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Topic: needle swallowing going a bit wild
Message: Posted by: uri (Jan 11, 2003 08:10AM)
I thought of this while watching a magician doing needle swallowing. The magician swallows some needles, (of course) and to help it go down, drinks some water.
Suddenly streams of water sprout out of his stomach! (ever watch a cartoon gun battle? like that.)

What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Jan 12, 2003 03:20AM)
Sounds hillarious!
Message: Posted by: thiago (Jan 12, 2003 07:19PM)
Sounds Great, BTW, Steinmeyers has a very, very good method for needle swallowing in which he drinks wine.
Message: Posted by: Turk (Feb 12, 2003 01:31AM)

How about utilizing the David Blaine concept and produce the needles like he produced the string from the stomach? Boy, that would certainly sell the idea of having swallowed the needles.

As an even stronger alternative: Have half (or a little bit more) of the needles produced from the mouth, have the string
"stick" and then "break" and then in an emergency procedure, finish up by producing the rest of the needles via the "string from stomach" method?

Message: Posted by: cfleming (Dec 7, 2003 11:15PM)
Great thinking, Uri. Sounds like an awesome idea. A water bottle and some rubber tubing come to mind. :)