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Topic: Unexpected
Message: Posted by: Y2John (Feb 10, 2007 11:16AM)
Product: Unexpexted DVD

By: Marc Spelmann and Peter Nardi

From: Inner Mind Productions

To start id just like to say that I am a beginner at Mentalism as a whole, so am not familiar with many of the methods/techniques etc, but found this DVD to be full of some very good, usable material. I will go over each of the effects and then go on to the quality of teaching, and of the DVD itself.
I wanted to begin though by saying that I love this double DVD set and I am very happy with my purchase.

Right, on with the effects (descriptions taken from back of DVD case):

Effects that have a * after them mean I have performed them, and will have details about what happened. Ones I have not performed will contain what I feel about them from the performance/tutorial on the DVD.

Fist Full Of Dollars*-

An incredible opener for any impromptu situation. Give your spectator a chance to win some cold hard cash. All they have to do is guess which hand holds the money! As a kicker you prove to them you knew they would choose the wrong hand from the start.

My opinion:

I really like this little effect, its quick and to the point and as a kicker you prove to them that not only did they choose wrong, but you knew exactly which hand they would pick. Basically what happens is you hide a note in one of your hands and get the spec to try and guess which hand is holding the note. This is def something I will be using.

How it went down:

I pulled this out last night while my mum and some of her friends were having a girls night in. I heard a point in there conversation about how they are in complete control of there actions etc and so I took this chance to go and do some stuff from this DVD set. I said I begged to differ, and it all went from there.
I actually done this as the first thing as a quick little test. Obviously they guessed wrong and so did everyone else as I went from person to person (I only used the kicker on the last person). To say they had fun would be an understatement, they were having a blast, and I didn't need to offer up some more as they requested it themselves so I took the chance to try out the stuff id been practising.
Overall I am very happy with this effect, and it went down very well so for me its a hit.

Drinks On The Patio*:

A great performance piece to do when you're in a bar. A lovely lady is requested to help out and as a thank you, you will buy her a drink. The drink she gets depends on how well she does in the little test.

My opinion:

This is a good effect which is very simple, but also very effective (and a laugh). Basically you place face down eight or so business cards (or whatever comes to hand), each with a different drink written on it (this can obviously be changed to whatever you want, or whatever is natural for where you are such as amounts of money, prizes, food etc). The cards are then eliminated one by one until only one card remains, this being what the spec recieves. Its turned over to reveal water.
This routine is very adaptable and I like it.

How it went down:

This went down very well, I new it was good but did not expect it to be as well recieved as it was. I did not use drinks on the back, but amounts of money, and they ended up with a penny which they found funny. This effect is so easy to perform, but it really does play well and was something which got everyone involved.
This is another hit.

Take note*:

Your spectator takes part in a little game of chance. 3 notes of different values are placed on the table. You write a prediction on a business card which remains on full view through out. Now using your powers of persuasion you manage to influence their choice of note!

My opinion:

Ok I love this, this is really really good. You lay down in a line 3 different notes (£20, £10, £5) and then write a prediction on a business card (or whatever comes to hand) and leave it in full view. You now state that using your powers of persuasion you will get them to pick the note of your choosing. If your wrong then they get to keep the amount they picked, or all three notes if you wish. I your right then they get nothing. You then proceed to do exactly as you said.
This is something I will absolutely be using.

How it went down:

This was very effective, and actually caused some silence along with the laughter.
This is def another hit.

Perfect ESP*:

A quick and simple ESP match up routine. Even though your spectator mixes the cards. You always place your card down first and you can even do this facing away from your spectator! No- one a head, marked cards or extra cards involved!

My opinion:

I love this also, it is extremely effective and is one of the most powerful routines on the set. Also it doesn't have to be done with ESP symbols, it could also be done with playing cards, names or whatever else takes your fancy. The spec shuffles there pack, then your pack, the spec then picks up there first card and looks at it, you now place a card down and they place theres on top/next to yours. This is repeated for all 5 cards and at the end it is revealed that they all match.

How it went down:

Ok, this actually caused gasps and silence. Honesty it was that strong and it really hit them hard. The handlings so clean and the effect so to the point that there really is nowhere for the specs mind to go but BLAH!
This is 100% a hit and is something which will get a lot of use.

Single Handed Geller*:

Spelmann's ultra slick one handed coin bend. This is something that you will carry with you always! A very deceptive technique that Geller would have been proud to perform!

My opinion:

This is another really effective effect, and one that plays very strong.
I have never really tried any coin bending effects (other than Superman coin bend, which I thought was not very good), but this is one I like very much.
The spec gets to feel involved and be a part of the effect rather than just watching, and I feel this enchances the power and overall performance of the effect.

How it went down:

Ok, this was definitely powerful, and something which actually caused swearing etc. I really put my effort into performing this well and from the reactions I feel I was successful.
This is another definite hit.

Underhand Thoughts*:

An unbelievable impromptu drawing duplication that will get you out of trouble! Being shown here for the very first time, easily worth the price of this entire DVD!

My opinion:

This is truly a fantastic addition, and is so well thought out and routined. This was one of the effects I was most looking forward to, and I was not disappointed.
I absolutely love this and it allows you to perform such an amazingly powerful effect basically impromptu (you obviously need something to write with and some business cards etc).

How it went down:

Ok, this is the type of routine which will fry the spec, and will definitely be remembered. The person I done the drawing dupe with was shocked to say the least, and this is the effect that they are still talking about. She drew a pic of her bedroom thinking theres no way I could possibly know that (especially since this was the first time she'd ever seen me). This made the reveal even more powerful, and allowed a lot of patter in between as I was saying what certain impressions I was getting meant about her personality etc.
This is a hit.

A Tribute To Mr Kane*:

This is an impromptu version of Kane's variant. A great gambling effect using only 5 business cards and some money. Spelmann floored everyone with this at The Magic Circle!

My opinion:

Another really good effect. Its so deceptive and simple that it just seems so fair. Its a prediction effect where the spec has only a 1 in 5 chance of loosing, with 4 cards being the winning cards. It such a direct effect that is easy and fun to perform.

How it went down:

This was fun to perform and caused quite a bit of laughter and surprise. I put a tenner up for grabs and it was a nicely paced fun routine.
This is another hit.


