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Topic: Happiness is...success...
Message: Posted by: MisterE21 (Jan 12, 2003 02:58AM)
So, tonight was my Aunt-In-Laws (?) suprise birthday party. I was there, playing with my cards, as always. I'm not much of a social buttefly...Unless I'm performing.

Now, I've performed off n' on for that side of the family before; a few here and there for my father in law and once for my uncle on his birthday. I had a feeling it might come up tonight. I was unprepared for what I ran into.

A good 15 - 30 people present...far larger than I've ever performed for before. And, I forgot my close-up mat. I started to get a bit nervous and actually decided I'd just not mention magic and hope no one else did either. No such luck..

I had done "In A Flash" for my uncle and sister-in-law previously...and suddenly it was hot conversation: "You've got to see what he can do with a quarter and a deck of cards; show 'em the quarter trick" etc, etc, etc.

So, I did what any other magician would do presented with such a large audience of semi-drunk relatives 8 months after he began studying magic...I had a few glasses of wine! lol. It hit me a bit harder than expected. Then, everyone got quiet...and it was time to perform.

I probably did nearly 35 - 40 minutes worth of card magic for these guys. Got behind the counter, did a simple normal riffle shuffle and shot cards everywhere. I told them that, when I found out who brought the wine and how they'd slipped it into my glass...I'd kill them. lol.

Proceeded to run through various effects...COMPLETELY screwed up a simple spelling effect...lol...and then saved the day with Kollosal Killer...I could tell they all thought I had INTENTIONALLY screwed up the spelling trick.

The show ended, I got modest applause and was happy. We were leaving, went to get my coat and walked back to the kitchen to say goodbye. As I announced we were leaving...they broke into a spontaneous round of applause that must have lasted 30 - 45 seconds...Partly the recognition, partly the wine, I actually got a bit misty. lol.

Tonight was one of those nights that helps remind a person why he spends hours in front of his computer/television/books with a deck of cards. It was amazing.

Best of luck to everyone and I sincerely hope you have similar evenings!!

Message: Posted by: Vincenzo (Jan 12, 2003 06:10AM)
Good story. My relatives always figure everything out, or try to anyways.
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Jan 12, 2003 09:35AM)
On 2003-01-12 03:58, MisterE21 wrote:
As I announced we were leaving...they broke into a spontaneous round of applause that must have lasted 30 - 45 seconds...Partly the recognition, partly the wine, I actually got a bit misty. lol.

I certainly know the feeling MisterE21.
If you are good and do ONE effect for friends or family, you become the lifelong source of entertainment at family events. Oh yes and how many times have I heard (perhaps when I wasn't up to it) "Everyone gather around he's gonna do some magic!".
Good reminder to be fully prepared when visiting with friends or family - they WILL ask. :)

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: Timothy (Jan 12, 2003 08:27PM)
Congratulations! If you can hold a small group for that long with just cards...that is something for applause!
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 1, 2005 11:15AM)
And the amazing part is you did it while "out of your mind!"
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Jan 5, 2005 02:01PM)
You must now sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. Now remember just how you felt with all the applause and adulation. Make this a memorable memory as you can use it in the future. Repeat this procedure about 3 times over the next month.

In the future, when you are down or nervous about a performance you can return to this place and trigger the feelings you had on that night.
Message: Posted by: Matt Graves (Jan 6, 2005 11:22AM)
Partizan, you must be a professional hypnotherapist or something . . . I'm going to look at your profile when I finish writing this . . .


Congratulations, MisterE21. You bring back good memories for me. Unfortunately I negelected my magic for a few years and my family all seems to think I've abandoned it completely. But I remember how good it felt.

I cannot claim that I've ever successfully performed when drunk, though. That is true talent . . . LOL . . . and I bet that impressed them all the more. Kudos to you.