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Topic: Reality Twister/3 Card Monte/Deep Astonishment/Astral Projection
Message: Posted by: magicgirl (Jan 28, 2003 08:09AM)
Well, as you can see from the title, I went on a bit of a spending spree at Penguin Magic to take advantage of their 10% discount promo. So I've wanted these effects for awhile and finally got them yesterday. Here is what I think:

3 Card Monte & Deep Astonishment: Wow! These are both phenomenal effects and they don't require knuckle busting skill thus allowing one to concentrate on making the verbal presentation as good as possible. These just became my two favorite effects.

Astral Projection: This effect is pretty good...easy to do. I agree with Sankey's tips that you need to present it very slowly because not a whole lot happens. I still think it's decent and am glad I got it.

Reality Twister: All right, is it just me, or does everyone who sees the "lens" think "this is going to be an optical illusion"? Optical illusions are fine, they just aren't magical to me. It's the same principal as this Magic Moving Book I used to have when I was young: the pictures had lines running through them and the book had a special sheet included with it - much like the Reality Twister lens - and you would move it up and down and then the picture would do some sort of action. I think Reality Twister might seem magical to children, but amusing to adults. I have a four year old at home - she can be my guinea pig.

All in all, I was really satisfied with my purchase. I would definately buy Three Card Monte and Deep Astonishment again. Astral Projection was also decent, but I would leave Reality Twister on the shelf.

In closing, this was my first order with Penguin Magic and they were great - I would totally recommend them.
Message: Posted by: nitram (Jan 28, 2003 11:51AM)
That's a shame about the twister. Most people I show it to are taken aback. Try it with a cheap twisted spoon using the same presentation as the pen. The spoon effect is a bit more 'adult'
Deep astonishment is an excellent card trick. When I saw it I had to buy it !
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jan 28, 2003 12:30PM)
Just one question... none of my spoons have caps, especially extended length caps, where do i get one ??? :heehee:

Only kidding, but then i guess they wouldnt be able to "handle" the spoon before the "twist" happens, i guess. If you want to share more abour your handling, please do. Still a good idea though, will have to try that.

Message: Posted by: Terry (Jan 28, 2003 12:30PM)
DA is a great trick! I got the gourmet wallet and that is a fine addtion when you get serious about your performance.

I never was crazy about Sankey - his Astral Projection has been rehashed an derived couple of dozen times, but it is still good 'if you do it slow'

RT, well, like you said, it's more for kids.

I love 3 card routines, you didn't mention which one you got, or I didn't read your post carfully enough. But Skinners version is most excellent!
Then again, go get Daryl does the Full Monte and learn to do it the classic way.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: magicgirl (Jan 28, 2003 12:42PM)
Sorry - I was sloppy in my description - the effect I purchased was Skinners Ultimate 3 Card Monte. Nitram - that a very interesting concept about the spoon - how do you pull it off?
Message: Posted by: nitram (Jan 28, 2003 12:51PM)
It was n't my idea it was Ben721. We also got together for private discussion with my idea for a Copperfield type illusion with the twister. Email me if you want to hear my idea.
Message: Posted by: niva (Jan 28, 2003 01:30PM)
About the Reality Twister. I do not agre with you.

First things first. We magicians use a lot of optical illusions: Black Art, Mirrors, Phantom Tube... So why being guilty.

Second. People do not know about it being an optical illusion. Hopefully. Let's face it. Although it is an optical illusion it's the coolest out there and cannot be explained easily. The pen is not bending slightly or whatever like in some other OI. But its VANISHING.

Third. Let us assume that the spectator knows it is an optical illusion. And he tells you so. Well, why not use that to your advantage. Admit that it is true. And then say that illusions sometimes can become reality. And show the twist. Do not forget that the best part lies in the twisting phase, when you show it twisting under the lens and then you remove the lens to show it is real. Infact I find it wonderful the way the pen looks normal under the lens at the start.

MagicGirl, I suggest you take it for a test drive ;)

I am going to use the spoon idea too. And I am going to make a pencil too. that will be weird.

Message: Posted by: Cyclone (Jan 28, 2003 01:58PM)
Deep Ashtonishment is great :cheers:

I just got my DA yesterday and mastered it in about two hours.

I performed DA to my mom and she freaked out after I showed her cards inside the wallet. Her magic word is "MELY"... That's the first name of her mom who passed away five years ago.

She keeps screaming and telling me that I'm evil! :bg:

After that she called my step-dad and my brother and I performed it again for them. I know you're not supposed to perform this trick in the same evening with the same people. But I manage to get around even though my dad and my bro was watching my every move VERY closely.

