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Topic: My Review of the real floating card.
Message: Posted by: Michael Graves (Jan 15, 2003 09:05AM)
Well I DL the video and after having a bit of problems getting the KEY I wrote expert magic aboutthe issue and was very pleased with the promt responce to my question

A+ on service

now to the effect.

The trick like most other relies on 1 main fact, PRACTICE.to many people buy a trick and 10 mins later are doing it for their friends, STOP doing that.

Mystic gives very well and understood directions for the effect.

Yes the card can be grabed in mid air, I would not offer it but we allknow spectators like to grab.

The idea of set up all day is a bit misleading but could be done if your carefull

Any card is used and yes the card can be handed out after the effect and you don't have to remove anything from it.

as for the "how close can I be" well you can be right infront of them, like any effect the conditions of the performance will be ever changing and you will have to judge for yourself on the right place to do it.

Angle prof...yes in a nutshell you can do this with people all around you.

All in all a very nice remake in my opinion of an effect, Expert magic handles customer service well and in the future I do hope the ideas keep comming.

as for the question on is this better then melt...2 different effects and you cant compare them..

Michael Graves