A spectator holds an imaginery object in their cupped hands. You now concentrate and tell them exactly what they are holding! This is a killer impromptu effect that you will be performing in your paid shows!

My opinion:

Ok, this was another one of the effects that I was really looking forward to, and at first it was not what I thought it would be (a no prop divination of a freely thought of item held cupped in the specs hands). But after a brief moment of "oh" I quickly began to see the potential and impact of this. I was still a bit unsure of it, probably because I was expecting something different, but this made me really want to try it out to see how effective it really is.

How it went down:

Ok, this turned out to be a highly effective and entertaining effect. I now feel very pleased with the effect, as it seems the worries I had with this were all just in my head as the specs seemed very impressed, in fact blown away. They were all asking me to do it to them, which I did, and it ended up being one of there favourites.
So this is another hit.

Serial Killer Lite*:

Your spectator removes a bill from their wallet and folds it up, they then place it under an upturned wine glass. You then call off the serial number. This is a classic mentalism feat that everyone should do!

My opinion:

When I watched the performance to this I was surprised right from the off as the spec actually removes and folds up there bill, and places it themselves under the glass. Its definitely very clever and is a fantastic effect.

How it went down:

This was another effect that got great reactions, and lucky for me one of the people had a job which involves handling/dealing with money and so had a good idea of how impossible this really was. Infact she made the effect even stronger by going on about the chances of guessing and the impossibility of it all. This hit the spec who worked with money especially hard, which was great.
Def another hit.

Three for the money:

A three phase performance piece. Each phase gets increasingly more difficult, yet you prove your power with 3 correct predictions! Which coin they will choose, the amount of change they have and finally the serial number on a borrowed bill.

My opinion:

This is definitely a very strong routine which, from the performance and instructions on the DVD, will absolutely floor everyone. I mean you start off simple by predicting which coin out of 3 they will pick. Next you predict how much change they have on them and finall the serial number from a borrowed bill.

Busch Brain Buster:

No DVD on mentalism would be complete without a book, magazine or newspaper test. This superb 2 phased routine has been used by Spelmann and Nardi even in their paid performances, utilising a fantastic subtlety from Richard Busch. Reveal a freely chosen word from any newspaper, book or magazine & describe an item your spectator has locked in their mind!

My opinion:

This is another very well thought out and routined effect. I have not done this to anyone as of yet, but can tell that this will be an extremely powerful routine which will, if performed with confidence and conviction, get amazing results.

Two's Company:

A discussion on utilising a friend, partner or family member to code you simple information. In this discussion Marc and Peter cover some strong routines that can be performed at a moments notice as well as teaching the correct ways to code which are both subtle and effective.

My opinion:

I have never really thought about this type of thing and won't be adding much of this stuff to any routine, but I found it interesting and informative, and will get some use from it.

Effects overall:

As you can tell I'm extremely happy with every effect. Every single one of the effects is effective and powerful and its all real world stuff. Like I said at the very beginning, I'm pretty new to Mentalism, and some of the things people may be familiar with, but I found each effect to be well thought out and effective and all real world and highly usable.


I love the teaching on this DVD set. First they perform the effect for you, then go over it in great detail. Honestly nothing is left out, and I felt satisfied that I had learned all that could be taught for each effect. Also you can tell that Marc and Peter are good friends as there is a nice atmosphere to the DVD and its fun to watch and learn from.

DVD quality:

The DVD set is of great quality, with everything crisp and clear. The menus are easy to navigate and its all nicely laid out and produced.


This is an amazing set that I am extremely happy with. I feel ive learned a lot from this, and also from seeing Marc and Peter perform, and the tips they give. I love all the effects and feel that you get a lot for your money, and ive taken away from this a load of highly effective routines and a greater understanding of how to perform and a toolkit of impromptu weapons for that unexpected performance.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Jean-Luc.R. (Feb 10, 2007 11:54AM)
This is a perfect review I guess..
Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Feb 10, 2007 06:23PM)
I guess for a perfect dvd?
t great peter, well done again, and to russ for such good production!
as marc says at the end, it wont replace your whole act, but if you can get 3-4 effects from this, and have them ready to go when the unexpected calls, you can't lose!
they are all top effects
my favorite being
feel, single handed geller, and Three for the money, although I'll probably adjust it slightly, and use a doubled headed coin instead of the bill used as described on the dvd
if you've got it, you'll know what I mean
a op quality dvd, packed with top quality effect
thanks to all the alakazam team.....
any news on the ice coins release date peter, for those who have pre ordered?
thanks again
Message: Posted by: Majestic12 (Feb 10, 2007 08:09PM)
So what did you think of the DVD? :)
Message: Posted by: Looch (Feb 15, 2007 03:57AM)
You may wanna look here

Message: Posted by: deputy (Feb 18, 2007 01:42AM)
I just got this dvd today. What a great set. There are some real nice routines on theses discs. Perfect ESP and Feel will be going into the arsenal along with a couple others. I really enjoyed Marc and Peters comedic explanations, Keep up the good work guys
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Feb 18, 2007 09:47AM)
Thanks for the great reviews guys, It's so cool to know people are using our routines!

Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Feb 19, 2007 02:10PM)
What other items from inner minds do you have in store for us peter?
also, any more james brown goods on the way?
cheers mate
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Feb 19, 2007 02:21PM)
Hi Matt

We have some great new effects and DVD's coming from Innerminds soon.

James is planning a second DVD to be realeased later this year. Alakazam also a DVD of the last session convention (featuring some top names) and a DVD by Chritopher Williams!


PS. There is a very special DVD set in production at the moment that is going to blow people away.
Message: Posted by: juan king (Feb 19, 2007 03:36PM)
On 2007-02-19 15:21, Peter Nardi wrote:
PS. There is a very special DVD set in production at the moment that is going to blow people away.


