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Topic: Ex****ed ] and a Johnson Flipper
Message: Posted by: damien60 (Mar 27, 2007 04:00PM)
Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if a e] and a Johnson Flipper would fit together? Thank you in advance.
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Mar 27, 2007 04:43PM)
Yes they will.

Message: Posted by: jamie9 (Apr 4, 2007 07:08AM)
Joshua Jay talked about this in his lecture where you can combine the shell and flipper to apear as 3 coins and then make all the coins vanish one at a time. Its a very good idea.
Message: Posted by: Motor City (Apr 4, 2007 09:52AM)
Garrett Thomas and Troy Hoosier use this principle to advantage with very good results.
Message: Posted by: GeorgeSantos (Sep 23, 2007 01:28PM)
Since this post asked specifically for a Johnson Expanded Shell and a Johnson Flipper, what if it is just an expanded shell (any brand) and any flipper (any brand too)? would they still fit without locking?
Message: Posted by: jquackc (Sep 23, 2007 02:18PM)
It should as long as the shell is expanded and the size of the flipper hasn't been altered. Some flippers, like from Tango are thinner, but the diameter is the same.
Message: Posted by: John T Cox (Sep 23, 2007 07:50PM)
I have been playing with this set and it really does look good as you vanish the coins. I have not found it easy to produce the flipper coin without some wiggles or jiggles to get it to open. I guess that is why the Gravity flippers are popular. In any case you can do it but you need to misdirect while you are flipping the coin open. I have experimented with opening the flipper and nesting the shell at the same time. to look like stacking the two coins together in a fan.
Message: Posted by: sahunhong (Sep 25, 2007 04:46PM)
Yeah! This IS very good. Recommended.
Message: Posted by: jbk2006 (Sep 26, 2007 06:44AM)
Actually, any flipper and any shell wont work...Different years(in halves at least) have major diameter differences and that will affect your shell fit.
Message: Posted by: Motor City (Sep 28, 2007 03:36PM)
Does anyone have any suggestions for the vanish of the last coin(?), i.e., the nested set?
Message: Posted by: Kyf (Sep 28, 2007 03:59PM)

I vanish using the Tenkai Pinch (flopper side up).

Exp [, an unexp [ and a gravity flopper (Schoolcraft) you can make 4 coins vanish in one hand.

Message: Posted by: dncmagic (Oct 22, 2007 02:14PM)
Here is a good vanish of the third coin,if you really want to know pm me and we can talk,dont want to expose to much here, I believe this is joshua jays, I think that's what kieth told me