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Topic: New Michael Paul manuscript coming!!!
Message: Posted by: Y2John (May 18, 2007 07:10PM)
Ive got word of a new manuscript to be released by Michael Paul, who for those who don't know, is the one behind Show No Mercy, Simply Devastating and Flicker to name a few.

His material is always real world stuff and so far ive been impressed by all his work. This is definitely gonna be something to watch out for, as I'm sure many of you already know.

Here is some info to wet our appetites on what will be included:

Snow Storm Presentation

Mass Hypnosis (going to be huge)

Open Prediction - This sounds fantastic!

A new coin vanish

Hypnotic Book Test - Very interesting!

and ideas etc from the mind of Michael Paul.

that's what I know, but for now we're all gonna have to wait and wonder what will be unleashed on us in the near future.

ps This is now on my most wanted list, can't wait.