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Topic: Backdrops
Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Jan 19, 2003 05:56PM)
Hi there,

I am putting together a full evening show for a high school auditorium. The auditorium will seat 1000, and has a rather large stage. I am in the market to purchase a backdrop for this stage. I am interested in one like you see the Pendragons use that is black with what looks to be sparkles simulating stars. I think this would be the best because many of my illusions have different color schemes. I would also like to do an asrah in my show, and I've seen it done with this color backdrop. Who would I go to to make this and does anyone have a ball park figure of what kind of price I'm looking at? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: zigmont (Jan 19, 2003 06:03PM)
Thousands. 10 a square foot plus illuminator -- 500-1500

A standard 30x23 -- 7000.00
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Jan 19, 2003 09:29PM)

Is this a fibre optic curtain you are referring to, or a "starlight" curtain (small lighbulbs)?? The one I have is with bulbs and is the one Doug used with his double levitation, I believe. It's 50'x 28'. Not sure if fibre optic can give the same twinkling effect.

For curtains, use the web. There is a big drapery house near New York which also sells used curtains. Another location might be Adirondick Scenic. They do great canvas work and drapery also. They did the drapes/curtains for the Lance Burton theatre and have a great shop!! (Upstate New York)

Good Luck.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Jan 19, 2003 11:45PM)
Thank You Guys,

Zigmont, when you say the standard, do you mean seven thousand dollars? Also, will that backdrop work for an asrah? I think it will. Thank you very much.
Message: Posted by: zigmont (Jan 20, 2003 07:03AM)
Black on black is not good for thread work.
Mylar works best for asrah.
Standard backdrop size is 23x30
Yes I was talking about fiber optic stardrops and they do twinkle.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Jan 20, 2003 04:20PM)
Eyelash curtain, red or blue could work also.
Doug worked with blue for his Adams' floating hanks, always had them moving a little.

Thanks Zigmont, Ab Dickson had suggested I redo the "ShaZzam!" logo with a fiber optic version.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 23, 2003 08:30PM)
Check with http://www.andersonsprom.com. They have all kind of decorations. Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 2, 2003 04:35PM)
Hey Beaudini, what was the ourtcome of your search?? What did you end up with?

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Feb 2, 2003 05:49PM)
Hi Blair,

I havent decided on a backdrop yet, but i think that i will try and use just a flat black back drop for know and accentuate the illusions with nice lighting and F/X. Thank you all for your help.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Feb 2, 2003 07:06PM)
While you use this idea for your current show, you should keep on the lookout for a good deal on a backdrop (whatever kind you decide on). I would if I were you try to get smaller panels ie. 10-12 feet wide, when full and hung you would not notice the breaks and you could buy 2 and add later other panels for larger venues. 2 panels would allow for 16', 4 would give you 30-36' etc.

Best of luck.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Shadow (Feb 17, 2003 11:50PM)
I know where you could borrow a set of flat black if you want.
I think we have about 24 ft of it.
Drop me an email or I'll see you at the auction Sat.

Message: Posted by: abracaDEBRA (Feb 19, 2003 12:32PM)
Hi Guys:

PVC pipes have been problematic at best for me, I find the structure flimsy even though I anchored it in sand filled mc donalds pickle pails. Im thinking of going the way of the MDF...making a three way deal on hinges and covering with inexpensive wraped mirrorlike material from Ikea.
Just a thought guys...if you have better methods of mounting your pvc pipes I'm all ears:
Thanks Much:
DEB :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Feb 19, 2003 04:44PM)

Check out the [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=914&forum=11&23][b]backdrop section under FX[/b][/url] I discuss the PVC Backdrops which I use.
Message: Posted by: Kendrix (Feb 22, 2003 01:55PM)
I rent my curtains and backdrops from a local theater. My IBM club also rents a complete stage, curtain, sound and lighting effects for next to nothing if you are a member.
Message: Posted by: Murray Hatfield (Feb 22, 2003 07:20PM)
Hi All,

Just thought I'd offer an suggestion that I used a few years back. I found that in the fabric/garment district in downtown L.A. you can buy fancy materials at a fraction of the prices you find in regular fabric stores.

I found several shops that sold sequined materials for as little as $1.89/yard. I bought 120 yards of a light black material covered with tiny (1/4 inch) blue sequins. I found a seamstress who sewed it into a 24 x 45 foot drop for just $200.00. I've since found the same material in other fabric stores for over $10.00/yard.

Because of the black and blue color scheme when you light the backdrop directly it turns a vibrant blue. When you light the stage without lighting the drop it fades to a dark blue/black.

The best part is that it's light (under 50 pounds), ties onto a flybar in minutes and can be crammed into a duffle bag without showing wrinkles. And all for under $500.00...

Message: Posted by: Beaudini Magic (Feb 22, 2003 08:14PM)

Thank you so much for your advice, i will definately look into that!