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Topic: Need Help With "INSTANT REPLAY"
Message: Posted by: Sir Atfus (Feb 4, 2002 03:00AM)
INSTANT REPLAY is a flourish that can be found in Art Of Astonishment Vol. 3 by Paul Harris. Basically you fling the top card off the deck, it does a half turn, and ends face up in your right hand, then your right hand flings the card, it does a full turn, and lands back on top of the deck face down. This is so dang hard!!! I have the second part down, I can fling the card back on top of the deck, but I can't figure the knack for flinging the card from the deck to the waiting hand. If anyone here can do this flourish, I would appreciate some advice. Thank you in advance!
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Feb 4, 2002 04:29AM)
The only advice I can give is - don't give up! Sit down with a deck and just do the first half of the move and you'll get it within a few hours.

Once you have it sorted out, there's so much more you can do with it, other than a flourish. I'm about to publish a colour change with it and have a few other uses as well.

Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Feb 4, 2002 03:17PM)
when are you going to be publishing your color change Andi?

I actually have a really awesome color change that I use the instant replay flip with. I wonder if we have both discovered the same thing.

Let's talk.
Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (Feb 4, 2002 05:31PM)
On 2002-02-04 04:00, Sir Atfus wrote:
This is so dang hard!!!

It is, as you say, "so dang hard."
The only thing you can really do is sit and experiment with different pressures and different finger positionings.

The thing that helped me out the most in the flicking the card from the deck was a slight turning of the left wrist (if you're right handed) in the direction you want the card to head.

Also, try hanging on to the card for a split second longer with your middle finger.
This should help you with the rotation of the card.

I find that the bend in the card should be just enough for you to get your index finger where it needs to be.
Excessive bending of the card can hinder its flight.

Just keep at it.
Hope this helps.

:carrot: :banana:
Message: Posted by: Sir Atfus (Feb 4, 2002 07:17PM)
Thanks for all the advice. Let me correctly describe my problem. It's not that I can't shoot the card off the deck. I can, but it does not land nicely on my right hand. It arrives to my right hand sometimes at diagonally, horizontally, perpendicularly... basically I have no control to make it land "Parallel" to the deck. Also, when you take it a step further and try to do the
"SIMPLE SWITCH," instead of a half turn, the card flying from the deck has to make a full turn. I can't figure out what makes it a half turn, and what makes it a full turn. But, I guess you're right, I've got to keep going at it. But more advice is still welcome. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Feb 5, 2002 03:17AM)
On 2002-02-04 16:17, Lonnie Dilan wrote:
when are you going to be publishing your color change Andi?

It's already gone to the printers! It is mentioned in brief as part of a routine with three new colour changes in Freebie 3 - a booklet for the TSD Convention next month. I've been using it for nearly a year now and have shown it to quite a few magicians around here and it's received great reactions!

Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Feb 5, 2002 02:30PM)
I so badly wanted to go to the TSD convention. I'm gonna try to make it out to New Orleans.

Andi, Where can I pick up a copy of your new color change?
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Feb 6, 2002 03:47AM)
I'm not sure that the booklet will actually be on sale. If you make it out to the TSD convention (are you a member?), you'll get a free one for attending, otherwise it'll be very tricky to get hold of a copy. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do.

The routine is a collaboration with Ashford Kneitel and if you've ever seen his work before, you'll know why I value his input so much!

Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Feb 6, 2002 03:55PM)
Yes I am a member of TSD, and yes, I have seen Ashford work. Whew!!

I would really appreciate a copy somehow... I don't think I will be able to make it out to New Orleans. My boss is set on having me work for some odd reason.
Message: Posted by: Noel (Jun 20, 2002 03:28PM)
You can see a clip of me performing Instant Replay at http://www.wahlers.co.uk.