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Topic: paper bag briefcase
Message: Posted by: johnpert (Jan 16, 2003 09:37PM)
Does anyone use this? Essentially, it is a grocery bag with a key lock and a suitcase handle. I think it has some funny bits within. Do you have any ideas?

Here are some of my thoughts;

1. Produce the growing pole or pencil from it.
2. Say "I heard it was a rough crowd, so I locked my lunch." then produce some food items that can be used for magic or comedy bits (ie, snake can)

3. Someday I hope to have a leather briefcase like David Copperfield, but until then, I hope this scotch guarded paper bag works.

Do you have any ideas?


Message: Posted by: Alchemist (Jan 24, 2003 10:22PM)
Sounds like this thing has a lot of potential John. Where did you come across it?

There are any number of things you could produce from it. Maybe a crack about how cheap simulated leather looks. Maybe it's a replacement bag the airline gave you for loosing your luggage.


Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jan 25, 2003 05:30AM)
I have pasted a picture of Notre Dame cathedral on one side of mine.
I apparently spot the picture, comment on it being "a cathedral in Paris" and then, as if a revelation struck me, say:
"This must the the Lunchbag of Notre Dame!"

(It's an old gag that appeared in a Linking Ring Parade years ago; sorry, I can't remember who came up with it.)
Message: Posted by: amazingboz (Jan 26, 2003 05:03AM)
How about taping another inside flap, ala Windor's popcorn box and it can become a production bag too. Maybe a flat rabbit, or large coin. Remember bag spelled backwards is gab.

Ooops, better get back into my pumpkin.

AmazingBoz aka Phil :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: harris (Jan 28, 2003 03:59PM)

I believe the line was:

It's the lunch sack of Notre Dame.

The phonetics would sound funnier. (IMHO)
Also I think the writer (unknown to me as well-does anyone have the Linking Ring on C/D Rom???) suggested swinging the sack
slowly in a horizontal direction.

Message: Posted by: Jack Bryce (Jan 28, 2003 04:57PM)
Is this bag a marketed item or something you made up yourself? It appears to have lots of potential! :)
Message: Posted by: johnpert (Feb 10, 2003 09:40PM)
It is a marketed item, sold by Hank Lee for about $20.00, It is probably worth purchasing to save yourself the time.

I was thinking of producing a soda pop and the appearing pole, then saying something about needing a drinking straw.

Any other ideas??

Message: Posted by: Lyndel (Feb 11, 2003 07:34AM)
How about pulling out a small lunch size sandwich bag with a smaller handle on it and saying something like, "Would ya look at this... I can't believe the wife left her make-up case in here..."

(You could even go so far as to glue a small mirror on the small bag...)

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 15, 2003 07:24PM)
Save a barf bag from the airline and stand it up on the table beside a large grocery bag.

"You can't fool me. I get my money's worth. The people who fly in first class just get a little one."

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Dec 19, 2003 11:12PM)
I believe I have seen this in one of the Tarbell books.
It tells how to make it.
Message: Posted by: Bilwonder (Dec 20, 2003 01:09AM)
It's the new line of Enron Executive luggage, and everything it holds is inflated.
Message: Posted by: MaloneZone (Dec 20, 2003 03:59PM)
Where can I buy this?! Sounds great!!!
Message: Posted by: Trois (Dec 20, 2003 09:29PM)
I would call it my Alabama suitcase. :nose:
Message: Posted by: Jerry the Great (Dec 21, 2003 10:09PM)
How about: "When I bought this thing, they told me I had a choice; paper or plastic." ;)
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Dec 22, 2003 06:32AM)
Put on a bumper sticker that says "MY OTHER SUITCASE IS LEATHER".
Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 29, 2003 02:15PM)
How about the cliché from the supermarket:

Paper or Plastic?

Then produce a plastic chicken.

Harris Deutsch