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Topic: The New Crimp Change
Message: Posted by: Spackle666 (May 22, 2007 01:04AM)
Here is a review for the instant download of the New Crimp Change by Marion Boykin from http://www.vinnymarini.com

I have heard a lot about Vinny Marini, his crew, and the crimp change. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and see what some of the excitement was all about.

I have to say everything about this was disappointing. I know it was only a $10 download, but I still feel a bit dissatisfied.

1. The video quality was bad. (grainy and web camera like)

2. It was hard to make out details because of the backgrounds (A Simple backdrop would have suffice).

3. The instruction quality was poor.

The material itself was fair. Marion has come up with a nice change. But he doesn't give proper or full credit to all the moves, grips, and palms that he has strung together to create this effect.

Marion, Vinny, and company need to do some research on these "new" moves that they are releasing as their own material. That is not to say that it is not their material, but there have been many accomplished masters before them with similar material that should at least be mentioned.

All in all. I give the the New crimp change 3/10.
Message: Posted by: KMan1564 (May 22, 2007 01:28AM)
Could you give some insight into who else should have been credited then?
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (May 22, 2007 08:39AM)
666, I'm sorry you didn't think you got your moneys worth with this ($10). You mention a lot, but you don't mention a lot about whether you learned anything from it, whether you actually liked the moves or not. Instead, you corraled yourself within the aesthetics of the vid. I gotta tell'ya, I wasn't as concerned about the video quality as I was about getting the work out. Actually, this is all very new to me and I've said that. And with that, I look to do better in this way going forward. That said, my goal was to give people a new change and I think I did that, and I think most people (as they've commented) got a lot out of it, something they can use, something pretty slick and enjoyable. You might look to attach it to something or someone else, but I do not see or recognize exactly who you're talking about. I did give credit where I thought it was due. I'm sorry that I didn't give enough to your liking. I still think the Godfather Vinny offered this at a great value, a much better value than a lot of things out there that migth've even been shot in 3D. :D Perhaps it doesn't give you the overall feel of a 5-Star Restaurant, probably more like a diner or maybe even a dive, but one where the greasy cheeseburgers & fries are the best. :) Still, I think the "Crimp Change" is worth it and a real bargain at just $10, and I think people should try it and I think they will like it. But I appreciate all the comments, the good and the not so good. It's the American way. :) -MB

*Give the Crimp Change a try and see for yourself at: http://www.VinnyMarini.com
Message: Posted by: MarvinSanRemo (May 22, 2007 11:54AM)
I am working on the change, and I like it. However, there is no reason for the crappy video quality. Aesthetics are very important. Clear video is very important. If you truely want to get the material out to people, and have them perform the moves properly, then it should be clear. I love Erik Castles Gallerian, but he has been plagued with the same issue. My little Canon takes better movies than what I was sent. This day in age, there is no excuse for not having clear video. I for one, would certainly appreciate a reshoot. $10 is a great bargain, but at what cost to the effect...
Message: Posted by: Backdoor (May 22, 2007 12:10PM)
I have to agree with MB here. While I too appreciate the comment by Spackle666, I find it a bit harsh. And while the video quality is not great, it really doesn't have to be, as it got the message across on such wonderful moves and effect. I think Spackle is a bit too critical in dealing with what might not be all that pretty on the outside about a girl, but inside is where the real beauty is. I think it's a wonderful move and effect. I loved nothing more than only putting out 10 dollars for this. I don't feel cheated at all, and I'm learning it very well. I thought it was very well taught for its little low-budget package. To expect a mansion for hotel-room money is a bit ridiculous. I think the offering from MB and Vinny is pretty good, and the moves are worth it. I don't know who the moves came from, but really it's about as important as to me as who made the memory chips in my computer, or knowing what our host, Steve Brooks' or for that matter what Harry Houdini's middle name is. Just my view of your view, and I highly recommend the Crimp Change to everybody wanting a well-thought-out piece of magic for a great price, from some seemingly wonderful people.

