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Topic: Guerrilla Guide to Using LOOPS - all 3, Download versions
Message: Posted by: Y2John (May 24, 2007 07:21AM)
Product: Guerrilla Guide to Using LOOPS

Performers/creators/artists: Nathan Kranzo, Justin Miller, Daniel Garcia and those at Ellusionist

Format: Instant Downloads (Also available as DVDs)

Price: Seperately

Nathan Kranzo DVD/Download - $20 (approx 10)

Daniel Garcia DVD/Download - $30 (approx 15)

Justin Miller DVD/DOWNLOAD - $20 (approx 10)

Package deal for all three - $49.95 (approx 25)

Available: http://www.ellusionist.com/order/Loops/Loops-Mesika-Floating-Levitation.php


Welcome to my review of the Guerrilla Guide to Using LOOPS Download Editions.
My review will consist of all three versions, those are - Nathan Kranzos, Daniel Garcias and Justin Millers.
The Guerrilla Guide to Using LOOPS is the definitive work on utilising LOOPS, containing never before revealed hints, tips and routines from three of magics most creative and talented performers. For those who have never used LOOPS or were afraid to, now is the time. With this set you will recieve the knowledge, know how and confidence to go out their and start utilising this underestimated miracle maker. For those who have been using LOOPS and know the power achievable with them, well, be prepared to take what you think you know to a whole new level.
Welcome to the Guerrilla Guide to Using LOOPS.

Quick note - I won't be going too indepth when it comes to me describing the effets, but you'll know what it is.

Nathan Kranzo:

Effects/routines taught - Haunted Pack
Spirit Forces
Possessed Band

My thoughts:

Haunted Pack -

The Haunted Pack effect is a great version of this style of effect. The performer can cause the deck to cut itself, the top packet sliding itself off to one side, and then 'BAM' their selected card pops out. It's really simple to do and looks really smooth and eerie. One last thing to say on this one, it can be done with not just one, not just two but even three selections.

Spirit Forces -

A PK/Mentalism style effect where a pen (could be a fork, knife, spoon etc) visually finds the specs selection. This is another simple and great effect.

Possessed Band -

This one looks fantastic and the spec can actually pluck the band out of mid air. It's a short but startling effect that should be performed as on the performance. I can see people wanting to make the band float for too long, when it works and looks best in a kind of burst of amazement. This is now one of my favourite levi style effects.

Outflow -

A sudden burst of energy causes a box of matches to explode. I think this is great, as long as your performing it and not just making matches go flying. I like that it's a sudden burst of magic, it's so quick but that's a part of what makes this one good.

Effects overall -

Nathan Kranzo has put a couple of real gems on here, each is completely different from the other, and all would be great additions to you LOOP arsenal.


The teaching is absolutely top notch, Nathan covers everything and the instructions are very well put across and handled.

Tips etc:

Nathan covers 3 main topics on LOOPS. Those are - 1, How to prevent breakage, what to do to help make sure your LOOPS are prepared for whats in store for them. 2, Lighting, colours and other areas on how whats best get maximum invisibility. 3, Handling breakage, what to do and tips on how to recover.

Daniel Garcia:

Effects/routines taught - Life
Outkast Revelation
Ring Sting

My thoughts:

Life -

I feel that this is an exceptional routine that is quite unlike anything ive ever seen. Some might not appreciate or see the power of this but that is a big mistake. From the moment the note (Bill) begins to morph into a butterfly, to it stretching it's wings for the very time, this is pure, emotionally involving magic.

Hair -

This is a Psychokinetic Touch style of routine, and one which I feel could be performed anywhere as long as you've got two spectators. I think that this could be an incredibly powerful experience for the spectators if you put in the presentation. A great addition.

Outkast Revelation -

This is a very quick, almost seeming like sleight of hand, effect. While dribbling the cards you can zero in on a specs selection and cause it to pop out. Nice and easy.

Static -

A 3 phase card levitation style routine. I love this and it looks really good.

Scud -

Im not really keen on this one, it involves causing a straw to move and then ends with a little kicker. Their is one part of this I love though, and that's the little kicker. The main part of the effect I feel is not of the same calibre of effect as the others, but that might just be me. It's still an overall good effect though.

Ring Sting -

This is a bit like a reversed Stuck, you push a borrowed ring into your palm and pull it out the other side. It has a nice visual to it and it's solid effect.

Effects overall -

Daniel Garcia has given to us some amazing routines/effects here, and most do not involve cards. Great.


Daniel, like Nathan, does a fabulous job at teaching his material. It's so indepth, with great camera angles, clear instructions and great tips on how to best utilise his effects.

Tips etc:

Daniel Garcia gives some great advice on lighting and how to basically make it so you can confidently prform with LOOPS anytime and anywhere. Glare is also covered as is dealing with nerves. Their is a great section in the interview where it's basically like having a chat with him about LOOPS. He's so enthusiastic and it's a really enjoyable watch.

