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Topic: Crystal Card Case
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Jan 22, 2003 10:06AM)
Collector's Workshop/Viking is showing this --


-- and as a big fan of the "Haunted Pack" and its variants, I'd like to know the particulars.

Does it require an IT hookup? Can it be done in the middle of a seance table surrounded by participants? Can the deck be freely handled? Can you control the speed of the the card's emergence? Does the card push the lid of the box off, or does the lid of the box move by itself prior to the card's emergence?

Thanks for your help!
Message: Posted by: Marvelous (Jan 30, 2003 06:43PM)
It does require an IT hookup. It could be performed surrounded.Depending on the hook up you use the deck can be somewhat feely handled.You can within reason control the speed.The card can push the lid off if the hookup is exact.