And to Marvin, You said you like it, learning it...so it must've been effective enough for you to pick it up. MB said that it was his first try at this. You got the effect, you learned it from him on his video, you will perfect it and have it in your bag of tricks for sure...all for 10 dollars, and you're complaining about the video??? Get a grip. It really wasn't all that bad, and you got a lot more than the 10 dollars you paid...now didn't you? How about what's good about this thing? There's a lot that's absolutely wonderful about this move and effect. Tell the whole story.
Message: Posted by: MarvinSanRemo (May 22, 2007 02:12PM)
I have a grip lol...really. I am not expecting a mansion for hotel room money. I stated I like it. But come on. My $200 camera takes better video than what I received. Yes, it is that bad. Every other video I received from Vinni has been crystal clear. We live in an era where there isn't really an excuse for bad video. You don't need high end equipment anymore to make good video. If you can take pride in the effect and handling, why cant you take pride in the video as well? Its like buying a car part, and finding illegible directions and pictures to install you part...Sure you can figure it out, but why didn't they take the time to make it more clear.

I am glad that you found the video quality to be good enough. I didn't.
Message: Posted by: Backdoor (May 22, 2007 03:01PM)
OK Marvin, basically the video is bad and the move is good. So here's the bottomline here, once you get the move down you will take it wherever you go, like a Bobo switch or good classic palm. But you won't be using the video in months or years to come, will you? No you won't. No one carries Bobo's book around with them (of which I've also heard many bad reviews about as to clarity), it's the move/effect that you will always have at the ready. I just think you guys are making way too much noise about the wrong part of the offering. If you had paid$25, $50, $100 bucks for this, then I could accept your feelings much better, but you paid practically nothing for something you'll have the rest of your life, that's how good it is.

So the actual video fell short, and really you don't know what MB went through to get all this done to attach his pride. Maybe it would've been easier for you with your $200 camera, but then you're not bringing forth anything new here. But you did get something that's worth a lot more than that big old $10 bill you spent. C'mon, you've bought much worse things for more money. This is a keeper, a wonderful move and effect from someone who might not be any great videographer, but clearly is a good thinker and thought most to get this out to us all at a minimal expense. Think that's the bigger point here. Hope people can see the bigger points in all this. It's not just how pretty the car is, but how well does it drive, how far can it take you...
Message: Posted by: MarvinSanRemo (May 22, 2007 05:44PM)
Its funny how you have decided the worth of my $10 for me...Very presumptious if you ask me. I still stand by my opinion. Good effect, crappy video. Lets leave it at that.
Message: Posted by: Backdoor (May 22, 2007 07:53PM)
Same way you decided on this guys "pride." and what's not too much for a camera...Very presumptious of you on that too. Dude, you spent $10 bucks, not $100. You spent $200 bucks for your camera and you won't have that in 5yrs...but you will still and always have MB's Crimp Change...It will live from these days forward and forever because this guy thought of it and brought it to the magic public. So, whether you think so or not, you've gotten lasting value already, you just don't realize it yet.

Y'know, and I stand by my opinions too: 1- It's a great effect and thinking, 2- The video is good enough for the price for you to learn from, as you most certainly did, 3- You should still get a grip. And finally, I agree with you, "let's leave it at that."
Message: Posted by: Spackle666 (May 22, 2007 11:22PM)
I'm sorry if I started something here. That really wasn't my intention. I just wanted to give some honest feedback to Marion's video. Isn't that the point of this place? I think that it is great that people are sharing ideas and concepts with others. But remember, I PAID for this particular idea and I believe that those who have SOLD me this idea should be given clear and—more importantly—HONEST feedback, so that they may improve their offerings. I am not trying to hurt anybody with my opinion, But I think there is WAY to much back-patting and flattery on this site. That is all fine and good, but it doesn't make anyones magic better or in this particular case their product any better.

Clearly video quality is more important to some than to others (at least judging from some of the dialog above). As are production values. These are important to me and others on this site. And I believe that many people will be frustrated by that quality and production value (even for $10). So while some of you may find that harsh...If I had at least had been WARNED, then I would have felt better about it.

