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Topic: topit
Message: Posted by: daveazz (Jan 17, 2003 06:23PM)
looking for a review on Andrew's transferable topit. Can this or JSB topit work effectively while you are also seated.

Thanks, Dave
Message: Posted by: braunmagic (Jan 17, 2003 09:41PM)
Andrews transferable topit is a joke. It is made of some form of vinyl or such and being made so means that when you topit something you will HEAR it HIT the topit and slide down.
Also the idea that it is tranferable is very misleading. It is held in place with buttons nothing new or exciting. Except that the butoons are attached to the jacket using some form of a bedazzler, Yes as seen on late night infomercials.
Its funny the ad reads like a most dealers ads only you are trying to figure out what hold the topit in IE:no threads, magnets, or vercro? Who cares what hold the *** thing in if it works the way it should. At the price of this thing its a major joke.
I personally have been using the JSB topit for awhile and I like it alot. I have never tried to topit while seated as lapping seems to be the easier aproach and most topit methods I am fimiliar with use body movement to cover the actual momment.
I am sure that if you are bound and determined to topit while seated you can find a way.
Brent Braun
Message: Posted by: daveazz (Jan 17, 2003 09:58PM)
Thanks Brent.