Why? Are you providings a wind machine with the dvd set?
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Feb 19, 2007 04:09PM)
No just a very small but powerful fan!
Message: Posted by: juan king (Feb 20, 2007 04:20AM)
Peter, I am your biggest fan!!!
Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Feb 21, 2007 05:22PM)
Thanks peter,
I just saw david taylor in magicseen!
didn't realize it was my old friend from http://www.sussexmagiccircle.co.uk/
last I saw of him was when he passed the audition last year in blackpool and ran off to spain!
I've just emailed him....
even more, your flogging his trick!
(is it different to the marc paul anytime book test?)
I'm glad things are going well for dave anyway...
and thanks for the heads up on your products mate
I've got 10 bent (SHG) 10ps ready for saturday night!

Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (Feb 22, 2007 03:35AM)
That is a fantastic review. I like the addition of your own performance experience. Thanks a lot.

Message: Posted by: Marc Woods (Feb 22, 2007 11:03AM)
I also my copy of this set!
I'm really glad I pre-ordered it.

Most of the effects are superb for doing an impromptu set of mental effects anywhere and mostly anytime.
I think it was much better than Marc's first dvd set...sorry Marc but also a compliment for this dvd.
The material is much more suitable for people that like, quick and direct effects.

Marc and Peter...well done I am looking forward for new releases of you guys.
Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Feb 28, 2007 12:19AM)
Mr. Nardi and Mr. Spelmann seem like really nice guys so I'm sorry I have this opinion. But this is just really bad... I already knew a lot of effects, and some of the others seemed slopily put together.

For example, the drawing duplication. That would be a method I would come up with after a small amount of thought if I were trying to think of an impromptu drawing duplication, but then drop it because it wasn't very good.

The only effect I liked was the ESP match, but honestly I didn't get one thing out of these DVDs.

Fist Full of Dollars
An ok effect, requires something I donít wear in non performing situations.

Drinks on the Patio
Ok effect, already knew it as I'm sure most non-beginners do.

Take Note
Method is very transparent IMO, like a bad blending of Positive Negative (great effect) and Hypnotic Choice.

Perfect ESP
This one is pretty cool, nothing ground breaking but pretty cool.

Single Handed Geller
Just another handling for an effect everyone knows. Don't really care for the handling myself.

Underhanded Thoughts
Ehhh... Awkward and a lot of work to do it. I can think of at least three other impromptu drawing duplications that are much better.

A Tribute to Mr. Kane
This one is decent, but a bit too much set-up and a "mental magic" feel to it for me to use.

It's ok, a lot of set-up though.

Serial Killer Lite
I'm sure everyone knows how to do this already.

Three for the Money.
Basically Mental Epic.

Busch Brain Buster.
It's ok, the force for one part is pretty cool, the whole routine seems to be in need of a bit of fine tuning though.

Hardly any of the effects are what I would call impromptu, needing set-up time or carrying something. Most of them have a very mental magic feel to them, and are illogical. And I see hardly any originality.

This would be a good DvD for beginners but I doubt the experienced will learn anything new. This would be getting a positive review if it came from a $10 dollar beginners book but I paid $75 for a DvD I thought was for professionals. Again, I'm sorry I have this opinion.

Over All I rate it a 2/10.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Feb 28, 2007 11:07AM)
Nothing Original???

Tribute to Mr Kane is previously unreleased
Perfect ESP Unreleased
Underhanded Thoughts Unreleased
Busch Brain Buster Unreleased

Variations with worthwhile adaptions

Drinks on the PATEO (the best handling of the PATEO I have ever seen along with a VERY logical ending which totally eliminates the one thing that bugged me personally about the PATEO.

Fistfull Of Dollars
A variant on a now classic plot which is an ideal opener, it's not even necessary to wear a jacket, I don't either but have done this numerous times as an opener.

Single Handed Geller
Not impromptu but still an excellent handling with an alternate s---ch, saying it is not relevant is like saying a new coin vanish is not relevant?

3 For The Money
A strong 3 phase piece that I have done with great success, the predictions LOGICALLY get harder and harder ending with a very clean finale.

Serial Killer light
Sure everyone who does mentalism will know it but few actually do it, this is as pure a mentalim effect as it gets, the timing carefully explained with good handling that would fry (and has done) any lay audience..

My genuine rating on this DVD 7/10 and trust me I am hard to please.
I think ultimately is depends on what we want from a dvd, do we want presentation, scripting, atmosphere, special effects, costume suggestions, make up tips or do we want solid routines that we can then put our personalities on to make it unique..

No offense here Night Bringer but do you actually perform mentalism? or are you new to it?

From you post it would seem as though you want an a DVD that says:

Effect: Walk up to any spectator and tell them the name of their dead pet, the year it died, the previous owner of their car, their insurance number, credit card number & expected time of death..

Method: Read their minds and predict the future with nothing more than thin air and long blond hair..

I purchased the Osterlind DVDs which are great but I knew 70% of the material as it was released in manuscripts years before, just because we know something doesn't make it invalid or useless, I know PK Time by Banachek but if he released a DVD on it I would buy it as I may pick up some useful tips and handlings and I'm not even a full time pro..

Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Feb 28, 2007 11:43AM)
Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your review, I know you can be hard to please!


Thank you for voicing your opinion.
Marc and Myself never stated real mind reading or ground breaking methods! The Unexpected does exactly what is says on the tin and that is a collection of impromptu mentalism. And in my opinion a very good collection. I have been performing mentalism for well over 10 years and have used the material on these discs often.

As to you already knowing the all the methods, maybe I should PM you before our next release to check the methods are new to you:-)

Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Feb 28, 2007 02:08PM)
Peter I don't know where that comes from, I don't think for a minute I am hard to please, if I enjoy something I'll say so, if I dislike something I'll say so..

I thought that's what this forum was all about..

I do like the Unexpected but trust me I could name a few Alakazam products that I thought were so so and some that I really didn't like..

But then again I couldn't name a single performer or shop that has released all winners in my book.. It's all subjective, what I like and do not like will differ to others much like Nightbringer who maybe comes from a different a different place when it comes to mentalism..

I hate ballet, I just do not get it however I cannot say that what they do is not skillful, artistic to some and evokes some kind of emotion..

Some of Nightbringers statements just don't ring true, he may not like the effects but some are totally original and that is a fact not an artistic point of view..

I enjoyed the DVD for what it is, a DVD focusing on that situation where you have little to perform with and it does that very nicely..

Some will not get it, others will and we will benefit from the knowledge you shared with us..


Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Feb 28, 2007 03:58PM)
No I definately am not new. And I do not want a "Holy grail". The impromptu effects I currently perform and am VERY happy with are:

AAA Booktest

and more.

Please don't bash me for having a difference of opinion. I like more direct effects, take the two book tests for example. In Busch Brain Buster you have them pick a word in a book, then write random words on ten slips of paper, eliminate them one by one, have them hold on to one slip. You then incorrectly predict the word on the paper, you then correct yourself and get it right, then you finally get the word in the book.

In contrast, in the book test I use, you have someone selecet a word, you then reveal it. VERY direct.

Let me have my own opinion without bashing me. Why can't we keep this friendly?

I would have liked Fist Full if you could do it without sleeves, you have a method for that?
Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Feb 28, 2007 06:04PM)
I found this amusing:

On 2007-02-28 12:07, Andrew Richmond wrote:
My genuine rating on this DVD 7/10 and trust me I am hard to please.

On 2007-02-28 15:08, Andrew Richmond wrote:
Peter I don't know where that comes from, I don't think for a minute I am hard to please[/quote]

Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Feb 28, 2007 06:13PM)
I do Nightbringer, this isn't getting nasty but I do think your review is a little harsh, practically all of the effects on the Unexpected can be themed and styled, the Busch Brain Buster is to my mind better than the AAA booktest purely as it is so hard to reverse engineer..

I have had people reverse engineer the AAA booktest, they simply say "He held the book like this and then said focus on the first word on the page so he must have either seen it or seen the word on the opposite page and have some memory technique."

Now please don't put posts up telling me I am doing it wrong, I have seen Marc Paul do this live and heard spectators say exactly what I wrote above, that's not an attack that's just what happened.. Direct is good but equally subtleties and the occasional wrong turn can add greatly..

It depends on your style, after watching Derren live for the 6th time I can say he is getting less direct and has them eating out the palm of his hand..

As an example Nightbringer, to say Gladiator is a terrible film is wrong, the cinematics are superb, the score is stunning, the acting exceptional..

A better more accurate statement would be Gladiator really isn't my sort of film, I prefer Science fiction, less fights, less aggression..

The Unexpected is a valid DVD with impromptu material, the style and themes are clearly not for you but it is not a bad DVD as it delivers what it aims to..

Your point of view is as valid as anyone else's but some of what you said seems a little unfair when many others have clearky enjoyed the DVD including myself..

Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Feb 28, 2007 06:16PM)
I was refering to Michael Sibbernson's (sp?) AAA Booktest not Marc Pauls. There are no peeks or memory work.

Let me have my opinion please. Do you see me argueing with your score (7/10)? You loved it, great! I wish I loved it.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Feb 28, 2007 07:52PM)
Well spotted Nightbringer, I wondered if anyone would spot that..

You can't argue with my score Nightbringer as it is based on fact, your rating is based on the fact that you don't like the DVD and lets face it what do you know..

That was a joke... Calm down Vampy Guy..

I'll tell you one thing Nightbringer, I may have given the DVD 7/10 but I'd give you 11/10.. I love you..

Now lets get a hotel room and party..

Message: Posted by: Illusion77 (Mar 1, 2007 03:15PM)
I'd love to hear more about this DVD from those who have been using the effects? How do they play? What types of reactions has the material gotten from the audience members?
Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Mar 1, 2007 05:52PM)
READ THE TOP POST Illusion77....

It covers everything..

IGNORE Nightbringer he didn't like it as he does REAL mind reading..

Joke Vampy chill... Get another hair dye... Wish I had hair to dye...

Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Mar 1, 2007 06:17PM)
It's natural my tasty friend.
Message: Posted by: Marc Spelmann (Mar 2, 2007 04:42PM)
So's he's baldness Night bringer....

Everyone has different tastes and opinions, trust me I have felt the hard end of the stick on this forum..

You're opinion is valid from your perspective.. The routines have played very well for myself, Peter and others.. Thank you for your PM's.. The theming of the routines will determine whether people believe what your doing, also your image and persona..

Tricks, effects, etc are really secondary to a convincing persona, which I am sure you have..

Best wishes

Message: Posted by: Andrew Richmond (Mar 2, 2007 04:50PM)
How did you know that?... Is that explained on the DVD?

Nightbringer Tasty am I?.. See I knew we had something going on..

Message: Posted by: TheNightBringer89 (Mar 4, 2007 01:05AM)
Hello Mr. Spelmann, thanks for being understanding, you have my utmost respect. I did really like your performing style by the way.

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think the reason I didn't like this was because I knew most of the effects taught already, so I personally didn't get much use out of this but I can definately see where others could. So giving this a score based on the effects if I wouldn't have known these already I would give this a 6/10.

I admit my review was a bit harsh, I think I was just dissapointed from not really getting anything out of a $75 purchase.
Message: Posted by: Marc Spelmann (Mar 4, 2007 10:58AM)
Dear Nightbringer,

Please call me Marc..

That is very kind of you and your initial post was discussed by myself & Peter as we take ANY criticism very seriously be it positive or negative. We realise we are not able to please everyone (that really is impossible) but suffice to say we have had a sufficient number of pm's & emails from many professionals such as yourself who even though they know the various moves and techniques have gained huge benefit from the DVD in terms of restablishing these various techniques and some new routines for that moment when you are caught off guard..

We really wanted to eliminate any risk factor with the impromptu material and also make it as versatile as possible. We believe and so do many others that we have created an excellent DVD resource that is something to refer back to for those 'unexpected' occasions..

We have many products to come and many are for the more advanced performer which maybe more suited to you. I urge you though to please give some of the routines a try in a real situation, that is where you will see their value..

Naturally myself and Peter on the unexpected DVD do not take ourselves to seriously which may have affected the overall impression it had on you.. With your look and the kind of style I am assuming you have routines like a Tribute to Mr Kane could easily be adapted.. Imagine instead of winning a cash prize they could be gambling with life itself.. Feel, could be a series of murder weapons that have been used in real crimes, you divine which weapon they have.. the theatrics for such a routine could be VERY powerful in the right hands (excuse the pun)

I am also guilty of knowing a secret and then missing the value, when Peter sent me Descisions, I thought.. that's cute and put it to one side, but then our mutual friend Ian Rowland really raved about it in The Magic Circle Magazines mentalism section, I immeadiately got Descisions out and worked a quick short opener routine which went over so well I literally couldn't believe it.. Suffice to say I now use it all the time..

