
Amazin' Jess, I see you work with doves. Do you have dove DVDs from other performers?
Message: Posted by: dove-boy (Feb 1, 2007 09:47AM)
Victor has a great bird act! :)

I love his opener where his gloves on fire..extinguishes....with mist fog slowly appears.....changes into a bird & returns back to him...beautiful! :)

His closer with the twin rabbits production is cool too! :)
Message: Posted by: davemajor (Feb 2, 2007 06:00AM)
Hi is there a video online or on dvd or something where I can see Victors act?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Feb 2, 2007 06:03AM)
Dave, I'm not sure about being on line but Victor does have a video called
"Secrets". It's a combination of his act plus excerpts from lectures at Hank Lee's and the Magic Castle.
Message: Posted by: davemajor (Feb 2, 2007 06:05AM)
Thanks a lot dave ill check that out