Justin Miller:

Effects/routines taught - Trapped
Blank Out
Fork Test
The Shadow Reveal
The Hinge Reveal
The Poltergeist Reveal

My thoughts:

Trapped -

This is a combination of a Haunted Deck and a Sandwich effect. I think this is really good, and Justin teaches a great subtlety that could improve all Sandwich style effects.

Blank Out -

Yay, I love this one.
A mentalism style routine which is absolutely amazing and includes a prediction, PK and a... clock?

Fork Test -

A PK effect using a fork and a cup. I am not overly keen on this, but at the same time can see how powerful it could be. Their is one part I love though, and that's where you cause the cup to stand it's self up on it's own. This effect is not bad or anything, and their will probably be a lot of people who love it, but comparing it to some of the other effects, it just isn't quite on the same level.
I will still be having lots of fun with this one.

The Shadow Reveal -

A fantastic Haunted Deck style routine, and one which has a different feel to that of Kranzos (so they can both coexist with one another). A very powerful and fun effect with a really good reveal of the card at the end.

The Hinge Reveal -

A card reveal where the card sorta reveals itself. Excellent.

The Poltergeist Reveal -

Another card reveal and once again it's fantastic. Really really good.

Effects overall -

Amazing, that about sums up what Justin has brought to this.


Justin does a fantastic job of showing you how to perform his routines with lots of tips and advice along the way.

Tips etc:

It's hard for me to categorise Justin's advice as he gives it all throughout, be it about the effect itself, to picking spectators and things to look for, and how to get the best out of the effects.

Quick note - I by purposely didn't give indepth descriptions of each effect as I don't want people taking their ideas and trying to reconstruct them

Effects/routines overall

Their is some seriously killer material in this set, with a couple of real reputation makers. Their is such a variety of effects and every single one is of a high standard. Even though I said two of the effects are not up to the others, this is not saying they are bad, it's just the others are so good. All of the effects/rouines are for the real world and fully workable. Overall the material is absolutely stunning.

Teaching overall

Nathan Kranzo, Daniel Garcia and Justin Miller all do an incredible job at teaching you their effects/routines. They all go really indepth and explain everything thoroughly and they are a joy to learn from. All three performers seem to really be enjoying this experience, and they are all very enthusiastic about what they are doing and this really makes it interesting and fun to watch. Their positive attitude also makes you feel the same way and gives you that urge and the confidence to learn, get out there and perform.

Tips etc overall

Their is a lot of helpful and important information shared by all three performers. Some on the actual effects, to how to get maximum invisibility, to how to deal with glare, to dealing with the spectators, to performing and everything else in between. Im very happy with what was shared and feel I have learnt a lot and will now be able to use LOOPS with confidence and worry free.

The Qualiy:

These downloads are of a very high quality, they have great picture and sound and the camera work is great. When it comes to actual quality of the download, I'd say this is the best ive come across so far. They really done well here.


Before the explanations you get to see all the effects for that performer performed on spectators. Some are to the general public and some to friends of Ellusionist, but all extremely enjoyable to watch. I really enjoyed watching the performances and it's good to see the way they perform and how they handle the spectators
and effects.

Complete overall

Very highly recommended, you'll learn a lot and have a fun time along the way. Everything is of the highest standard and you'll gain confidence and improve from watching this, listening to the tips and seeing the peformances. This is such a great deal, I mean all three for $49.95 is such a bargain and I'd definitely recommend going that route.

Excellent job Nathan Kranzo, Daniel Garcia, Justin Miller and Ellusionist, and thanks.
Message: Posted by: Bill (May 24, 2007 08:52AM)
Great review, thanks. BTW since the download and the dvd are the same, maybe you should also post this in the DVD forum too.
Message: Posted by: Y2John (May 24, 2007 09:00AM)
Thanks, I will.
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (May 24, 2007 11:52AM)
Do the dvds teach you how to tie loops?
Message: Posted by: Y2John (May 24, 2007 12:21PM)
No, but if you search on here you'll find a thread that teaches you a way.
Message: Posted by: Tim Jahn (May 24, 2007 03:53PM)
Thanks for the great reveiw. Still waiting for mine (DVD) but I'm glad to know that you had some great things to say.
Message: Posted by: Boracay (Jul 4, 2007 10:24PM)
Great as a set...if you need to make a choice...I would opt for Garcia...high in originality and subtle use of loops. Great work.
Message: Posted by: Shadow_Echo (Jul 27, 2007 01:17PM)
I wasn't too impressed with Justin Miller's DVD... Garcia's was excellent, however. Very well done.
Message: Posted by: AtS147 (Jul 28, 2007 09:03AM)
Great review, very well written..