With this Nigtbringer I wish you well and look forward to communicating with you in the near future..

With kindest regards

Marc Spelmann
Message: Posted by: deputy (Mar 4, 2007 05:18PM)
I have watched these dvds a few times and really enjoy them. I have found them very useful and informative. there are 3 effects that I will use which I think is a great value. the esp card routine is great. I say good job to Marc and Peter and look forward to more products from them both. Marc I would love to here your routine with decisions I also use it for an opener as well.
Message: Posted by: Looch (Mar 9, 2007 06:09AM)
Spelmann is funny
Message: Posted by: Marc Spelmann (Mar 9, 2007 06:10PM)
Looch is clever and quite handsome...
Message: Posted by: Nash (Mar 9, 2007 10:26PM)
Ok I'm currently watching the DVD, just got done with Vol.1 and am already impressed.
Lot of the mentalism works are, rather long and drawn out.. and too boring for real world.
This is something that you will do in REAL WORLD.

GET IT guys.
Message: Posted by: juan king (Mar 10, 2007 03:02AM)
For their next release as inner mind productions I would like to be seeing Marc and Peter to be working at a real stand up AND walk round gig, so not ins a studio, with all their tricks and things that might not be goings to a plan.

Then I would like them's to be explaining their approach for both things with some commentory over the originals performance when things are happening an they exlplain why.

Max Maven tried to do it with his DVD Nothing but he was still being in a studio. Only MArk Leveridge with a beard has done some videos with a real life walkarounds and then some explanations which is brilliant and everyone can learn more from this sort of video.

I think MArc and Peter would be very interesting to watch doing this and I would pay a high price for this release. I would pay £45.99. - £55.99

What do you think of that MArc and Peter?
Message: Posted by: Marc Spelmann (Mar 10, 2007 03:53PM)

Myself and Peter have discussed this very process and it is something we will do with future releases, sometimes our work schedules can get in the way of organising live shoots but rest assured we will be doing this in the future with the right products..

Our next release High Impact Volume One was filmed back in early january which may have some live footage time permitting, however we have so many products due for release from our current performances and older material..

We did have some live footage for the Unexpected with a few of the effects but due to the environment our voices could barely be heard and the footage unfortunately didn't show the various techniques well enough to warrant going on the finished DVD (it was a VERY busy bar and it really only showed our back, the odd shoulder and people gathering around)..

I hope that answers you question Juan, thank you for your support and as always myself and Peter Nardi are always interested to know what we can bring to the benefit of the mentalsim community..

Marc Spelmann
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 14, 2007 05:24PM)
Title: Unexpected
Medium: DVD 2 disc set
Arena: close up, parlour, mentalism
Available: Any shop, innermind.com , distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies

Mentalism is very interesting to me and it ranges from usable and easy to do to very difficult and requiring much work in order to be prepared. It is a wonderful part of our art and those that are good at it are very entertaining and mysterious. Good mentalism is hard to find so when a good source comes along Iím always happy. I wasnít familiar with the two gents who put together Unexpected other than their release of No Chance which thrilled me to no end, Marc Spelman and Peter Nardi. I have to confess something here, I usually do not like British humor. I did like these two guys. I found them friendly, naturally funny, and I hope they are as good of guys as they come off. It would be too bad if they were mean or something like that. I bring this up because they made the dvds enjoyable to watch and that helps.

The production level was pretty good. The filming was just of the two guys doing their thing and then explaining with a single camera. Nothing fancy here and the camera was sufficient to get across what they wanted to get across. The sound was okay except Peter had his mic set lower than Marc. This problem seemed to vanish on the second DVD but I like to complain about sound. He also had the bad habit that Iíve noticed among the Brits that he turns away from his mic when making a statement. I was able to hear it but the drop in sound is rough on someone with bad hearing like myself. Brits, please use boom mics, lapel mics just donít cut it for you guys for some reason. Pip pip.

Over all I really enjoyed these DVDs and found the material to be excellent. Let us take a look at what you get in this two disc set (two disc, one package).

Disc One:

Fist Full of Dollars:

Spectator makes a choice of which hand a bill is in. Not only are they incorrect but the bill has a prediction on it about the choice they would make. I liked this but am not sure it fits my style, not their fault it is just me but I did like it.

Drinks On The Patio:

Selections are made by the mage and the spectator as to what type of drink the spec wins. High cost drinks are omitted leaving only a bottle of water being won. I didnít explain that well but this is a presentation of one of my favorite effects and done so in a creative way. This is really a good routine that can be done with playing cards, those cards kids use to play games with (I forget the names, you know, dragons fight etc), or with business cards. I was glad to see this on the dvd.

Take Note:
A spec chooses from three bills/bank notes and you show that you predicted their selection. This is another really cool routine and like Drinks on the Patio I think folks will be doing it. Uses multiple outs and the gents have some good thoughts on the presentation.

Perfect ESP:

This is another winner with lots of potential for different presentations. There is a switch on this one that is just killer and they kind of show it and move on not realizing how good it is (it seems). This is a keeper and the switch a super duper keeper, seems it is a Darren Brown idea (who I have heard of but never have seen).

Single Handed Geller:

Bent coin routine, very nice and should interest the street commandos and hallway hitmen. I worked with a woman whos uncle did a coin bending trick and she believes, and Iím not kidding, that he has super powers because of it.

Underhand Thoughts:

A method of drawing duplication that is very interesting and with lots of input from the guys.

All of the routines are very good and I know Iíll be doing four of them.

Disc Two:

A Tribute to Mr. Kane:

Spectator makes a choice of multiple cards and while all cards are winners except one that is the one picked. I liked this one a lot, quick to set up and the gents had very good ideas on presentation.


You guess the imaginary object the spectator is holding in cupped hands. Very interesting and one Iíll be using along with the Mr. Kane routine.

Serial Killer Live:

A bills serial number is written down even though the bill is the specs and under a glass. Very neat method and a keeper as well. Iíve seen other ways to do this but I like this one the best.

