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Topic: Advice wanted for queue illusion!
Message: Posted by: Wesley (Jan 12, 2003 02:37PM)
I work at one of UK's biggest night clubs and have to entertain clubbers both inside the club and while they are queuing to get in.

The queue is really big and they can be standing there for quite some time before the doors open. I would like to perform some kind of Illusion which can be seen by the entire queue. I have never done any kind of big illusion and would like to perform something that 'appears' to use no props and is angle proof. I would love to do some kind of levatation.

Any ideas?


Message: Posted by: m@t (Jan 15, 2003 07:25AM)
Davenports do a levetation harness that will allow you to levitate an assistant

Message: Posted by: shobley (Jan 15, 2003 08:20PM)
I would forget the expense of illusions...

Simple flash paper work is *great* for attracting the attention of the group.

You can use it outside, but probably not inside the venue.

Message: Posted by: iSawThat (Jan 16, 2003 03:45AM)
I agree with flash paper, or any kind of fire magic. Very attention grabbing. If you want something more elaborate i'd humbly suggest using Andrew Mayne's Facelifter, without the last phase of plucking out your head if u want it to be angle-proof.
Message: Posted by: Wesley (Jan 16, 2003 10:54AM)
Please explain the Face Lifter effect?