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Topic: Barrie Richardson to Lecture!!
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Jan 29, 2007 03:07PM)
Feb 7th 7:00pm
The One and Only BARRIE RICHARDSON will be lecturing in Studio City at The Magic Apple!! Barrie Richardson is author of three highly acclaimed books on magic and mentalism: Theater of the Mind; Act II Theater of the Mind; and A Boon for All Seasons. He has won the creativity citation from the P.E.A. He is a member of the Inner Circle of The Magic Circle in London. His two parades in The Linking Ring won the Best Parade of the Year Awards.

He has performed at conventions and banquets for professional societies around the country for over 30 years where he earned a reputation for using magic and metaphors to present powerful and practical management ideas!
There will be close-up and platform effects.

Most of the presentations require few props, and in most cases, he uses subtleties and misdirection rather than difficult sleights. The lecture is interactive. Some of the effects that will be covered:

Water Glass Production

Impromptu Card at Any Number

Word Flight

Rising Cards

Dollar Divination

Optical Brainwave

Water Glass Suspension

Giant Pairs Repaired

Impossible Knot Routine

Rice Jar Test

Quartet Memorized Deck Routine

Spooky Key Routine

Impossible Card Location

Solid Ghost Impromptu Routine

Airplane Cards

$25 per person and seats are GOING FAST! 818-508-9921 to reserve a seat!!
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Feb 2, 2007 01:23PM)
Next Week! Barrie Richardson in Studio CIty. Seats are going fast.
Call The Magic Apple 818-508-9921 to hold your seat!

Coming up soon:
Nate Kranzo 3/7
Shoot Ogawa 3/28
DARYL 4/15
$25 per person or if you buy 3 get one free! That is a $25 savings! (offer good until 2/7)