Three For The Money:

Multi phase prediction using the old one ahead principle. What makes this one unique is Peters handling of the cards and presentation which is very interesting and makes this a much improved version over most Iíve seen. Another, surprise, keeper.

Busch Brain Buster:

A multi phase routine where a word thought of by the spec is determined. A lot of interesting thought went into this one and it is worth looking into. May be scary to the beginner but this one does work.

Twoís Company:

Not a routine but a conversation about a method that might interest people. A way of doing brain frying mentalism that youíll likely use.

This set of DVDís is one of the best collection of impromptu mentalism that will be appreciated by specs that Iíve seen. Most can be set up in a few minutes and will be appreciated by specs as well as mysterious to them. Iím not sure of Peter and Marc have other DVDís on the market but this one sure made me appreciate their work. Great product all around. If you canít find it at your shop tell them to special order it from Murhyís Magic Supplies.
Message: Posted by: Looch (Mar 16, 2007 05:29AM)
Perfect ESP:

This is another winner with lots of potential for different presentations. There is a switch on this one that is just killer and they kind of show it and move on not realizing how good it is (it seems). This is a keeper and the switch a super duper keeper, seems it is a Darren Brown idea (who I have heard of but never have seen).


The switch is not a DB move it can be traced back to the pheonix years ago, and I agree it is a very very good switch
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 16, 2007 12:22PM)
Thank you, I was going by what was said on the dvd, I wouldn't be able to pick Darren Brown out of a line up, never seen him.
Message: Posted by: TheTableTopTrixta (Mar 16, 2007 10:42PM)
These DVD's are great, with a lot of real workers on them, as for the price I think the ESP effect is worth the price of the dvd and that switch is just genius!!

This dvd will give you effects which take little or no set up and will devastate an audience, what more can you ask for?

I have bought DVDs in the past where I havent used any of the effects on them, with this I would say 5 effects will go right in to my working set, now that in my view is a good DVD set

Ash Turner
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Mar 16, 2007 10:57PM)
It is an excellent selection of mentalism for the regular magician. I've not checked but is this their first DVD of material like this? Usually the first one is the best as it has years worth of material on it. Pip pip.
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Mar 17, 2007 04:31PM)
Hi Guys,

Thank you for the kind words it really means a lot to know you got something from the DVD's. Marc and Myself are currently working on our close up mentalism DVD Vol 1 and the first of our High Impact series. Stay tuned for further details.

Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Mar 19, 2007 06:10PM)
Yes, there is a host of workable material on this 2 DVD set which will find great exposure now that Murphy's Magic is distributing it. Most of it really feels very impromptu which is the theme, so this should be no surprise. What I mean by that is that there are much better methods for doing certain routines, like One Handed Geller, which seem to have chosen the method given for the sake of simplicity. Perhaps the DVD should have been titled "Simply Unexpected"

As others have noted Perfect ESP is a real work horse of a classic. Busch's Brain Buster shows potential though I felt the performance on the DVD dragged. This could be a by product of there being NO AUDIENCE at all on this DVD. The reason I don't care for this style of shooting is you don't get a first impression of the routine as it is framed for an audience. Unexpected is filmed more like two guys sessioning feel, rather than a performer doing a show.

Tribute to Mr. Kane has some real potential as a routine which can be themed easily in many different directions... as does Drinks On The Pateo which also had a nice twist and turn to a normal classic progression.

The production is really quite good which was nice to see as this shooting style of DVD can suffer from poor production. The drawbacks for me here are DVDs which rely on unoriginal material, fail to credit it, and then dismiss this shortcoming by saying "We claim no originality for these routines." Now having said that, there is probably a double edged sword here in the world of Mentalism. There are considerably fewer themes and methods than in magic. It is only realistic that you will see the kind of repetition we see from one DVD set to another. One of these and one of those and then this and.... You get the idea. I just wish there was more attention paid to crediting in these matters.

SO, for those who already have a performing mentalism set, they will possibly only see repetition for something they already do and a few good ideas to tweak the performance of the way they are already doing some classics. BUT if you are new to Mentalism or want to broaden your repertoir this would be a good place to look in addition to Osterlind, Banachek, etc... I would not hesitate to recommend this to someone with relatively slight exposure to Mentalism, and I would tell those who have working sets already that if they truly think a nice little twist or two to the performance of a classic is valuable to them, this set will provide that.

I predict success for this DVD set as there is an ever expanding interest in Mentalism right now.


Message: Posted by: inorthcott (Mar 23, 2007 05:15AM)
Hi All,

I recently bought your Unexpected DVD and love some of the routines. Some others require more to make believeable but that is my problem not Peter or Marcs..

I wanted to share a subtlely with you regarding the one handed Geller effect. Hopefully they could publish it somewhere as a follow up. It has worked in real world situations both in UK and recently in Italy where I had the language barrtier to overcome.

Idea 1: I complete the routine as described but the first time someone tries to bend it it doesn;t work. I believe this builds realism. I take it back and tell them to really concentrate. I do "the work" and then take a hypno disc type illusion from my pocket (deposting as necessary) and then get them to focus on it. I then try some trance type work and if it produces trance then great. If not I continue with the effect as per Banachek and your dvd. Somehow the failure first time builds belief as quite often the person isn't trying hard enough and initially treats it as a bit of a joke.

Idea 2: (2 or more spectators) Routine as described, then I get them to fail bending it. Again I tell them they need to concentrate more. I make sw**ch and tell them to hold the coin in their hand and tell me when it gets hot. I then take some blank card stock from my pocket (deposit as required) and a pen and work a Perfected Centre Tear re Osterlind. I rip as required and make some by play between the coin holder and the other spectator. Time delay etc etc. It usually produces a bit of humour. I then use dual realtiy to build the hot coin, imagine chocolate coin etc bending. Once they say this is happening (if they do) I complete your routine as described and then move to the other spectator. I give a reading to them based on what they wrote and then reveal as per Osterlind et al.

I hope this makes sense and I can state that this works in the real world situation.

For what it is worth, this DVD explains some simple ideas but they are so powerful in the rear world live situation. I like to start off fairly simple as per Biss's Metla warm up type ideas and move along getting more difficult. The one handed Geller effect really sets people up for the Strebler and Banachek cutlery bending effects.

