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Topic: Quick question
Message: Posted by: bentley (Apr 11, 2007 08:38PM)
Kevlar Standard ITR 2000

Original Micro ITR

Kevlar Micro ITR 2000



I don't know which one of these to choose. Which one? I will use it mostly close-up but sometimes stage. Also I am getting all 3 volumes of ITR dvd's
Message: Posted by: AaronSmith (Apr 11, 2007 09:03PM)
The bigger the reel, the more thread you can use at one time. Smaller reels (micro) are used for closeup and larger reels for stage.

Kevlar thread is not that great. Spider Thread is more dependable, thinner, and easier to use. If you want distance and control, you might try a Spider Pen. We sell them, and most other reels, at The Magic Depot.

Some folks have had problems with their Spider Pens, but I guarantee you'll get a good one, or you can return it. I'll even pay for postage.

Hope this helps!

- Aaron Smith
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Apr 11, 2007 09:28PM)
Since these are usually concealed behind a shirt or jacket, even the "larger" reels aren't that bad. They're really only about as big as a Sharpie marker. If you go with the standard reel (called that for a reason) you'll have the flexibility of using it both close up and stage.

Aaron, have you tried the Spectra thread yet? Or is that what you're calling "Spider" thread? Spectra is called "Spider Line" in Kite flying circles and is very strong, light, and doesn't break as easily as Kevlar. I hear someone's selling it as IT, but I haven't tried it yet.
Message: Posted by: AaronSmith (Apr 12, 2007 08:04AM)
I was actually referring to Yigal Mesika's Spider Thread:


I do agree that the middle size Reel is best for more applications than the smaller or larger reels. But I also feel that a working Spider Pen is best all-around.

My favorite ITs that blue Hungarian Silk thread that was marketed about 15 years ago. Wish we could still get that stuff!

- Aaron Smith
Message: Posted by: Magicguy40 (Feb 28, 2008 11:11PM)
You may also want to check out the Spectra Thread Reel which features thread that is far more invisible then the Spider Pen, also please note that Kevlar Thread is fantastic under Flourescent lighting, much better then any other thread offered.

Here is a link to the Spectra Reel on Sorcery's New Web-site..


If you do want a Spider Pen, Sorcery throws in a FREE 100' spool of Kevlar Thread,
a $20.00 value. Also beware that while some dealers say they are selling a Sorcery Reel, the instructions that come with the reel are NOT Sorcery's and you may not be getting a Sorcery reel, just a cheap knock-off.

Here is a recent review on the Spectra Reel...

Thank you for the info on the Spectra Reel. Wow!
This Ultra-thread is invisible as hell!

Your Friend,