I floored them again! My step-dads magic word is "SAL", hes best buddies first name when he was on the navy. My dad keeps telling my mom that it's all trickss, it's all sleight of hand, an illusion and nothing more. Then he ask me "How the hell did you do that?"

I can't believe that they didn't even ask to examine that stupid looking cheesy wallet :lol: Sorry Paul.
Message: Posted by: Vincenzo (Jan 28, 2003 02:11PM)
Can you only spell up to four letters?
Message: Posted by: Cyclone (Jan 28, 2003 02:12PM)
Vince I think seven or eight is the maximum.
Message: Posted by: zeroG (Jan 28, 2003 03:13PM)
Just my 2 cents.
Good idea with the spoon! Read the directions with the Twister and you'll have the handling. The cap is never mentioned in the instructions.
As far as DA goes. I really tried to like this trick but I still can't. Please will someone come up with a better presentation for it? Maybe if I memorized the cards and did it alot faster I might like it better.
I tried to do a seven letter word but the person I was doing it for realized which card was missing by the time I got to the punch! OUCH!
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Jan 28, 2003 04:03PM)
MagicGirl: I put a routine in "We Double dare you" that allows for the lens and a bent key/cutlery to be left with the spec. at the end....aprtly enough titled "Mindhunter's Routine. It may give you some other angles to look at with this effect.

You did well purchasing Skinner's Monte and DA can be made into a kller if presented properly (although I use the Anything Deck...same effect though)
Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Jan 28, 2003 04:12PM)
Ivan, you hit the nail on the head. Basically that is the one thing that magicians don't seem to "get" about Reality Twister. The main "effect" is that the optical illusion (and a VERY cool one it is) becomes REALITY. If you just took the lens out and did the disappearing thing it is cool but it is just some weird unbelievable illusion. What kills is when you show the illusion has become reality. Paul Wilson is using this and has a fabulous presentation that will be in the upcoming booklet that Paul Harris is putting out soon with various major offshoots.

Tim Trono
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jan 28, 2003 04:35PM)
Correction, ZeroG... the cap is mentioned in the instructions, more than once. Have you read them ??? :huh:
Anyways, it is still a neat and fun little trick and there does seem to be room for variations on it... which is cool.
Thanks to all those who have shared their ideas with us here at Magic Caf !!
:bigdance: :bigdance: :bigdance:


Message: Posted by: Ben721 (Jan 28, 2003 05:16PM)
I love reality twister. I have came up with what I think is one of the coolest routines. No, its not the twisted spoon, it is a completly new approach I think.. Again if you want to see it email me. Also, the Copperfield illusion would be a great thing. Nitram and I had some good ideas going.

Again email at Ben7217@aol.com if you would like to see my LATEST routine with the RT.
Message: Posted by: XenoMagic (Jan 28, 2003 06:12PM)
Don't give up on Reality Twister. With a decent presentation, it can be very impressive. However, I must admit that making my own twisted pens has added greatly to the effect (thanks to Michael Sibbernsen for giving me advice on that).

What has worked really well for me is first doing a different trick with a non-twisted Bic pen, and then following up with Reality Twister using an identical looking (although twisted) pen. For example, I'll do a trick with a Psychokinetic Pen (which uses a Bic Stic) by making it fall off of their own hand... which allows them to have actually handled the un-twisted pen. Then, while they're freaking out about that trick, I quickly hand them the lens from RT and ask them to hold it for a moment while I talk about projection lens technology used in WWII in the Philadelphia Experiment for cloaking naval ships (I exchange the PK Pen for the twisted Bic pen while they're looking at the lens). I explain how the experiment went horribly wrong and that men and machinery became disfigured.

At the end of the trick, when they finally see that the same Bic pen (as far as they know) that they held in their hands in the previous trick has become twisted by the lens, I can almost guarantee a full blown jaw drop.... even from adults.

The cool thing is, making your own twisted Bic pens is extremely cheap to do, so I always let the spectator keep the twisted pen (thanks again to Michael for the idea) which really puts the icing on the cake. They get to take a bit of twisted reality with them (and it even writes)!

Give it a try...

Leo Martin
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jan 28, 2003 06:54PM)
Cygnus, great explanation, thanks!
One question, how do you go about twisting the bic stic ??

Message: Posted by: magicgirl (Jan 28, 2003 08:31PM)
Wow - the bic pens are a pretty cool idea. I have to admit that Reality Twister now seems a bit more plausible and I will definately try to use it.
Message: Posted by: XenoMagic (Jan 28, 2003 09:49PM)
By the way, for those interested in making their own twisted pens, go ahead and PM me and I'll be glad to share the technique. The way I do it now is a bit less refined than Michael's method, but after you mess up maybe a pen or two, you'll get the hang of it and you'll be crankin' 'em out very quickly.

Leo Martin