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Topic: Is 'This' what they're teaching in school these days?
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 15, 2007 03:29PM)
Fans of the grindshow, check it out:

Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 15, 2007 09:05PM)
Here are some pics:

[a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"][img src="http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u310/starrpower2001/Small-CrowdSnakeboy.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"][/a]
Message: Posted by: handa (Jun 15, 2007 09:07PM)
VERY COOL...I think I'm inspired to work school shows again!

Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 15, 2007 09:08PM)
Okay, I'm not very good at posting pics. Let me try again:

Message: Posted by: Todd Robbins (Jun 15, 2007 10:24PM)
This is a very good thing. Congrats Mark. Keep it up.

Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Jun 16, 2007 12:03AM)
WOW!!!!! THAT"S COOL!!!! Speaking of teaching the young folks, I heard you gave a young fella a new sword to swallow recently......I heard he's a real prodigy!!! :)
Message: Posted by: fishwasher (Jun 16, 2007 08:32AM)
Awesome....wish they did that at my school :(
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 16, 2007 10:02AM)
They're going to print a major story in The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about this program on June 24.

There were photos with the newspaper story posted above, but they did not post those in the online version.

BTW, Todd Robbins deserves some credit. He answered some quesions early on about the "Electric Girl" (who, incidentally, also ignited a torch whose flame was then swallowed) and also inspired me with his touring version of the "Snake Girl."

The items created by the class include:

- Sideshow -

Light Bulb swindle/game (as printed in MAGIC magazine)
Missing Middle
Electric Girl
Snake Boy
Girl in Fishbowl
Figi Mermaid (Higley and one other)
... and an almost-completed "Seeing through a Brick" that didn't make the show.

- Magic Show -

Cane Cabinet
Slick Post
Stack of Boxes
Temple of Benares
Bunny Appearance box
Bunny Vanish box
Blade Box

Plus, these kids respect secrets better than any 5 magicians I know.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 16, 2007 03:02PM)
Excellent! Really cool.

Did I read above a 'Higley'?

Of course we know the shows never died out but leave it to a newspaper to go with their 'knee jerk'.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 16, 2007 03:38PM)
Every quote and every fact was just a little bit off of what I told them ... but you all probably recognized that already.

Yep, it was a Higley ... and the news piece said it had the "head of a student." Do we have to start worrying about your creations, Doug? Remember "The Mystery of the Wax Museum"?
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Jun 16, 2007 04:01PM)
That's really wonderful!

Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Jun 16, 2007 09:27PM)
That prodigy is a Hack.

That kid needs to stop stepping on other people's feet.

Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Jun 17, 2007 01:35AM)
:) :) :)
Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Jun 17, 2007 01:36AM)
Brett, now I'm one post ahead of you!!!!
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 17, 2007 08:38AM)
But the snake with a student head as pictured certainly isn't a 'Higley'...
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 17, 2007 09:04AM)
No, no, no, Doug. The [b]kids[/b] built the Snake Boy. Re-read the article. It says the [i]MERMAID[/i] had the body of a fish and the head of a student! It would have to be a butt-ugly student to look like one of your mermaids (actually, now it's MY mermaid)!

The problem was that the reporter never came to the show. He wrote the story from a press release and a phone conversation. Had he even talked to the photographer he may have gotten at least [i]one[/i] fact straight! Fortunately, the piece that breaks next week will be a far more in-depth story, and the reporter came out twice (once with a photographer) and had several phone conversations with me + interviewed students. It should be a great piece.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 17, 2007 01:08PM)
So he got the snake with a student head mixed up with a mer with a student head...why not, who wouldn't. :)
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Jun 17, 2007 02:14PM)
Sure. A perfectly undestandable juxtaposition ...

But the article starts with "Snake boy drew the most oohs and ahhs..." and later states " ... "Fiji Mermaid," a fish with the face of a student"

Which makes one wonder what he thought "Snake Boy" was!

I'm not gonna be too hard on 'em, though. It's nice when the media gives us any attention at all. Besides, I'd [i]like[/i] to see a fish with the face of a student!
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 18, 2007 09:15PM)
I'll make you one. :) Supply the face picture. I always wanted to do Celebrity Mers anyway, why not students. haha.
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Jun 19, 2007 03:05AM)
Media always make mistakes! I am sure that some times it is deliberate to suit their own needs - to appeal to local people more. Could give you an example but need to mark work for students - got to have it done by 2pm.