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Topic: Which song?
Message: Posted by: briansmagic (Jun 20, 2007 03:43PM)
I am looking for a song...not sure of the name. It's a song that's been used a lot in magic. It's probably most well known in Greg Frewin's bird act. He uses two pieces of music in his dove act. I'm NOT looking for Eclipse, but the other song which plays during his juggling sequence. Anyone know the name of that song? We're wanting to add it to our preshow CD. It was quite a long time ago that I saw his act, not sure if he's still using the same music...
Message: Posted by: briansmagic (Jun 21, 2007 12:41PM)
I happened across a video w/ that song in it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOfUrMAnxb8
Does anyone know what song this is?

Message: Posted by: dmagic (Jun 21, 2007 04:54PM)
Ohh thanks Brian - great video ! I like .
Message: Posted by: WagsterMagic (Jun 22, 2007 09:17PM)
The song is called Bascule from the Cirque du Soliel CD- Nouvelle Experiance.