The instructional quality was not that great, but it wasn't horrible. Marion, I know it was your first effort, but I felt like you could have focused better on certain aspects of change itself. Different speeds, more angles, clearer and more concise verbal instruction. With all that said, I think Marion did get the general concept across and enough detail to "learn" the change.

Honeslty, My biggest criticism and the one that almost everyone just glossed over, were my concerns about appropriate credit being giving to the history of the elements of this change as well as the change itself. While I do not doubt that Marion has developed this move on his own, I do think it closely resembles work that has been developed by others (Downs, Ramsay, Kam, etc). I think People who SELL their ideas have a responsibility to do as much research and due diligence as possible to confirm that their idea/offering/product does NOT infringe on any other person's work/intellectual property and to at least give the appropriate credit.

Again as I stated original, I think the material is fair and that Marion has developed a pretty nice change. I hope Marion will take my comments to heart and I look forward to his next offering.
Message: Posted by: Rik Chew (May 23, 2007 04:31AM)
I like this move and for $10 a bargain. I do agree that the vid could have been clearer/ the teaching aswell. However it was good enough for my needs to learn. I kinda agree with the crediting, I couldn't say anything concretee but the change did seems quite similar to an FP2FP I've seen before. But the touches and subtelties Marion has added make the purchase definately worthwile. Especially with the Blow Change which I really like.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (May 23, 2007 09:43AM)
Thanks guys for the words here on this, 666 and Rik and others. Guess I never expected all this. :) But as to the crediting, I did give credit, in mentioning Ramsay, JW, Liwag, and I mentioned the name of the Palms, etc. Perhaps I didn't do enough for some, but my better recognitions are of those that inspired me to get to this sort of move & effect, like the Godfather Vinny Marini, Rannie Raymundo, Mano, Eric Jones, Mickey Silver, etc. These are the people that truly inspired me with their works, and I said that too. My goal again was to get this done and out to all the interested magis out there, and there are many. Certainly my video could've been better (and it will be next time around), but I do think I got the info across well-enough for others to pick it up, practice it, perfect it and effectively enjoy it. I happen to think it was indeed a bargain and my intent throughout was a good one, as was the Godfather's presentation of it on his website.

Funny, I do remember not being at all satisfied with the Bobo Coin Book, but I must say that I learned a great deal from those crummy little pictures in the book and the awkward at times descriptions of the tricks. Anyway, I thank you for your comments, supports and or criticisms. But I would hope that people continue to give the Crimp Change and Blow Change a try, as it really is an interesting move, fun to do, and quite amazing...I think people have seen that clear enough, despite the glitches here & there. Thanks for your thoughts and any good words you've given here. :) I would hope that you all still encourage people to give The Crimp Change a try, as I think there's a lot more good there than not. Especially once you get from the video what you need to get the coin changing in your hands, and amazing the eyes & minds of all those that watch it. :) -MB

Message: Posted by: KMan1564 (May 24, 2007 01:28AM)
To be honest, sure the video quality isn't superb, but it gets the point across in a very clear and direct manner. I've been practicing these moves non-stop for 3 days now, and I have to say that this is a real winner. I've got the crimp change down pat and am actually having more trouble with the blow change. But in due time, I am sure it will become second nature. This effect is simply amazing and beautiful if you spend the right amount of time perfecting it. It's very visual, and for $10, you really can't go wrong. I know many more tricks that cost much more than this that don't meet my expectations. If this effect is something you use, and believe me you will, why not invest $10 to learn it?
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (May 27, 2007 07:41AM)
Thanks KMan, glad you're liking my NEW Crimp Change. It's certainly caused a lot of excitement and discussion. :) Seems like something old but something excitingly new. Most definitely it is a wonderful new presentation of an in-your-face coin change, presented in a provocatively new and fresh way.

I did this at the barbershop the other day and it blew them away, barbers actually stopped cutting hair in disbelief. :D It's a powerful little piece of coin magic, and you're right, for $10 bucks you can't miss. Thanks for all the nice comments here and keep practicing and let us know here how you're doing. :) -MB

*Get the Crimp Change at: http://www.VinnyMarini.com