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Topic: Dredz
Message: Posted by: munkywrench (May 4, 2007 01:35AM)
I just wanted to say that Joe is the best friend/mentor a guy could have. I was in a near fatal motorcycle wreck today and Joe appeared in magic fashion. He even levitated my bike on to his flat bed trailer. I just wanted to stand on the hill and tell everyone to cherish your friends. I traveled through a curve to fast on a slick rainy road. I was on the way to my monthly Ring meeting totally sober but, I had a bad day at work and my mind wasn't where it should have been. A tow truck had to pry my bike from the guard rail and I broke several concrete blocks (kinda of like footers for the base of a house) that were scattered on the side of the road. The Kneivel family would have been proud. I'm fine except for pulling every muscle god gave me and some he added as easter eggs. lol. No one believed that I survived do to the carnage that was at the scene. God bless Vicaden and cold beer or I don't think I would be here typing this. I want to also thank the local 81 (if your a biker you'll know whom I speak of) they helped with the prying of my bike from the guard rail and stayed with me until the fuzz arrived. The kicker is, Bike week is only a week away!!!! Keep me in your thoughts...and wear that D'mned helmet. Thanks Joe you don't know how much it meant to have you come to my side. You really looked out for your own.