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Topic: Who has offered money for rope escape?
Message: Posted by: Bretigan (Jan 15, 2003 04:52PM)

Has anyone offered a cash reward for being able to bind the escape artist with 75 - 100 feet of rope? If so, did they set a time limit or restrictions on how to be tied? And, what type of rope did they use? Thanks for any input.

Message: Posted by: Margarette (Jan 15, 2003 07:39PM)
I don't know if this is what you want or not, but I did something similar in a fundraiser for a local radio station. A certain dollar donation gets a certain escape... I think it was $25.00 for handcuffs, $50.00 for a straitjacket, and $100.00 or more for a rope tie. The only requirement I had when I got tied up was, just not around the neck. I use a 3/4" cotton/nylon blend rope for my rope escapes. We ended up raising over $500.00 for the American Cancer Society in a space of two hours!