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Topic: ICue2 Tabletop...
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (May 26, 2007 07:01PM)
As the proud and happy owner of an original iCue2, I'm curious to hear from owners/users of the iCue2 Tabletop model. Any reviews out there?

Message: Posted by: Chad C. (May 26, 2007 09:40PM)
I am still waiting for mine. They are still very backed up and I have been waiting for a month or so. I spoke to them on the phone and they are hoping to get it out next week but that was "iffy." I am looking forward to it very much though!
Message: Posted by: evanthx (Jun 4, 2007 10:18AM)
I got mine a bit ago and used it for the first time in a show last weekend. The short version - it worked brilliantly and I was delighted with it.

I'm using it with an ipod. I have a lot of short sound clips I wanted to play, as well as one or two longer music pieces. I got an ankle transmitter (whatever it's called) so that I could trigger the sounds remotely without it being obvious what I was doing.

I mostly do birthday shows with occasional larger ones (like Blue and Gold banquets) so I was interested in the small size and portability. It did a great job with a living room party, which is what I did last week, and I had the sound on 3 out of 10. So I feel very good about it having enough sound for anything I'd do.

I spent a bit of time getting the sound clips. I found that the short clips all got truncated, so I had to add a few seconds of silence after the clip. That made them work perfectly. One thing I loved is that if it hit the end of a track, it paused - so I could just hit play and not worry about pausing. I loved that. If I hit the play/pause button, it'd also go to the next track, which was also perfect for me. I also really liked that when I wanted a music bit to end, I could just hold the volume/down button on the remote and it faded out instead of clipped off, which was a nice touch.

For the ankle thing ... oh man was that a godsend. I'd triggered the sounds before with a larger remote, and this just worked so much better you can't imagine. It was easier, worked every time, and just made me happy.

The range was good - I could get across the house and trigger it, which is all the range I need.

I got the headset as well, and I have to say I didn't like the clip-on mic although it worked fine. I got a headset and am very happy with that, though. I think that's more taste than anything. Feedback was just not an issue, either, so that was VERY cool.

I also got the big LED display and that was quite nice to have. I did have a bit of trouble getting it to work right, though, and I found this big sheet with directions on how to turn everything on. Turns out that if you just do what the big sheet with pictures on it tells you to do then everything works nicely. :) But I just sort plugged everything in and it still worked and let me control sounds, but you have to turn things on in the right order for the LED display to do it's thing.

I have been plugging it in, but it takes batteries. So no wall outlet is required if you have batteries. I thought that was quite a nice option to have.

So in short, I'm delighted with the thing. Again, my venue is living room shows, and this is the first real sound system I'd worked with. So I don't have a lot of experience here. But this is just a wonderful solution for me.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jun 4, 2007 02:03PM)
Yep...I'm a (NEW) iPod user here and couldn't do a show (larger than a birthday party) without my iCue2. I'll have to get the tabletop with mic and ankle transmitter soon for the smaller parties/events. Right now, I could not be happier with my iCue2!

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jun 5, 2007 02:09AM)

Besides the fact that it cues music, the remote works and fades, which the rest of the systems do. How loud is the tabletop system? Have you used it in venues besides a living room setting?

Personally to me it looks like a 30 watt jukebox or less.

I know Kelly and his people put in some amp but at the same time its a jukebox. Can you compare it to a sound system such as the Fender PD, Yamaha Stage Pas- Volume wise........

How does it do cranked up in an outdoor setting?

Message: Posted by: evanthx (Jun 5, 2007 05:32AM)
G0thhike - I don't have any of those systems and can't compare. I can say it gets pretty loud, but ...

I'll give you my take on it. I was looking for a sound system. I saw wireless mics, receivers, amps, etc - you pretty much have to get a system of components. This gave me everything inside one box - there isn't a separate amp, receiver, etc, just a boombox. I really love that simplicity. Frankly, that's what sold me on it!

I think you are comparing it to different products with different goals. If I was going to do a large outdoor show, I would probably look at a different beefier system. But I do living room shows mostly (yay birthday parties!) and I don't want or need a beefier system, I just want something that will work for living rooms. I do Blue and Gold banquets as well, that's about as large as I get, and I do feel very comfortable taking this for that larger setting.

But I wouldn't say it's a one-solution-fits-all-venues thing. Again, I've never had a sound system before so I hesitate to go far down that road, but I'd say it just gives the smaller venues a really cool all-in-one package. You say it looks like a 30-watt jukebox ... that may be fairly accurate, but for what I do that's perfect!
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jun 5, 2007 04:37PM)
Exactly the reason I was looking at the iCue2 Tabletop model. My REGULAR iCue2 with my Anchor "Explorer Pro" is for the medium-large shows, and my Peavey MP4 would be for the REALLY big shows, where REALLY BIG sound is needed.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jun 5, 2007 10:09PM)

Im glad it suits your needs for living room birthday parties. The system should have an audio out for patching in.

I am a little puzzled that the boombox Base model is $399 and the ICUE2 is $799.00, they both come with the same VSM Manager, remotes, micro controllers.

You save yourself $400 by buying the boombox base model.

It doesn't mean I am buying one.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jun 6, 2007 08:33AM)
Yeah, we know.

Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Jun 8, 2007 04:24PM)
I have the boombox and it is fine when plugged in. However, if you try it with batteries the microphone tends to cut out repeatedly. I spoke to Al, the tech guy, and he basically said that there wasn't anything they could do to make it work better with the regular batteries, but they were sending me the rechargable battery pack to see if that got rid of the cut-outs. If it does work, then I will have to purchase the rechargable battery pack. Overall, I was expecting it to work with regular batteries - that is what is implied in the advertising.

Other than that, the sound from the boombox is great - very full sound - but it is not comparable to a fender or a peavey escort of course, but then, it's not suppose to be. It's for smaller venues and it has worked great for them, and I have had it cranked up to the max. I didn't get the display screen, but I would advise getting it - I have an icue already and I didn't realize how much I used it until I didn't have it on there.

Last, the microphone sound is decent - nothing extraordinary, but I have to crank up the mike volume almost all the way up to hear my voice. Evanthx, do you find that you have to cut the mike volume up most of the way to start hearing your voice?

If anyone has any other questions, I'll try to clarify or let you know my experience with it.

Have a good day.
Message: Posted by: evanthx (Jun 11, 2007 06:51AM)
Let me know about the battery pack, I was plugging it in but I'd been thinking about batteries ... I hadn't tried it yet.

I got the lapel mic, and had the same thing you mentioned - I had to turn it up all the way for it to work. I didn't like that much. I thought a headset mic would work better for me, though, and it did - I can leave the volume at a normal level and I get my voice just fine.

I'm using this headset:
http://tinyurl.com/2ctrko (amazon link)

I'd thought it was just how I had the lapel mic positioned, but if it's not just me then going to a better mic might be a good idea.
Message: Posted by: themagicone (Jul 4, 2007 01:38PM)

Thinking about the price difference in the boombox and the ICUE2. One difference is the boombox does not have the companion LED Display which is about $250.00. This is part of the ICUE2 which I miss a lot on my boombox and was somewhat disappointed when my boombox arrived.