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Topic: Cups and balls
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Jan 30, 2003 09:55AM)
Has anyone got a gospel routine for Cups and balls? I am still looking for simple stuff for the teach-in (see other thread). I know there has to be a good message in there somewhere, so if anyone :light: has one to share (or several) I could sure use it/them.

Steve :baby:

P.S. Seems like I heard of one and it may have been here, forgive me if you've already sent one, to many sharp blows to the head + age will do that to you :rotf:
thanks again. ;)

Somebody, Anybody, HELP!!!

Wow, I didn't think this would be so hard, but I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about not being able to come up with anything.

If anybody can come up with ideas I'm still interested.

Steve :baby:
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Feb 7, 2003 10:31AM)
I was working on one awhile ago but never got it all worked and smoothed out. But here is the general idea that I had... you basically are explaining that you (or we) can try to hide from God but no matter where we go or how we try to hide, He always finds us and knows where we are... I think a routine could be built around this theme with the cups and balls, I just never got it down smooth. Hope this helps and if you get it together please share!! :cups:

Message: Posted by: DanTheMagicMan (Feb 7, 2003 03:18PM)
I was thinking of a chop cup routine where Jesus is the ball and we as sinners are the cup. Jesus died on the cross for our sins (put ball in pocket). What we need to do as Christians is to accept Jesus into our heart as our Saviour (ball appears under cup). Even if we do not think we deserve His love and we turn our back on him (put ball in pocket), He still loves us, waiting for us when we need him (ball appears under cup).

This is the start of a routine. You could have as a finale a large ball of the same color to indicate how much God loves us.

I think you could get into trouble with a three cup routine if your audience gets too focused on trying to follow all the balls instead focusing on the message. I think a single cup or chop cup routine would allow the audience to focus much more on the message and still have a great effect.
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Feb 7, 2003 08:22PM)
Thanks for the ideas guys,

GlenD, I think it's a great idea, we'll just have to work out the details, but it's exactly the type thing I'm looking for. If you get any more inspirations on this or other themes, Please let me know.

Steve :baby:

Thanks for the chop cup idea, it sounds great, and I'll use it too. You may be right about the Three cup routine, I'll try it out on my wife and kids, and ask them what they think. They're my sink or swim audience. :dancing:

Thanks again
Steve :baby:
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Feb 10, 2003 02:06PM)
I have not begun to put any of this into my cups and balls routine, but here are some uncooked and possibily half-baked ideas
...so please be gentle....

How about the cups representing different venues, like Home, Work, and Church. And the
balls representing sin.

The balls go from one to another venue, we get rid of it here, and then it shows up there. We can also illustrate how one sin in the dark multiplies. And going through the vanish and appearances talking about how we hide our sins at home, etc. But don't bother so much at work, but are really "holy" in church, but not really....

The finale could explain that no sin is really hidden from God and then show how our sins (those tiny little balls) look to God, revealing in home, work, and church, sin is ugly, and the final load from all three cups are great big ugly colored balls.

Just some odd thoughts on cups and balls..

Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Feb 11, 2003 05:59AM)
Bro Dave
Got those ideas in the oven right now, can't wait to see what comes out, cause the recipe sounds good. :lol:
Thanks for the help, if you come up with more, let me know.
Steve :baby: