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Topic: Montana Wonder Theater
Message: Posted by: Kevin Puckett (Feb 13, 2007 11:02PM)
Last week I had the honor of seeing a "Pre-view show" at the Montana Wonder Theater.
The Montana Wonder Theater is owned by Duane and Mary Laflin. The theater is located in Libby Montana right across the street from the Libby Café.
The Grand opening of the Montana Wonder Theater is June 8,2007. The theater is small( only 100 seats). The theater also includes a gift shop, snack bar, and magic museum. I highly recomend attending the Montana Wonder Theater.

For more information vistit the Laflin's website http://www.laflinmagic.com
Message: Posted by: Belleque (Feb 14, 2007 01:12PM)
I'm going to give my review here of the theater that Kevin mentioned. I had posted it on another thread but it will be more appropriate here! So here you go!

Duane and Mary Laflin have converted two "store front" type buildings into a great, intimate (100 seat) theater in Libby Montana. Complete with snack bar and magic museum the theater is going to be a pleasant suprise to those enjoying Montana for summer vacation. The hour and a half magic show with 15 minute intermission has enough magic, music and fun to please just about everyone! It is definitely a family show. No blue humor or inappropriate material. The show features Duane's trademark silk act as well as several fun illusions including a unique vertical levitation. There are several audience interaction bits that brought different specators on stage to participate in the magic! Each helper enjoyed their experience and each time Duane asked for an assistant many hands filled the air!

After the show I was treated to a backstage tour and history of the project. Duane and Mary and many helpers have put in an incredible amount of work into the theater. It was a complete renovation and a project that took two years of research before beginning. Before the show there is a dvd presentation with Duane and Mary sharing their love of Montana and their desire to perform there and bring a little magic to their hometown. They certainly have done that!

I think probably the most incredible part of the show is how much they accomplish with just a handful of people! There are several costume changes and set changes that certainly keep everyone hopping! Duane and Mary and their two on stage assistants keep the performance smooth and the pace upbeat and interesting.

Libby is a small town but is located in a great recreational area. It is truly beautiful and has many lakes, rivers, hiking trails and camping sites. It is also within a days drive of Glacier National Park. The Laflin's are hoping to draw their audience from those who are enjoying the countryside and want something fun and memorable to do in the evening. Besides the magic show they will also be presenting a program called the "King and Presto" a music show that includes some magic as well.

I would encourage you to consider a vacation in Montana and enjoy the Montana Wonder Theater! I certainly did! For more info check out http://www.laflinmagic.com