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Topic: Blaine - Window
Message: Posted by: StreetWalker (Jan 9, 2003 08:10AM)
Hey guys. I was watching vertigo again the other night and I was wondering.... How did Blaine put his arm through the window of the jewlery store like that? I assume it is something similar to a penetration frame style gimmick but I am not sure.

Some information on this would be greatly appreciated.

The Walker :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jan 9, 2003 08:52AM)
Hi Walker,

This is also not much of a street trick. the guys in grand illusion could probably be of more help.


Message: Posted by: joseph (Jan 9, 2003 09:02AM)
Check out this thread:


Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Feb 14, 2003 05:34PM)
As a storefront glass and mirror man I could pull this effect off for next to nothing. With a coopretive storefront owner.
Message: Posted by: Tor Egil (Feb 14, 2003 06:53PM)
The trick Blaine did was custom made. It's mostly done on stage, but he did it on the street. If you are thinking about to get it. Just forget it, this is not an improtu trick. It requires a lot of set up plus a lot of money.
Message: Posted by: eebie376 (Feb 16, 2003 05:10PM)
Check out all the various posts anywhere... not going to be something anyone could duplicate.

Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Feb 16, 2003 05:34PM)
I disagree. I must say it would be difficult. I own my own business and I install store fronts. The making of the
"Penetration Frame" really is not that difficult. And it is something you could pull off on muggles with the proper "drunk".
I see the hardest part as being to get the watch there.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Feb 16, 2003 07:39PM)
You get the watch there hard? Hah. Stooge, duplicate... you name it. It is TV, so why do it the hard way.

John Gaughan built it, and it was done nearby his shop, and my house... but didn't hear about it 'til it was done and gone.

Oh, I also heard that a similar trick was done in England with a car window. Sounds more practical to moi. :bawl:
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Feb 19, 2003 08:09PM)
Come on now Blaine cheat? I'm still trying to figure out how he did that great levitation.He had to of floated 3 feet off the ground! Just KIDDING. But that is exactly what my friends say to me. So Pete I guess your right why do it the hard way. :)
Message: Posted by: gtxby33 (Feb 21, 2003 05:15PM)
When people talk about Blaine's window illusion they always talk about crazy mechanic gimmicks that do the work... Why couldn't he have just had a hole in the window? Those people were stooges anyways.

Message: Posted by: Great Domino (Mar 28, 2003 12:42PM)
I don't find the trick very practical. You better off sticking to impromptu, up close and personal penetrations. Stick with rubber bands or beer caps or what have you.
Message: Posted by: JasonDean (Mar 29, 2003 02:49PM)
On 2003-02-21 18:15, gtxby33 wrote:
When people talk about Blaine's window illusion they always talk about crazy mechanic gimmicks that do the work... Why couldn't he have just had a hole in the window? Those people were stooges anyways.


About the stooges thing, I wouldn't say that, but maybe some t.v. editing. I think it's funny when something looks so impossible you always here "they had to use stooges"! Maybe, maybe not. I can and I'm sure most of everyone on this board can do any one of the effects that Blaine used on his T.V. special, even the hand through the window if they wanted to. Ours would be with less editing though, lol.
Message: Posted by: Bone (Mar 30, 2003 07:59AM)
JasonDean ----------> *** cool man! lol
I like that post, haha. I think so also.

Message: Posted by: magic 12376 (Mar 30, 2003 08:27AM)
I don't know if these people were stooges or not. They really wouldn't need to be. If you like the window thing I think someone, most likely Zanadu, has released a close-up version of miraculous. Although this is, and looks like a magicians prop. I think it would look kind of contrived for street magic.
Ronald R. Romiski
Message: Posted by: JasonDean (Mar 31, 2003 08:00PM)
Hmm... I'll have to work that one out. Sounds a lot cheaper to! lol
Message: Posted by: Christian Z. (May 1, 2003 10:50PM)
Well I personally have to say that this trick is really creative. I mean you guys have to think about the effect, the watch
"disappears" and then you put your hand thru a window and grab it and the window doesn't leave a hole! Very creative, probably the best way I think to reveal a watch. And it wasn't video tricked, but I don't care that Blaine does video trickery because people who aren't in magic and just watch, it puts mystery and they believe it's real, but it isn't in our case.

Anyways the window trick was made by John Gaughn and is worth something like $5,000 I think or it may have been $50,000 this must depend on size and Blaine got a pretty big window. Anyways Blaine was creative on this one.

Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 3, 2003 12:50AM)
Cough cough... STOOGED!!! ..cough coughing.. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not in touch with reality. This doesn't mean I am attacking the effect. I thought it was great and something original and it works for TV. Everything in magic has a place.

Message: Posted by: kull_spider (May 3, 2003 06:27AM)

I see you are coughing quite badly..

Try this

Works wonders everytime! :bg:
Message: Posted by: Rover (May 28, 2003 09:54PM)
Getting the watch on display in the window would be rather easy. Getting the watch displayed in the window is the easy part. Getting it back through the window was just a larger more expensive version of a $4.00 gimmick. No stooges needed... but I wouldn't put it past TV to stage the whole thing.
Message: Posted by: Payne (May 29, 2003 10:02AM)
If it had been stooged I trust Blaine would have done a cleaner and more powerful version. One without the street person walking through his set and one without them having to walk half a block down to the storefront to retrieve the watch.
Using a stooge would have allowed him to cleanly vanish the watch and then simply turn around and show it in the shop window.
Message: Posted by: magic fett (May 31, 2003 01:11PM)
Either way its not practical. Now that's a long story short.