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Topic: Any computer geeks that know about overclocking?
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Jan 31, 2007 10:00AM)
I've tried the overclocking forums but too many people who have no clue are all to happy to give answers that have nothing to do with the question, so I figured I'd try the forum where I visit most..... :)

Does anyone have a setup with an eVGA 680i SLI MB, SLI EPP memory, and a Quad Core Extreme (or similar) CPU that they had any success overclocking? I have it running at stock speeds, but the CPU and the DDR2 1066 Mhz chips are capable of a lot more. I just hate the thought of spending days trying to find a stable configuration.

I know this is a long shot, but if you happen to have a similar setup and have it overclocked............


Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Jan 31, 2007 12:03PM)
As a Voodoo pc owner, I am a member of the Mutthaboards, [url=http://www.voodoopc.com/boards/forums.aspx]VoodooPC's forum[/url]. You can find some great advise there. Use the Technical Support Forum, but you need to register. I go by El Mago (The Magician)
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Jan 31, 2007 01:29PM)
I never heard of that one. I'll try it out.