Message: Posted by: Demitri (Mar 26, 2007 02:30PM)
I've had the set for a little while now, and noticed some calls for "real world experience" with the effects on the discs, so I thought I would toss my two cents in.

Please bear in mind, I am not a professional performer. I more or less perform for fun, with the occasional paid performance from time to time.

In my humble opinion, this is, without doubt - the best magic/mentalism purchase I have ever made. Yes, a number of effects have methods I'm well aware of, but the presentations and ideas that Mr. Nardi and Mr. Spelmann offer are well worth the price of this set.

Both men should be lauded for the incredible efforts they've made with this set. It should also be noted that both went to great lengths to ensure that proper credit was given to those who paved the methods for their effects. This is a quality that is sadly becoming more rare.

I also found the set was strengthened by that casual and fun atmosphere. No, the effects weren't performed in front of audiences, but I didn't have a problem with that. I'm well aware of their abilities as performers, and the lack of an audience doesn't lead me to believe that these effects won't play well in the real world. Quite the opposite, really. I have been getting some of my strongest reactions with the material from this set. Three for the Money has garnered quite a few referrals already (which is not something I actively seek, but is quite amazing to have happen).

I enjoyed the playfulness of the performances and instructions, as well. I have never laughed so hard while watching a video of this nature - which is a welcome change. The camaraderie shared by the two in the videos not only makes it fun to watch, but (at least for me) enhanced the overall experience.

As was said on the dvd (and by others here) this is not meant to replace your existing professional repetoire. I would challenge that statement, as I feel quite a few of these effects could be worked together to BE a professional repetoire. Perhaps that is my own naivete, but I truyl believe the material on here is THAT strong.

If this set is any indication, Innerminds is going to have an incredible future. In me, they have a customer for life.

I just have one question for NightBringer - I am not trying to start an argument here, but I had a question regarding his comment about the lack of true impromptu effects on these dvds. By my count - 7 of the effects could be done completely impromptu, as long as you're carrying around some business cards. Some of the effects require a small bit of set-up, but I would hardly say anything here requires A LOT of work.

For instance, you said Feel requires a lot of set-up. You then went on to include Predict-tac-toe as one of your favorite impromptu routines. How does the set-up for one take any longer than the other?

In regards to Feel - with a bit of confidence and some strong presentation, you could perform that effect with items your spectators write down. On two occasions I have been able to do that, to incredible effect.

I'm not trying to get down on you. I'm just saying that perhaps you could go back and watch these, and then start to see how these methods can be shaped and formed to suit your own style. You might find more use for these effects than you first thought.

Yes, you're going to run into methods you've known for a while....but if that was a true detractor, I'd have stopped buying card magic books and dvd's since a large percentage of them continue to teach me how to perform an Elmsley Count.
Message: Posted by: Sooty (Mar 27, 2007 10:31AM)
This DVD contains what a lot of DVDs lack these days...........personality.

Content aside (it is excellent though), other DVD producers would be wise to listen to my words.
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Mar 31, 2007 04:15AM)
Yes I agree with the vast majority here, excellant DVD and the best purchase on mentalism I've had in a long while. Enjoyed the humor and personality in it. Just finished watching them again and the material is great for the environment I perform in, which is Pubs. People don't want heavy duty mentalism in a bar, they want to have fun, and this delivers. Great stuff guys Congratulations
Message: Posted by: Mike Doogan (Mar 31, 2007 08:41AM)
On 2007-03-16 06:29, looch wrote:
Perfect ESP:

This is another winner with lots of potential for different presentations. There is a switch on this one that is just killer and they kind of show it and move on not realizing how good it is (it seems). This is a keeper and the switch a super duper keeper, seems it is a Darren Brown idea (who I have heard of but never have seen).


The switch is not a DB move it can be traced back to the pheonix years ago, and I agree it is a very very good switch
For completeness sake the switch is by Dr. Jacob Daley and is called The Delight Switch. It's been lost in the mists of time until now. The only other person I've seen using this recently is Zenneth Kok. Specifically I can remember four blank cards transposing with four Jokers as part of his card act. Maybe someone from the Cafť can confirm that this is correct? I'm convinced he used this move.
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Apr 1, 2007 12:02PM)
I can also say that I am very picky about videos and dvdīs that has came to marked recent years, mainly because most of em are barely bad or don't have anything worth studying and thinking of adding into my repertoire.

However this set is rather interesting... I don't do much mentalism, but I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in it still. I also don't add new material to my repertoire even if I watch a tons of dvdīs and read rather lot of books books.

However there was at least 4 routines/ideas that I am sure I will be studying forward and trying to make something out of em. As I stated, it is extremely rare for me to even consider adding something for my repertoire and now from 2 dvdīs I am working with 4 routines/ideas. This is like a jackpot for me. Those interested routines inspired me were Drinks On The Patio, A Tribute to Mr. Kane, Feel and idea from Busch Brain Buster. All are very commercial, easy to set up on spot if you happen to have business cards with you and effects I think can be rather devastating on laymens.

I do however also have some complains about these dvds. There is still quite extensive usage of businesscards and such marked with numbers, giving maybe too much the sense of mental magic, instead of mentalism. This is however just small remark and I doubt it matters at all to laymen, they don't know the difference. Also the live performances might have been worth adding to dvdīs, cos I got little annoyed by the annoying smart ass remarks the performers threw at each other while performing the pieces, but that is still rather minor detail as well. Oh, and one more thing, the palm in Serial Killer Live was something I hope I will never have to see again ;) That hand was all but natural.

I can give rather high recommendation of these dvdīs to anyone who is searching for usable material that does require pretty much just a bunch of businesscards or piece or paper and pen.
Message: Posted by: noxas (May 29, 2007 03:07PM)
I love UNEXPECTED, its great, perfect for the impromptu miracles.... I look forward to 'high impact vol 1' :D
Message: Posted by: RLFrame (May 29, 2007 03:29PM)
Here is a review that I penned after I received the set about two months ago. My two cents:


+ I thought that the quality of the DVD, video and audio, was fine.

+ The demonstrations and the explanations were clear and thorough.

+ Mr. Spelmann and Mr. Nardi were likeable and sincere in their efforts.

+ There was a good amount of interesting and good mentalism material


- I like to see the routines demonstrated before a live, lay audience.

- There is somewhat a lack of variety. Of the 11 effects explained (not including the 12th section - an explanation of a simple two person code), 8 of them involved business cards or billets. Business cards are scarely mentioned in the descriptions of the effects. Take the routine "Feel" as an example where the effect description reads "A spectator holds an imaginary object in their cupped hands. You concentrate and tell them exactly what they are holding!" In actual performance, the imaginary object has been selected from a number of objects written on face down business cards. And the book or magazine test, is actually just another billet routine. Again, nothing wrong with the effect, but at some point, when things are written on cards and you seem to know what they are over and over, the miracle is somewhat diminished. A final point on variety is that, with various billet techniques, Ct.'s and peeks widely known, most already have several impromptu routines with business cards already in our impromptu reportoire.

- My big criticism, however, has to do with the definition of "impromptu." To me 'impromptu' means an effect performed on the fly, with commonly available props which, ideally, are borrowed. A magician, might borrow a rubber band or some coins and goes to work. For mentalism, it means sitting down at restaurant table, being unexpectedly asked to do a demonstration, borrowing a few common materials, or offering your own normal business cards and doing some miracles. More than half of the routines on "Unexpected" require some preparation with the materials ahead of the actual performance. Much of that preparation is scant, nevertheless, it needs to be done. A performer can't just borrow the materials and 'go' which is the precise definition of 'impromptu.'

That said, there is some good material on there especially the drawing dupe"Underhanded Thoughts," "A Tribute to Mr. Kane.
Message: Posted by: ragingcalm (Jun 4, 2007 07:01PM)
I greatly enjoyed the Dvd, only criticisms are that the effects are by and large, not truly impromptu, and the methods are obvious to non-mentalist magi.
Message: Posted by: jbadman (Sep 9, 2007 06:07PM)
I've only just had a chance to see these and have to say, these are wonderful. The effects are all very strong, direct and in appearance, very clean. Not all impromptu but personally that doesn't matter one bit to me. The routine 'Underhand Thoughts' for me was the clear winner on disk one, closely followed by 'Perfect ESP'. Not watched all of disk two yet so no judgement forthcoming on the best routines on that one yet.

Top product, very well produced and with excellent content.

Message: Posted by: gabelson (Sep 29, 2007 02:20AM)
There is not a DVD set (or single DVD) in my collection from which I've gathered more "real-world impromptu" material. Every routine here is a winner. This set, IMHO, is flying under the radar... which is fine by me!
Message: Posted by: deputy (Sep 29, 2007 02:46AM)
Agreed Gabe, this is a must have set
Message: Posted by: Gerry Hennessey (Sep 29, 2007 09:12PM)
Good DVD set and entertaining too. Worth the investment.

Message: Posted by: richpoyle (Jan 24, 2008 04:52AM)
Resurrecting an old thread but I've been watching these DVDs this week and thought I'd chip in with my observations.

The set is very well produced with good picture and sound quality. Both Nardi and Spelmann are charismatic, entertaining fellows and this makes for an enjoyable viewing experience, particularly during the explanations. They both have a wealth of tips and knowledge to share and personally, I always learn better when I'm enjoying the experience, which is certainly the case here.

I have mixed opinions on the effects presented, some are excellent and some I'd never use. Because Y2John has already given such a comprehensive review, I just wanted to comment on a few that really stood out but for different reasons.

Fistful of Dollars has that awkard 'mental magic' feel for me. I don't get the logic of seemingly influencing a spectator to make the wrong choice of hand only then to reveal a prediction showing you knew they'd be wrong? Rather than a 'kicker' its just over-egging the pudding. I preferred Marc Paul's take on this type of effect (with coins), where the routine is repeated several times, giving the prediction more meaning.

Perfect ESP is a great a effect that I'll use but I think the performance and setting on the DVD let it down - I spotted the move during the performance because there was no opportunity for Nardi to use misdirection. In the right environment I can see this would really work. I really like the quip about ESP cards being 'As seen in Ghostbusters' - much better than the dry explantion usually trotted out.

Underhand Thoughts is an excellent drawing duplication, as others have already observed. I'm not great at the move needed so this will need practise, but I'll definitely use this.

A Tribute to Mr Kane is another 'mental magic' effect that I'd never use. Again the logic defies me - asking someone to put a note on one of five cards then move it the same number of times seems too 'tricky'. I wasn't familiar with the original but when watching this, I quickly ran through the possibilities of some other number choices in my head and realised they would also finish on '2' - so any spectator could easily do the same thing and maybe assume all choices end on 2 (like I did - wrongly of course).

Busch Brain Buster is the best effect on the set - and one which I'll definitely use. The selection of word is really clean and I really like the idea of plucking words from the spectators head to get a feel for the type of word they chose from the newspaper or book. Its a lovely piece of work.
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Jan 24, 2008 06:09AM)
Great dvd set, and entertaining as well. Made me laugh several times. You cant go wrong with this one!
Message: Posted by: Steve Haynes (Jan 24, 2008 01:05PM)
Perfect ESP is a classic example of simplictiy,directness and punch.

The recipe is delicious.

Message: Posted by: takeachance (Jan 24, 2008 06:30PM)
These just scream "Entertainment". IMHO. I've seen so much boring mentalism lately that it was soooo refreshing to have both "Unexpected" and "Educating Archer" released. Both showed that mentalism can have personality and fun invested in it. To the lay audience, that's entertainment.
Message: Posted by: Mind Guerrilla (Jan 25, 2008 12:42PM)
I also enjoyed this DVD.

Messrs Nardi and Spelmann have a great rapport.

If they were to do a two man mentalism act I think it would go over big. [i]I'd[/i] pay to see it, anyway!
Message: Posted by: MikeMgc (Oct 2, 2013 12:36PM)
Very Enjoyable DVDs.

Perfect ESP and the Busch Brain Buster are worth the price of Admission alone.

The Busch Brain Buster is one of the best Impromptu Book/Newspaper/Magazine Tests I have seen - With the possible exception of Doc Hilfords Nostrum Book Test. Though the Busch Brain Buster is less complex to Perform.